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  2. Some posters on other forums rightly questioned whether the Gold SPOT Treasure Scoop was really any better than a regular treasure scoop. Well, I already knew the answer to that question. You see for a year I have been working on the Gold SPOT design. I played with it I re-designed it, I proto-typed it 5 times. I wanted a design that would speed up nugget recovery and make it easier to keep the nugget in the scoop and not lose it. Remember, I'm the guy who had a catastrophic failure with the SAGA swing arm, and within days of release, I recalled them all from the field. They just did not perform as they were supposed to. I went back to the drawing board and sunk thousands more dollars into redesigning and perfecting the SAGA. I won't sell something unless I know it is a significant improvement over anything on the market. But just to show you what I already know, I decided to do a little impromptu video, an experiment. The video is unedited, except for the very end where I panned across an invoice with a customer's address on it that was sitting on the shipping table, I clipped that out. Watch the Gold SPOT in action and see what you think. Not to over-hype the Gold SPOT but one of the unique features of this scoop is that you can "HEAR" the gold. I know that sounds like an outrageous claim, but let me explain. When you get down to a small amount of dirt in a regular scoop along with a nugget and you agitate the scoop back and forth, the nugget does nothing but slide back and forth on the smooth bottom of the scoop. When you get down to a small amount of dirt in the Gold SPOT along with the nugget and you agitate the scoop the nugget rattles back and forth in the trough or channel clicking against the sides of the channel. Cool, right? I know we are getting quite a few Gold SPOTs out in the field and I would like to hear some feedback. Although if you are like me you are probably staying in out of the heat. -Doc
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  4. If you think the SAGA is just a Swing Arm, it's not. It's a steering wheel for your detector. Start at the 3-minute mark on the video, and watch what the unique design of the SAGA can make your detector do. If you know of any device on the market that gives you this kind of control please let me know, because I know of nothing that even comes close. If what you see intrigues you then watch the entire video. You're going to find that the SAGA will make detecting much easier and less stressful on your body and give you control over your detector you have never had before. Call Chris now! -Doc
  5. Wow Chris it looks great! I see you need one of my SD/GP/GPX arm cuff covers. I'll get one in the mail to you! Doc
  6. No doubt Chris..,,took a break from the lately illusive gold and did some relic hunting instead. This was found in a Chinese camp in the southern Sierra foothills...
  7. That's a great find! Nuggets are always welcome, but sometimes artifacts like that are even better. Well done!
  8. I finally got my new SAGA Swing Arm hooked up to my GPX-4500 this weekend. Although I haven’t actually gotten out into the field with it yet, I am thus far impressed with the design, overall feel, and quality of the product. I think the install took me about 20 minutes. The Swing Arms offer so much better coil control and they really do help disperse the weight of the machine. It is a really nice upgrade, especially if you swing bigger coils. I also like how it stows out of the way when not in use. Great job Doc, this version was worth the wait! If anyone is interested, I do have several in stock. They will be going up on the new AZO website next month; or just call me in the meantime.
  9. Found one a few weeks back, its a Chinese weight scale weight...
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  11. Hi All, I wanted to share some info from Minelab about upgrades that are coming to the SDC 2300 gold detector. Below are the new changes: NEW FEATURES SDC 2300 The SDC 2300s will now include: Re-designed headphones Armrest protector Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery A clip-on coil joint protector has been added to the swivel joint for added protection of the coil joint while detecting. All new accessories are compatible with existing SDC 2300s purchased before the ship date and may be purchased individually.
  12. Chris there are two ways to install the base of the pivot joint and the rod storage clip onto your detector. It depends on how large the rod is, and if it is a weird shape, like the SDC2300. The rod storage clip is usually mounted up by the control box and with some detectors like the GPZ7000, that area can really be strangely shaped. You will notice that there are 2 double sided 3M foam sticky tape pieces included. Keep those handy but wait until you are confident you have the pivot joint and clip positioned where you want them. OK, so for a regular rod, like the lower fiberglass rod on your GPS4500. You are going to want to take the base of the pivot joint and place the side with two slots, on a table facing you. Thread the strap through the top slot on the two slot side. Now put the curved plastic piece on your rod in the approximate position you think you will want it. Right now you are just eyeballing the position. Take the strap over the rod and thread it through the slot on the side that only has one slot. Now go back over the rod in the opposite direction and thread it through the remaining slot on the 2 slotted side. Leave the strap really loose with a lot of slack. Do not try to tighten everything up until you have threaded the strap through all three slots. So what you are basically looking at is the strap going over the rod, then doubling back over the rod again. So one side of the rod will be against the plastic of the base, and the other side of the rod will be right up against the strap that is doubled over itself. If you want to play with the positioning of the pivot joint up or down on the rod, then go ahead and tighten the strap up and secure the appropriate hole in the strap onto the little anchor tab. Later when you are confident you know where you want the pivot joint and/or the rod storage clip, you can loosen the strap and slip the double sided adhesive foam in the place indicated in the attached diagram. Then tighten the straps back up. With an odd-shaped or large rod, instead of going over the rod, go under the rod, through the single slot, and back over the top of the rod and through the slot that is left on the anchor tab side of the base. This helps because this gives you the rubber strap on both sides of the irregular shape and allows the rubber strap to conform to the shape of the rod. Hope that is not too confusing. -Doc Doc
  13. Hi Doc, the newest SAGA swing arms arrived, and they look great! I appreciate you getting those over so quick. I have already snagged one for myself that I will be installing to a GPX-4500 tonight. I will post up a photo or two when I'm all finished. I have a few in stock, so if anyone would like to grab one, please give me a call!
  14. The Nugget Hunters Hawaiian Challenge Jeff and Gary accept the Hawaiian's Challenge !!!! Tim ( Blue Lead Gold Productions ) and JC (The Minin Hawaiian) have Challenged Jeff (Smithsgold) and Gary ( Two Toe's ) to see who can find the most Gold Nuggets !!! Detector's ready lets get to finding those elusive Gold Nuggets. Gary and Tim are using there White's TDI's. Jeff is running his White's Gold Master VSat and JC is running his Garrett AT Max. if you enjoyed the video don't worry I'm hearing talk of a rematch !!!!! Thanks for watching !!!! Click Here to watch
  15. nugget108

    Beautiful 1-oz Specimen!

    Wow!! Awesome.
  16. Looks like some rich hill specimens
  17. Man, what a beauty! That will help pay off a 7000 quickly! Dean
  18. Hi Everyone, Here are some current MINELAB Specials that will be available on all purchases from now until July 31st, 2020. If you have been looking for a new detector now is the chance to score some FREE accessories with every purchase. And as always, we offer FREE SHIPPING on all detectors! Minelab GPZ 7000 Metal Detector ($7999) - FREE 19" GPZ Coil Minelab Equinox 600 Metal Detector ($649) - FREE Minelab Pro-Find 20 Pinpointer Minelab CTX 3030 Metal Detector ($2499) - FREE Minelab Soft Padded Carry Bag & Minelab 6" CTX Coil Minelab Go-Find 22 Metal Detector ($149) - FREE Go-Find Carry Bag Minelab Go-Find 66 Metal Detector ($249) - FREE Pro-Find 20 Pinpointer Minelab Equinox 15x12 Coil ($239) - FREE Equinox Lower Shaft Please give me a call today to order while supplies last! 1.928.777.0267 info@arizonaoutback.com
  19. I am selling a few pre-owned search coils. I only have one of each. Please contact me at 928.777.0267 or info@arizonaoutback.com to order, or with any questions – thanks! Coiltek 9” ELITE Round Mono Coil: This coil is in excellent condition and has seen very little use. Includes Litz Wire windings and the Camo wrap design. It is an ideal size for general detecting, or for tight areas amongst the rocks and brush. It is very sensitive and gets good depth for its size. Compatible with the Minelab GPX/GP/SD Series gold detectors. Price is only $199! Nugget Finder Advantage 24x12” Mono Coil: this coil is an awesome patch hunter! It offers great sensitivity and covers a big chunk of ground with each sweep. It has been very popular not only with prospectors, but also for those that use a PI machine to detect the beach. Skid plate included. The coil is used, but works great. Compatible with the Minelab GPX/GP/SD Series gold detectors. Price is only $125. Minelab 8” Round Mono Coil: Considered by many to be one of the best coils Minelab ever built. It is ideal for hunting washes, creeks and exposed bedrock. The small size makes it very sensitive to tiny nuggets and easy to maneuver through the brush. The coil is used, but works perfectly. Compatible with the Minelab GPX/GP/SD Series gold detectors. Price is only $99.
  20. I thought you guys would enjoy seeing this gorgeous gold & quartz specimen a friend of mine found not long ago with the GPZ 7000 he bought from me. He recovered many more from the spot, but to me this was one of the prettier pieces. A big congratulations to this lucky finder, please send me more photos!
  21. I'm not going to bore you with the details of the first attempt. Valuable exercise because the New SAGA really is exceptional, if I don't say so myself. If you currently use a Swing Arm, you will throw it away when you use this one. • No more breakage at the pivot point where Swing Arms attach to the detector. The SAGA is designed with a pivot point that allows for the typical movement that allows you to swing the arm out and away from the detector, but it also is designed with a rotating Pivot Joint that allows for up and down movement of the arm. This eliminates breakage, but it also gives you better control over the coil on your detector. (Watch the 2nd video start at 6:30 minutes) • No more wishing there was a Swing Arm that would fit your detector with it's weird shaped rod (SDC2300). Nothing could be more weird than the upper part of a GPZ7000, yet look at the picture to see how well it fits even that weird shape. The unique design of the attachment base, allows you to easily attach it to regular round rods, or irregular shaped large rods, depending on how you thread the UV resistant rubber straps. • No more trying to store the arm, if you need your hand to do something else. The SAGA has a proper storage clip. • Feel like detecting without the Swing Arm for a while? No worries! Push a button remove the rod and handle from your detector and stow it away until you decide to use it again. • You're a tall person and you like the rod long, or you're a short person and like the rod short? Got you covered. You can easily trim the rod to the perfect length then glue the handle on with the included 1 ounce tube of silicone sealant. If you have never used a Swing Arm, well, you are spending a lot of energy swinging one handed and you are unnecessarily stressing one side of your body, your arm, neck, and shoulders. When you take a walk, do you use both legs or do you hop on one? If you are hopping around all day, that one leg is getting mighty tired. That's why using your muscles bi-laterally helps fight fatigue and strain. Not only that, but you will never have so much control over your detector. You will execute perfectly level controlled swings effortlessly, when you are using both hands. Watch the videos to better understand the unique design of the Swing Assist Guide Arm. It's the last Swing Arm you will ever need, or want! Retail $74.94 Discounted Introductory price $59.95 plus s&h Watch the videos below. On the second video go to around 6:30 minutes mark to see the kind of control the SAGA gives you over your detector. Call Chris today! Doc
  22. Ready for delivery now. The Gold SPOT is here, ready to make nugget recovery a breeze. Call Chris and get your orders in so he knows how many he will need. The new Gold SPOT Treasure Scoop portable gold pan. This unique tool is designed to increase your recovery speed of detected nuggets. The recessed bowl of the scoop channels heavy gold into the bottom of the scoop (the Gold SPOT) when you give the scoop a little shake and agitation. When you start dumping dirt into your hand to isolate the nugget, the trough of the recessed bowl channels any gold up towards the riffles. The riffles hold the nugget as the lighter material spills over the tops of the riffles into your hand. Ever cleaned out a crack in bedrock and the material in your scoop is setting off your detector but you're having a difficult time locating that little speck of gold? Add a little water to the material and you have the fastest most convenient portable gold sniping pan ever. I was prompted to redesign the standard conventional scoop that has been around for over 30 years because with the popularity of the Minelab Gold Monster 1000, smaller gold is really hard to isolate with a standard scoop. Included with every Gold SPOT is a plastic lanyard and EZ on/off security clip. How many scoops have you lost? Well, not this one. The security clip is designed to allow you to always keep your scoop "at the ready" and be able to remove it and replace it in seconds using only one hand. See the video. The G SPOT comes in Green and we have a limited number of Yellow. I'm pretty sure you are going to love the unique features of some of the innovations I have incorporated into this scoop. Looking forward to your comments. The G Spot Scoop: Retail Price $17, discounted price, $14.95 or 2 for $27 plus s&h. Call Chris now and get your order in. Thanks! Doc
  23. Up for sale is a GMT that doesnt work-wont turn on-needs to be sent in but is in good cosmetic shape-I was going to send it in myself but never got around to it so Ive decided to sell it for $100 picked up or $120 shipped heck the coil alone is worth $100 so my guess is for another 100 or so you'll have a nice working GMT-PM me if interested Up for sale is a next to new slightly used Whites GM 24 K comes with original box-manual-stock 6X10 coil with cover-6 inch concentric coil with cover and the hard to get 4X6 coil and cover-I want $800.00 local pick up- if shipping is required thats on buyers dime.PS Ill post picks-PM me if interested-Thanks Mike C...
  24. Hi Everyone, As you may be aware, many of the Minelab detectors have been very tough to get these past couple weeks. One is the Equinox 800. After filling our back-orders, I still have two units left. If you are interested get in touch with me ASAP at 928.777.0267 - thanks!
  25. SOLD 6-14-20 SEE PHOTOS IN OLDER ADD SCROLL DOWN CLASSIFIEDS. Sale pending 6-9-20 NiceGP3500 2nd owner. Nice Clean Machine $1300.00 Call or text Frank 928 303 8474 Doc's GoldScreamer battery system with built in amp. 2 batts, AC/DC Chargers and Control box cover. Doc's Carbon Fiber Upper Rod & Bungy system Stereo Mono Headphones dual volume. 11" Minelab DD coil 14" Coiltek Mono 14" Coiltek DD 1 X-tra lower rod Owners Manual Minelab bag has bad zipper. Original Bill of Sale from Rob's Detectors $3,500.
  26. That is some great looking gold! Congratulations
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