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  2. Tentatively gone, before I had the chance. I'll update upon completion of sale.
  3. Congrats to the finder that one is a real beauty.
  4. Hey Frank Pics speak louder than words Mike C...
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  6. Mike C...

    Really nice Space Rock

    Thats very nice congrats to the finder Mike C...
  7. I got a chance to hold this lovely iron meteorite yesterday that was found here in Arizona with a metal detector. This one was a real beauty and probably the nicest I’ve seen this year. For those here not familiar with meteorites there are different varieties, this one consists overwhelmingly of an iron-nickel alloy called meteoriciron. The ‘irons’ are also the easiest to identify in the field because they are heavy, strongly attracted to a magnet, and highly reactive to a metal detector. They can turn up just about anywhere, so before you toss out that next “hot rock” take a closer look – it might just be a meteorite! Have a great weekend everyone!
  8. I get asked this question so much, I thought it would be a great way to test out the polling feature on the forum. What do you all think?
  9. 2500 grams of Gold Basin Meteorites, some may be "White Hills" or "Golden Rule".Some "whole" stonesMany with fusion crust, regmaglypts, and still Black showing.Reply Message me here if interested, I am looking for a buyer for the whole lot.200 plus gram pieces and on down in size.
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  11. Chris and Jennifer, one selling, one looking to buy. Comeown!!! Mike
  12. I am selling this MINELAB GPX-5000. It is used, but works great and is in above average condition. It comes with all the stock factory accessories from Minelab and has a brand new 15x12” Commander Coil, a brand new 11” Commander Coil, and a used Nugget Finder 8x6” (Sadie) Coil. I also have the original box, and the padded harness is still wrapped in plastic. Price is $2,799 with FREE SHIPPING (lower 48 states only). Here is what is included: Minelab GPX 5000 Lithium-Ion Battery & Chargers KOSS Headphones Upper & Lower Shafts 15x12” Commander Mono Coil 11” Commander DD Coil Nugget Finder 8x6” Mono Coil GPX Training Video (DVD) AZO Protective Box Cover All standard parts & hardware Contact Chris @ 1.928.777.0267, or email: info@arizonaoutback.com.
  13. Chris Gholson

    EQUINOX Software Upgrade!

    Dean, thanks for sharing your finds and thoughts on the new upgrade. I've had lots of calls from EQX owners wondering if they should do the upgrade or not. I think it's a good move, and like you mentioned, it can always be restored to original..I love all the old ear rings. Makes you wonder if they were just dropped or maybe in a purse or leather pouch that has long since rotted away. Going off the photo, the emerald looks real - very cool!
  14. Bump! This pinpointer is a demo model that I used only for a review. They Retail for $124.00 New, and this one has less than 5-hours. $80 Friends & Family PayPal
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  16. Good job Dean Im still waiting for cooler weather then its off to the hills for me Mike C...
  17. I took my Nox for a spin the other day after performing the update (super simple to do BTW). What I noticed, post update, is that the machine is more stable (less chatter) to EMI. VDI #s are more stable. The place I hunted is right across the street from a large cell tower. The first time Chris and I hunted there I had to turn the sensitivity down to 15 to keep the machine stable enough to hunt with. Interestingly, Chris' CTX was unaffected by the cell tower. Post update, I was able to hunt with the sensitivity at 19 and probably could have gone higher but I prefer a very stable machine. I got in to my first ever jewelry spill and a Wheatie/Indian Head pocket spill as well. I recovered three matching sets of ear rings, two singles, and a copper finger ring. The ear rings have the old screw clamp-on style backs. I'm sure the mates to the singles are there and I will have to go back and locate them. The IHP is a 1906 and two of the Wheaties are 1909-S. Unfortunately, neither of the early Wheaties is the desired "VDB" series. Nothing of real value but a good test of the Nox with the update. IMO, the update is for the better and, if one chooses, the machine can be restored back to it's original version. HH. Dean
  18. Mike Furness

    3 Nugget Finder Mono Coils

    Hey George aka Outdoorsman 1955 ... I do still have the 16" coil. It is $200 plus shipping. I am guesstimating shipping to be about $25. Do you still want the coil?
  19. Mike Furness

    3 Nugget Finder Mono Coils

    Hi George ... Just getting back into AZ ... been in NH all summer doing my bass fishing tourneys out of my kayak ... just haven't been on line much at least with the gold forums. Anyway I will look in the morning to see if the 16 is still there ... I don't remember selling it before I left in May though!
  20. Hey Chris, Your continued thoughtfulness and concern for other people is a true delight to see. It separates this forum from the others. Whether it’s Memorial Day, Veterans’ Day or this last concern for the people on our east coast, you always take the time to show you care and offer positive thoughts. I know everyone is very appreciative. Thanks! Yes, our sincere best wishes for the people of our Southeast. Mike W.
  21. I was just reading a new report on Hurricane Florence which is barreling its way towards the south eastern coast of the US. This storm sounds particularly nasty and it is expected to strike tomorrow. I can only imagine the chaos and destruction it will bring for those that live in the region, especially the Carolina's. Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of our fellow Americans. Stay safe everyone!
  22. Chris Gholson

    New EVOLUTION - coming soon!

    The new 12x8" coils have arrived! This batch is very limited, so call or email me today if you would like to grab one. 1.928.777.0267 or: info@arizonaoutback.com
  23. Jennifer Bond

    WTB GPX 5000

    Still looking...
  24. BBC article: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-45468159 Jennifer......
  25. Notkta Waterproof Pinpointer w/ Box & Accessories
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