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  2. Gravelwasher

    Fresh from the ground!!!

    Wow that cleaned up great, what a beauty.
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  4. Chris Gholson

    Fresh from the ground!!!

    The owner just sent me this photo of the nugget all cleaned up. It turned out stunning! The final weight was 31.4-grams. Gravelwasher, I don't think that's the hole.
  5. bitster98

    Gold Detectors For Sale

    Mike , I know this post is kinda old but do you still have the gold bug pro for sale ? Thanks , Joe.
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  7. Gravelwasher

    Fresh from the ground!!!

    Great gold!! Is that the hole next to the rd?
  8. fredmason

    Fresh from the ground!!!

    he is a very good nugget hunter!
  9. What a fantastic piece ! I know that road !!!
  10. Beautiful !! Congrats ! I know that hand !!!!!
  11. nugget108

    Fresh from the ground!!!

    Great nugget. Congratulations
  12. What a sweet piece congrats on finding a good one
  13. loverly set of space rocks
  14. Fresh from the ground! A friend & customer just texted over this photo about ten minutes ago. Take a look at what he just unearthed with his Minelab GPZ 7000 at over 25 inches! This is his biggest nugget to date. I asked what it weighed and he said his scale only goes to an ounce, and the nugget causes an error message. I hate error messages, but in this case it’s a good thing! I can’t say exactly where, but it was found in the Arizona desert…I am so excited for this gentleman. He’s a great guy who works hard and definitely deserved this trophy piece. Well done my friend – thank you for letting my share!
  15. Chris Gholson

    Freedom System Gold

    Hey Rich, I sold out the first batch of the systems I put together and have received some great feedback. My supplier for some of the parts is no longer in business, so I am souring those items. It shouldn't take me too long to sort it out. I hope to have some back in stock perhaps as early as the end of the month. If you like, email me at: info@arizonaoutback.com and I will add you to the top of the list.
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  17. The NF Evo coils are "the bomb" ( in any size). The 12x8" seems to be the perfect answer for cleaning up a patch. Like the little "Sadie" coil, it seems to be the perfect size for getting in to those tight spots where a larger coil just can't go. Nice work. Thanks for sharing your test results! Dean
  18. Nice! Nothing better than the chance of finding space rocks and gold on the same hunt. A big "iron" is on my bucket list! Dean
  19. GPZ 7000 was purchased new from Docs Detecting in Spring of 2017 and the transferable factory warranty is good until 2020 (over one year remaining factory warranty). Docs covers were used on the detector and the wireless module so both have been very well protected. Except for the obvious wear on the bottom of the scuff cover the detector looks nearly new and has been updated to latest firmware. The detector comes with the following items: Docs protecting covers, for both detector and wireless module. The original box with all original accessories and documentation. GPZ19 19” coil, purchased new same time as I purchased the detector and barely used, still on original scuff plate. This package also includes an additional BRAND NEW, never used, high capacity battery purchased in fall 2018 from Arizona Outback for (I paid $200.00). I’m also including 2 brand new never used scuff covers/skid plates, one for the 14” coil and one for the 19” coil, both purchased at the same time as the battery, Fall 2018, paid over $100.00 I will also throw in the "over the shoulder boulder holder" heavy duty harness that I have advertised in this ad below, value over $330.00. Use it if needed or sell it, I found out that the 19" coil really wasn't that hard to swing but if you or your wife has a smaller frame, this harness will help a lot. The detector package is for sale for $7250 and I would prefer a local pickup in Arizona. Unit works fantastic, only reason I'm selling is I don't plan on doing any detecting over Winter (will be busy doing wet/wash plant work) and if I do, I have a 4500 and a 5000 I can use and I don't want to burn up 6 months worth of warranty when it could be getting used. Note: May be willing to sell the GPZ19 with stock scuff cover/skid plate and brand new Nugget Finder scuff cover separately for $1,000.00 local pickup. May be willing to sell GPZ 7000 separately for the right price. Thanks all Jen
  20. Jennifer Bond

    Some recent Space Rocks

    Cool, thank you for sharing... Jen
  21. A friend and customer sent over this photo showing off some of his recent finds. The gold has been a little skinny, but he is doing well on cleaning up some meteorites! This variety are known as chondrites or "stony", and although they don't contain a tremendous amount of metal inside they do have enough nickel/iron to set off most detectors. Many people have walked away from these believing them to be hot rocks; I know I did in the past. However, once you have seen & handled a few you can't help but recognize them. He found these using his Minelab GPX-4500 and his new Nugget Finder Evolution Coil. A big congratulations to the lucky finder, I really appreciate you sharing with us. Hopefully the next photos you send will include a multi-ouncer! Happy hunting everyone..
  22. Selling my GPZ 7000 so need a new harness to use on my 5000 and my 4500, tell me what you have. Thanks Jen
  23. afreakofnature


    Hello All, I am looking for New or USED Waterproof Headphones for the Minelab Equinox and would like to trade my Brand New still in the box Apple AirPods. I would like either the Minelab phones, Grey Ghost Amphibians, or the Tony Esienhower's. Thank you!
  24. Happy New Year 2019! I have 4 detectors I would like to see someone get some benefit from. I would be happy to give anyone who buys one of these machines a lesson on how to get started so you can go and use it right away if you pick the machine up locally. All prices are cash or pay pal (friends and family please). Cashiers checks would be OK BUT I will have to wait until it clears the bank before releasing the detector. Shipping if not picked up locally is on the buyer and will be estimated at time of purchase. Minelab GPZ 7000 ... top of the line Minelab machine .... $5200.00 Minelab SDC 2300 ... stock equipment plus 3 sets of rechargeable batteries .... $2500.00 Fisher Gold Bug Pro ... two coils: 5" round DD, 10" elliptical DD included ... $400.00 White's Gold Master V-Sat ... older tech but super sensitive, 10" elliptical coil and White's carry bag .... $250.00 AB Prospecting Gas Powered Bucket Vac ... used very little .... $250.00 Questions or pictures provided on request via a PM.
  25. Have a slightly used 20” Nugget Finder coil w/ shaft for sale. Works fine, have a modded 4500 w/ 12” Evo coil and don’t want to dig any deeper than that! First $325. Will be in Q AZ next week
  26. nice result on your test drive chris
  27. I was able to get in some detecting right before that snow storm hit central AZ earlier this week. I headed out to a spot that I have been eye-balling for a while. All the geological indicators for gold were there, so I figured it was worth a swing. I decided to take my new Nugget Finder 12x8” EVO coil out for a test drive. It performed beautifully on my Minelab GPX…actually almost too well. The sensitivity is unbelievable and I found myself digging shards of metal that were so small I had a hard time spotting them in my hand even after they had come out of the ground. The depth was good as well, but it was the overall sensitivity that blew me away. In really trashy spots this might be a disadvantage, but for patches that held lots of tiny nuggets and have been worked hard, the new 12x8” is in my opinion the way to go. A perfect size coil for wash or creek bed hunting. I didn’t hit any new patches, but I did score this 1.4 gram piece. The most challenging aspect of this area was the sheer amount of magnetite. Just about every wash I walked was loaded with black sand and the bedrock cracks were packed with heavy black hot rocks. They were noisy for sure, but I found I could work the ground by backing off the Gain, holding the coil slightly higher than normal, and moving a little slower. Now that I know there is gold I might try some dry-washing this spring to see how much fine gold those washes carry…Anyway I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and 2019 if off to a great start!
  28. Happy New Year to everybody at AZO! Dean
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