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  2. https://www.google.com/search?q=vintage+green+reflector&sxsrf=ALeKk022fJn2KBCke_eJDlO80pd9OxgkAQ:1601163666750&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi9tdW8_4fsAhWNHjQIHSDJDBMQ_AUoAnoECAsQBA&biw=1420&bih=955#imgrc=swx-ko67gRjDPM close?
  3. it looks like it inserts into something so maybe a decorative finial
  4. SlowNLow

    Another Mystery Target

    Navigation lights from a UFO, apparently it malfunctioned, better search the area for strange objects that you may have missed.
  5. Jennifer Bond

    Another Mystery Target

    You found someone's glass eye.
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  7. Okay, I found another mystery target out detecting the other day. It looks like a bulb of some sort, but the bottom is completely smooth, as are the sides. The glass is a greenish color. Anyone have any guesses? I also found what looks to be a badly decomposed hammer from a gun.
  8. This one is designed for 30 ton per hour... according to Heckle's web site.
  9. Very nice, about how many yards can you run per hour in the real world with one or two operators.Wish we could do that in California....
  10. Here's a video of this actual unit running a sampling run up on a buddy's claim in Idaho, gold shown at the end.
  11. Great minds think alike....lol but yeah I tried it, perhaps one day i will make another attempt at building a better conveyor system that works.
  12. lol... you're two steps ahead of me.
  13. I had a belt similar to his , it has its limitations as it piles up rather fast cause it dumps right to the ground and the pile builds up and hits the belt 2:46 on his YouTube video . It would work well if it had a second conveyor that takes the waste up and away much higher form the unit. Then you can just use the front end loader and take it away. Picture below was my attempt at using a conveyor , the problem I had was the belt was hitting the side of the metal enclosure creating major resistance to the motor, hence it burned 2 motor at 400 bucks each !!! So after number 2 got fried i modified it to dump off the side. This way all I do is take the loader and scoop it and dump it, as for now it will stay as it is. The continuous duty vibrating grizzly screen works great and the rocks just shake down to the ground.
  14. I hear ya..... the other big one I saw like that had a little belt out front to take away the tailings, that made it easier for a single operator... might be worth putting on yours. Yes true, I have a lot of clay and calichi here so needed the extended trommel tube to help break some of it down. Here's a video...
  15. Here in California we are limited with all the regulations, the only option for me is metal detecting and dryblowing. I built it three years ago but every time I tested it I found I had to do more modifications. Right now it works very good and captures the fine gold pretty good. Of course working alone it has its limitations as far as how much material you can run but still much better then the pick and shovel. The trommel will process much more material and you will have better results do to dirt clogs broken down and its just a better recovery system with water. Anyways good luck! Hope you find some good gold....
  16. oh SWEEEET.... I was torn between having him build me a commercial size drywashwer/blower like you have or running wet, luckily I have access to water so decided on running a wet plant..... I wish we had more options for big drywashers like yours, nice build.. Jen
  17. Here is my toy, designed and built by yours truly .... Nice trommel.....
  18. Hi peeps... anyone else here running a Heckler Fabrication 2410V trommel? I've had a Heckler 10" x 10' 4 stage (over under) high banker since 2011 and love it, just picked up one of his trommels, anyone else running one? Let' share tips n tricks. https://www.hecklerfabrication.com/2410_V_PortableGoldTrommelWashPlant.html Jen
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  20. I wanted to wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my good buddy Barstow Craig who is 61 years young. We have been friends for well over a decade, and have dug gold together all across AZ and CA. Thanks for all the memories amigo, I hope you find that multi-ounce birthday nugget today!
  21. Hey guys, thank you for the input. Based on the emails I've gotten, it's looking like these are probably Tool Tags. I don't know anything about them, but it sounds like they were used by companies as a way to identify and track their tooling...thank you again for all the help!
  22. Finding Gold with a Metal Detector and a Breaker Bar Jeff and Gary (Two Toe's)head to a secret spot in the mother lode to look for Gold Nuggets with the Minelab SDC 2300 and a Breaker Bar . Moving Boulder and checking underneath them has paid off in the past and using a breaker bar makes in a little easier. As the day warms up Jeff hits the creek and does some sniping... what could be better than finding gold and staying cool at the same time !!! SG 023
  23. All aircraft parts and engines from the 1930s to WW2 is all i could find also. Probably parts tags for identification purposes during assembly if i were to guess, BUT just a guess lol. Cool finds Chris! Dan
  24. Great finds Chris sorry i can not help with an I D
  25. I really like those Chris. If you find out more about them please post. It’s still too darn hot for me to get out and detect.
  26. Chris, Very cool!!! I know... in some mines tokens were used by miners to show they were inside the mine.......They might also have done that in industrial factories too! They would be put the tag on a peg board where the Portal, time-clock or in the Dry-room. to see who was in there if cave in or some other disaster happened... What you have there ...could be the work history of one miner... nice find! Gerard
  27. Hey everyone, I was out detecting this weekend and came across a patch of unusual metal discs. At first I thought they were tokens, or even baggage tags from a railroad, but they aren’t. I found two types, the first says: KINNER AIRPLANE & MOTOR CORP. The other says: GLADDEN PRODUCTS INC. They appear to be made of copper. I did find out that Kinner made motors and airplane parts, but went bankrupt back in the 1930’s. None of the resources online mentioned these little metal discs. Does anyone out there know what these are???
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