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  2. RiverJohn

    Outstanding AZ Specimen!

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  4. outstanding find congrats to the finder
  5. Get your orders in kids.... these things are opening up new patches, like we experienced each time a new GPX was released, then a GPZ etc... amazing results are coming in.... https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=590492#p590492
  6. Jennifer Bond

    GPX 5000 & Coils

    Super excited for you Bob, thanks for sharing your results. I'm very happy to hear my guidance worked out, you won't be disappointed in that coil, Evo's are my favorite and have found me lots of color.... and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, see page 2 of the below link for a 25" DD Chris sold me.. in fact I just ordered one of their new Z Search coils for my GPZ which should be fun to use on my pounded patches... welcome to Evo ownership.
  7. Hi Jennifer, I followed your advice & found a new Nuggetfinder 14"x9" Evo. mono from a guy who got it in a package deal. Tested on a few sub. gram .03 & .04 nuggets as compared to the ML 11" mono. Really a much better signal. Thanks again. Bob
  8. Jennifer Bond

    AZO Office Closed Next Week

    Thanks for getting my item shipped before leaving, have fun.
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  10. Jennifer Bond

    GPX 5000 & Coils

    Agree with Chris, only add would be that if you're a relic hunter, hold onto a DD for discrimination. Jen (super excited as my new Nugget Finder Z-Search coil Chris sent should be here today scratch that, just checked, won't be here till Tuesday... Yay, thanks again Chris)
  11. I had a customer that bought a detector a while back stop by my office this morning. When he came in I noticed he was carrying a large, leather pouch. He also had a big smile, and after he opened the bag I knew why. Inside was one of the prettiest Arizona specimens I have seen in a long time. The entire piece weighed in at over 7-ounces and was covered in gold. We didn’t have time to do an SG test, but I would estimate that there was approx.. 4-ounces of metal in the rock. It was a gorgeous piece, and I want to thank him again for bringing it by and letting me photograph it…Have a great weekend everyone!
  12. Chris Gholson

    GPX 5000 & Coils

    I would agree with Jen; the Evolution coils really brightened up my GPX. The 14x9" EVO is a great size for the AZ goldfields. If you can't go with the EVO, I would hang onto the 11" Mono and the 15x12" Mono. Good luck out there!
  13. AZO Closed January 18-22nd, 2021 I wanted to give everyone a heads-up that the Arizona Outback office will be closed next week from January 18th – 22nd. We will resume normal business hours on Monday the 25th. Any orders placed during the previous week will ship first thing that morning. I will also do my best to get all phone calls and emails answered as soon as possible. Thanks - have a great week!
  14. Click Here to watch Video Metal Detecting Frozen Bedrock in the middle of the road in the heart of the California Motherlode. Jeff and Gary ( Two Toe's ) are in search of bedrock outcroppings in the area of old Gold Rush workings. The Fortyniners worked this area during the California Gold Rush lets see what they missed !!!! Please Remember to always fill in your holes after digging SG 033
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  16. Hi Jen, Thanks for the advice...giving it careful consideration.
  17. Jennifer Bond

    GPX 5000 & Coils

    Sell them all and buy a Nugget Finder Evolution.... once you put one of them on, you'll never use any of the others..... ask me how I know..... if you don't want to do that and want to use one you have, depending on where you are the elliptical is handy for under and between scrub. Jen
  18. Just purchased a used GPX 5000 with four coils. The machine just has about one or two hours on it, and it looks brand-new as do the coils. Actually, only one coils was ever attached to the machine. Just wondering for here in Arizona, if I just wanted to retain one or two coils, which would you recommend that I keep out of these minelab coils: 18 inch round Mono 15 x 12 elliptical Mono 10 inch round Mono 10 inch DD round Thanks in advance for your advice.
  19. Happy New Gold Year, Gold Panning the Feather Click here to watch Happy New Gold Year Day 0ne on the Feather River Panning for Gold to get the jump on Gary ( Two Toe's ). The past couple of years Gary's gotten out on the river on New Years day to jump start his Gold totals in our endless quest to see which one of us can find the Most Gold for the Year !!!! This Year I head out to get the jump on him !!!! I'm leading in 2021 !!!! Keep checking back to see who ends up winning the gold count for this year we have a long way to go but did I mention I'm winning !!!!!! SG 032
  20. Merry Christmas to you Chris and your family too! Hoping for better times ahead for everyone out there.... Even if.... everything around us continues to (go south) as we have all witnessed this year... One thing that I do know 100% for sure...Is that when I am out prospecting surrounded in the vastness of nature’s beauty.... Regardless of all the Worlds self induced problems Greed, Wars & GreatReset Pandemic Lockdowns... When.. I am Outside Standing with my Detector and my pick in hand.... I am a million miles away from all of that Ugliness & Corruption !!!! Surrounded by the real riches I get from being out there.... is more treasure than a little gold metal... THE TRUE RICHES.... is standing there... And knowing I am connected and a part of that land & All that Creation & Beauty that surrounds me! My New Years Resolution for 2021: The Last day the year..(today)!!!! After 6 long months of my rig being in the shop... My mechanic and I today Finally got the Flywheel & Clutch back in my IVECO EarthCruiser...Next week it’s off to the paint booth !!! So... My New Years Resolution for 2012: IS..... Being out on the Gold....all those days I didn’t get out an missed in 2020!!! and getting out in the MaxMax-RV even more in 2021... Peace and Nuggets to everyone! Gerard
  21. RiverJohn


  22. happy new year to you and your's Chris
  23. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Wishing all of our forum family here a very happy and prosperous New Year! May all your targets be golden!
  24. I have a very small batch of the new GPZ 12" Coils from Nugget Finder on the way. The new "Z-Search" Coil will be 300-grams (or 10.5 ounces) lighter than the stock coil, it will include a genuine Minelab lower shaft, and best of all, NO modifications or adapters are needed! Several experienced prospectors (including Jen) will be putting the coil through its paces on various goldfields here in AZ, NV and CA. They should have some great feedback which we will share here and our other social media channels. The coils will be incredibly limited at first, but I expect will supply will get better as we move in 2021. If anyone has questions, or is interested in getting on the list, please send me an email at: info@arizonaoutback.com
  25. Mine is arriving this week or next, anyone else here have one yet, how are you liking it? Great reviews from Australia and a LOT lighter. https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=587396#p587396 Jen
  26. The Nugget Hunter’s Bedrock Detecting for Gold Click Here to see Video The Guy's are back out looking for Gold Nuggets in a new Hydraulic pit located in the California Motherlode. The Old timer's didn't get it all .. Tag along with Jeff and Gary ( Two Toe's ) as there joined once again by the Hawaiian's J.C. ( Minin Hawaiian ) and Tim ( Blue Lead Gold Production ) in an epic quest for Gold Nuggets !!! Detector's used by the guys. Gary is using the Minelab SDC 2300, Jeff is using a White's Gold Master V-Sat, Tim is running a White's TDI and, J.C. is running both of his detector's the White's Gold Master 3 , Garrett AT Max SG 031 Part 1
  27. Very Nice solid water worn creek nuggets!!! Looks just like the gold I was getting back when I was dredging!!! That Sadie is a sweet & powerful coil on a GPX !!!
  28. I received this photo and testimonial from a customer that recently purchased a Minelab GPX 5000. It appears that he is off to a great start! Thank you once again for the business, and for sharing your new finds with us. “Hi Chris, I'm up over 1/2 ounce in nuggets since I bought the 5000. My last 5 nuggets were found with the little 8x6 Nugget Finder "Sadie". Thanks again!”
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