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    Thank you Chris you are so right. As fathers we have been given great blessing and a great responsibility.
  3. To you also Chris! Tom H.
  4. nugget108


    Happy fathers day Chris.
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  6. I wanted to extend a special thank you to all the fellow dads out there. Raising a child is no easy task. The hours are long and the pay isn’t great, but it is by far the most important job on earth. Without your love, support and guidance the world would be a very different place. So on behalf of myself and all the other humans out there - thank you! Enjoy your day!
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  9. Heck yah! Good find and good ears I can vouch for this as I run the same set up and it will find small solid nugs at that depth. Congrats! Tom H.
  10. congrats to the finder a good job detecting .
  11. A customer & friend of mine over in California sent over these photos today. He wanted to show off his most recent find made with his GPX 5000 and new Nugget Finder 14x9” Evolution Coil. He said he measured out the hole as best he could, and it looked to be about 8” deep. Not too shabby of a dig for a nugget of this size…Congratulations to the finder; we sure appreciate you sharing with us. Bring that good luck down with you when you come see me this winter!
  12. I am selling my xTerra 705 Gold with 10"x5" DD 18.75 kHz coil (standard) and a 15" DD 18.75 kHz coil. This is used but never abused and always well taken care of. No more warranty. Everything works perfect. One small scratch across the control screen, as seen in photo. What you see in the pics is what you get. No original box.$500 for all plus free shipping. (I will separate out 15" coil and detector if interested: $350 for detector, $150 for 15")Payment can be made with cash on pick up or PayPal Friends and Family (you can even use your Credit Card but PayPal will charge you 4%)PM me if interested or have questions.
  13. With a little trepidation........I am selling my CTX 3030. This is used but never abused and always well taken care of. This is probably less used than most, as I am mainly a prospector and not much of a relic hunter. No more warranty. Up do date on all firmware and gaskets. Everything works perfect. I will even include my "custom made" travel rod. I never got to try it, but should work great!You get everything that was in the box except the instructions (which can be downloaded from Minelab)Original Box (not shown in photos)17 inch Minelab coil with extra cover.6 inch Minelab coiland my custom made travel rod.(Everything you see in the photos is what you will be getting)$2000 for all plus free shipping if not local. (I will separate out the coils and detector if interested: $1550 for detector, $300 for 17", $200 for 6")Cash or PayPal Friends and Family (you can even use your Credit Card but PayPal will charge you 4%)PM me if interested or have questions.
  14. Father's Day Contest – Win over $500! In celebration of Father’s Day, we have a great new competition to announce for all the wonderful Dads out there! To support our Minelab fathers, we want to hear about your family experiences detecting. You could win a USD $500 Minelab voucher and backpack filled with Minelab accessories! Customers may enter here: https://www.minelab.com/father-s-day-competition-2018 This competition is open to USA, Canada and UK residents and starts June 12th, 2018 and ends on June 26th, 2018. Terms and conditions apply. Good luck to all!
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  16. Price dropped to $375 & Free Shipping in the USA. Thanks, Don
  17. That's on one of my Claims and the Gold is pretty good there !!!! We did more trail riding then Prospecting..
  18. Great video! Nice looking ground and bedrock........ I'm sure that there has to be more good gold there. Was that on your claim or open ground?
  19. Thanks Chris the waters still a little cold but soon I'll be Sniping in there looking for more Gold !!!!
  20. Great job on your first video! That clear mountain stream looks refreshing, makes me want to pack up and escape AZ for the summer! Keep up the good work.
  21. Trail riding & Bedrock Busting for Gold Take a trip with Jeff and Mike as they go on a trail ride up in the Sierra's to look for some Gold trapped in Bedrock . My first try at doing a prospecting video for my YouTube Channel it was a lot of work and a lot of fun to do !!! Hope you enjoy it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNI4hF0yOMk&t=84s
  22. Hi All, I just got in a small batch of a brand new book that is all about the Equinox. The title of the book is “The Minelab EQUINOX Series – From Beginner to Advanced.” It was written by Mr. Clynick who is a well-known detectorist that has authored 20 different how-to detector manuals over the years. The book is soft bound and over 100 pages. The price is $16.95. I don’t yet have them listed on the AZO website, but they are in stock. If you own one of the Equinox, or are thinking of buying, this book should be a must for your library. Please email me at info@arizonaoutback.com, or call me at 928.7770.0267 if you’d like to order one of my remaining copies – thanks!
  23. I have a lightly used 25" Nugget Finder Advantage coil for sale. This coil is in excellent condition and has only been used a few times. It's the deepest coil I have ever owned for large gold! ***Price dropped to $375 & Free Shipping in the USA.*** Please email or call if interested. Thanks, Don Newell 206-755-8927 donnewell10@gmail.com
  24. Sounds like it was a great trip.
  25. Chris Gholson

    Relics with the CTX and Nox

    Hey Dean, It's always a blast getting out in the hills with you. The spoon I found was stamped PMSS Co., which appears to stand for the Pacific Mail SteamShip Company. It was founded in 1848 and operated some of the earliest steamships in California. I'm guessing this person may have been a passenger and decided to keep a souvenir. I don't know if there's any value, but it's a neat piece for the display case. Looking forward to getting out there with you again soon!
  26. With the last of the cool weather, Chris and I managed to get out for a fun relic hunt. He was armed with his CTX and me with the Equinox 800. This 1800s ghost town is way up in the hills but worth the trip as the scenery is absolutely gorgeous. It was our first detecting trip to this out- of- the- way place (ATV required) and we did manage a few goodies. Nothing valuable or earth shattering, but now that we have a feel for the place, I believe we will do even better on future trips. We also spied some pretty promising looking nugget country that deserves a closer look with the GPX's in hand come next fall/winter. Getting there. My highlight finds were a General Service Eagle button, a cameo broach (the center crumbled), metallic 10 gauge shell, fired three ringer, .44 rim fire case. Chris found a cool silver plated spoon with the initials of a steam ship company engraved on it and a bunch of various buckles. Thanks for a fun hunt, Chris! Dean
  27. I really want to be you when I grow up. Congratulations!!!!
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