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  2. beatup

    Almost an Ounce!

    Outstanding find , congrats to the finder.
  3. Yes, you pay a registration fee of about $15 annually.
  4. matt

    Almost an Ounce!

    I love the look of freshly unearthed gold nuggets!
  5. You could get confused with their definitions too: What is considered a “Parcel of Real Property”? A: A parcel is defined, for the purposes of interpretation of new Government Code Section 27388.1 as: ”a contiguous piece of land of any size that is in one ownership.” The parcel is described by its individual legal description. My claims are in multiple ownerships.
  6. Mike C...

    Almost an Ounce!

    Nice chunk congrats to the lucky finder 😛 Mike C...
  7. A friend and customer of mine over in California sent over this photo. He bought a Minelab GPX-5000 and has already found some beautiful gold. This awesome ¾-oz nugget is just one of his most recent finds. He said it was over two feet deep and found right next to someone else’s old dig hole. The area had obviously been detected before, but this lovely chunk had been overlooked, most likely because of its depth. This is a great plug for the Minelab brand. They are definitely pricey, but they get results! Congratulations to the lucky finder and thank you again for sharing with us! Keep up the good work...
  8. I'd be careful there Mike. Mining claims are real property and the list of examples included with the law do mention mining claims. The risk is that your recording could be rejected and you would miss the recording deadline. I think California is the end of October? I suggest you read the law and decide for yourself whether the $75 applies. It would be a shame to lose a good claim over $75.
  9. No complaints... just wondering. Do you have to keep paying on them to keep them?
  10. These are names that have all pointed to my businesses over the years, not a domain selling company. - T🤠
  11. Hey Mike, Ive always understood a mining claim is considered real property. It would be nice for claim owners not to have to pay this though.
  12. To All Mining Claim Holders: I called the County of Nevada, California regarding the recording of the BLM Affidavit of Annual Assessment Form. They informed me that if I do not write or declare "GC 27388.1 (a) (1); not related to real property" on the front of my Assessment form that it would result in a $75.00 fee. Please contact your respective counties to check this out. Happy Detecting, Mike
  13. Hi All, I’ve had a bunch of calls and emails asking about different Minelab parts and whether or not I have them in stock. Many items, especially those for the Equinox, have been really difficult to source, so I thought I’d list out what I currently Do and Don’t have. If the part you’re after is not listed, please email me or call and I will double-check our inventory. What I DON’T have: Equinox 6” DD Coil Equinox 600 GP/SD Battery (full size) What I DO have: Equinox 800 Equinox Water-Proof Headphones Equinox Standard Headphones Equinox USB Car Charger Equinox 6” Skid Plate Equinox 11” Skid Plate Equinox Headphone Adaptor Equinox Bluetooth Headphones GPZ 7000 SDC 2300 GPX 5000 GPX-4500 Gold Monster 1000
  14. You cleared up my question as well; thanks again Clay!
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  16. Clay, as always I appreciate the research.
  17. All placer claims must have no more than 20 acres per claimant or they are void as to the portions without a claimant. EXCEPT... When the claim owner has proof of a discovery of a valuable mineral deposit. The key word is "deposit" because even though you may have gotten good gold or minerals from the claim that gold is only proof there was once gold on the claim. To prove a valuable mineral deposit you need to establish by means of facts how much valuable mineral is likely still in the ground AND that it is likely you can mine those minerals at a profit. With proof of discovery one person can own a placer mining claim of more than 20 acres. I know this sounds like a high bar to hurdle but you need to realize it's done every day. A mining company's first goal once acquiring claims is to prove the discovery. They can't get investors for their projects until they have a proven deposit. This phase is called exploration and although it can be expensive for the small miner to do their exploration like mining companies do it's also possible to prove a deposit with a pick and shovel. It doesn't have to be any more high tech than what a miner in the 1870's did to prove their deposit. 😊 The real key whether you are a big mining company or a little miner with hand tools is to follow accepted practice and keep really good records. There is a huge advantage to proving discovery besides the number of claimants needed. With proof of discovery you have established a market value for your discovery. Any government entity wanting to take your claim or restrict your mining/access will have to pay you the value of the minerals minus the cost to mine and market your deposit. As you can imagine governments don't like paying for minerals that are still sitting in the ground. When you have proven your discovery government tends to tiptoe around you rather than threatening you. Proof of discovery is a critical concept in mining law. Until you can prove the claim you are buying has a valuable mineral deposit you are stuck with the one person per 20 acre placer rule. 🙉👭🙌👨🏯👃💥🚀🔭 I love those little things - what the heck are they?
  18. Just curious, is this a business of yours selling "dot com" names? or are these your old sites? Not familiar with it.
  19. That depends on the circumstance Chris. There is no requirement that you file a Notice of Intent to Hold just because you bought a claim so the general answer is "no". In every case it is necessary to follow both State and Federal requirements. What this means in effect is you need to make a County Record of your claim status each year AND you need to make an informational filing and pay fees to the BLM each year. That doesn't change just because the claim changed ownership. Whoever owns the claim when the work or filings come due is responsible no matter what the previous owner did. If you are paying the maintenance fee your August 31 claim declaration and fee submission counts as your Federal filing requirement. You should then make a record of your fee payment and titling that as a "notice of Intent to Hold - Mining Claim" would fulfill your requirement for an annual public record. If you acquire a claim that has a small miner's waiver and you qualify for the waiver completing the assessment work and filing a copy of your Work Affidavit counts as your Federal filing requirement for the year in which you bought the claim. The recording of the required Affadavit of Labor will fulfill the State requirement. Claims are transferred by a quitclaim recorded at the County Recorder's. The BLM requires you notify them of the claim transfer by filing a copy of the quitclaim as a notice of transfer. That notice does not fulfill your annual filing requirement nor does a submission of a 3830-2 "Maintenance Fee Payment Waiver Certification" does not meet the requirement for an annual informational notice either. There are exceptions to the rules but if you aren't a soldier on active combat duty in a war zone or you haven't been physically prevented from entering your claim the Flow Chart above will cover just about any situation. Clear as mud? 😋
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  21. Never could find a good answer on that, so I'm waiting on Clay's response. I do want to piggyback on that question: When a person buys an existing claim of greater than 20 acres, does it need a different person signing for each of the 20 acres? I believe the answer is a single person can purchase, but a single person filing on a 40 acre claim he bought told me the BLM was trying to take it away. I also have trouble finding one of the claims that has been bought without a signature for each of the 40 acres.
  22. I was asked this question and wasn't sure about the answer: If a person buys an existing BLM claim, does that person need to file a Notice of Intent to Hold with the County and BLM?
  23. Thank you Clay for the reminder!
  24. It's that time again. The August 31 deadline to make your required annual mining claims filings is only a month away. As she does every year Ruby has compiled general guidelines and a graphic flow chart to help claim owners understand their annual obligations. If you are confused about the process or just want a refresher review these could help make the process clearer. These are a free download. Feel free to share, distribute or print these out as long as you retain the attribution. General Guidelines Flow Chart Whatever you do don't be late. You will lose your claim if your filings aren't on time. Feel free to ask questions.
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