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    WTB Nokta Fors Relic

    Basically the same unit, check the NOKTA website, actually better in some respects.
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  4. Olddigger

    WTB Nokta Fors Relic

    Thanks trinityau that's a heck of a price for three machines going to hold out on a relic. Thanks Phillip.
  5. Got a close bud out with Ward hope they nail some of it.
  7. trinityau

    WTB Nokta Fors Relic

    See my post Nokta, Trinityau/RayMills
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  9. wonderful, good luck all you detectorists
  10. I’m not sure if you guys caught this story yet, but on Sunday morning residents living in central Arizona (myself included) were awakened by a loud boom. This was actually a sonic boom caused by a falling meteorite. At this point, no one knows exactly where it landed, but there are quite a few folks out there swinging their metal detectors trying to find it. Hopefully as more witnesses come forward it will help in determining where it may have hit. I will definitely keep you all posted if I hear anything more. PRESCOTT, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- A blasting sound and odd sight in the sky startled some people in Northern Arizona and the Valley Sunday morning. Planetary science field researcher Robert Ward said, “We had a meteorite enter the atmosphere at 20- 22,000 miles per hour.” His cameras were able to capture a speck in the sky around 7:20 a.m. “I immediately jumped out of bed with the whole sonic boom,” Ward said. “I grab my phone. I ran outside. The sonic boom created a 3.1 reading on the Richter scale, so that’s a fairly sizable event.” That’s what led Ward to believe the meteor was roughly the size of a microwave. “We need time to dig into that footage, look at other cams,” he said. “Our partners at American Meteor Society will triangulate that data using eyewitness accounts that people are actually gathering in the community.” Brothers Abraham, 8, Zeke, 10, and Judah, 11, described seeing something move through the sky surrounded by a green hue. "We were looking out the window,” said Zeke. “Then we see this thing flying fast, and then it started glowing." American Meteor Society expert Rob Lunsford said the green tint was most likely because the meteor was made of nickel. Researchers want to hear from other people who saw and heard the meteor event Sunday morning. Contact the American Meteor Society.
  11. Well done on the first day out with the 7K
  12. If anyone has one in good shape laying around they want to part with shoot me a PM. Thanks Phillip.
  13. A customer and friend that just bought a new Minelab GPZ 7000 from me was nice enough to send over the photos below. His first day out he scored seven nuggets for a total weight of approx. 6-grams! A pocketful of gold with a new unit is always worth celebrating. Congratulations to this prospector on a great first run. Thank you again for the business and for sharing your finds - keep up the good work!
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  15. The picture shows what I have available. These are VLF Gold Detectors. As far as I know they still sell at about a thousand dollars a piece. I tested this unit for Notka. This is a very good gold unit. It has been around for a while. I am hoping that this will be a good deal for a person that has FORS Gold equipment. There are lots of extras. Six coils, three units, one extra shaft, two headphones, waterproof bags for control boxes, Nokta suitcase, charging equipment, small group of accessories (coil screws, shaft tips) This sale is "as is". All three units work fine. One unit is missing a battery cover. Far as I know that's it. Check the picture out and give me a call. $400.00 You pay shipping from Redding, Ca. 96003 TRINITYAU.COM 5307392973 Thanks, Trinityau/RayMills
  16. Don't forget to check the dirt from the auger.
  17. Very nice setup, Jennifer! No where for the nugs to hide now! The auger is a great addition. Comes in handy for planting trees and shrubs too. Although.... a post hole digger builds character . Dean
  18. RiverJohn

    Treasures from up North

  19. The nuggets can't hide from me now... today I added an 84" box scraper to start taking the surface off and find more of those beauties.... times like these are when I love having an 8' bed for the truck (the other item is a Bobcat auger for putting fence posts in on the property) Jen
  20. Impressive! I love the "Hobo Nickel" ring carved from a buffalo nickel. Very cool. Dean
  21. Last month one of my customers and friends came down from Montana for a visit and to try his luck on the Arizona goldfields. He had done plenty of metal detecting back home with his Minelab Equinox 800, and found plenty of gold, just none of it in the form of nuggets. He brought just a small portion of his impressive collection of finds from the parks, ballfields, and old home sites. He had found some beautiful rings and some cool old coins, like an 1887 silver Morgan…He let me snap a few photos so I could share with you all. Thanks again Gary! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and 2020 is off to a great start!
  22. You still have this little puffer azdave?
  23. nugget108

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    Happy New Year to you and your family Chris. And also to all of the great members on this forum.
  24. Doc did the green Garret Deepseeker inspire you to select green and the G from Garret.
  25. Tell me you didn't really call it the "G Spot"? OY VEY!!!! (in my best Jewish princess voice)... Doc you crack me up.. I can't imagine the full on domestics you're about to fire up when wives walk into their living rooms and happen to notice the Google results when their prospector husband does a search for "G Spot Scoop"... it ain't gonna be pretty..LOL Jen
  26. Hey Gang, Well, back to the drawing board. The first samples of Swing Arms we got into the field have failed miserably. Thanks to all of you who have put up with the frustration of being guinea pigs. If you have had one that failed, return to the dealer and he will refund your money, until the revised version is available. If you have one that has not failed, use it until it does, so you can give us feedback on what happened. Pictures are very helpful. So some of the things that have been identified are. 1. The strap, which I requested be made with some kind of UV rubber with fiber reinforcement was not made with reinforcement, so it stretches and then breaks. It also needs to be about 1 1/2 inches longer with one more adjustment hole. 2. The pivot ball joint has way too much play in it. It should only rotate 360 degrees with no side to side movement. Initially I thought it would give more freedom of movement, but it is movement that is not necessary and causes undo stress on the joint and a feeling of instability. The purpose of the ball joint is to only allow the arm to move up and down so it does not break. But the opposite is happening, because it has so much movement, there is a lot of stress on the part. That is an easy fix, the collar has to be redesigned to restrict the movement. I'll try to attach a pdf file to show you what I am talking about. Collar correction.pdf 3. The pivot joint, the one that has a pin in it that allows the Swing Arm to swing out and away from the detector is too thin and flimsy. This was supposed to be made of Nyglass, but I think they used something that was not suitable for this part. This will have to be redesigned to be thicker with tougher material and a more substantial nylon pin that will be sonic welded into place. The concept and functionality is solid, it is just the materials and some of the design that needs to be corrected. Now I don't know many manufacturers that announce to the public that they "screwed the pooch" so to speak. But you guys have always been very helpful with ideas and suggestions and helping me field test all this crazy stuff I come up with. So I wanted to include you on this. And trust me, this is the process I go through every time with everything I develop. From initial concept, to design to prototype to pre-production to testing to modification and back to testing and then to full production and shipping and delivery and to the market runs about 9 months to 1 year. Sometimes things go very smoothly, sometimes, not so much. It depends on the complexity of the item. Unfortunately for this SAGA swing arm there are so many different molded moving parts. 2 Molds for the handle, a mold for the storage clip, 3 molds for the pivot and pivot ball joint assembly, 1 mold for the straps, a mold for the buttons in the fiberglass rod, extrusion mold for the fiberglass rods. About $10,000 in mold costs alone. Fun, right? However, I have never brought to market anything that I don't use myself and stand behind 100% And the SAGA Swing Assist Guide Arm will be no different. So your patience is appreciated as we work on SAGA Version 2.0 Speaking of production, the "G Spot" scoops are in production but I had them made with a satin finish as in the attached picture. The shiny ABS material caused too much glare in my opinion and was too slick allowing small gold to slide too easily. The top picture is the new satin finish and the bottom scoop was the shiny prototype. Standby while we work out the bugs. Thank you and Happy New Year. Doc
  27. Yes, good design. I would definitely order a couple. Would also be handy to carry along on hikes to spot test that look interesting and crevacing as said.
  28. Nice! I know a few places that Kubota would come in handy. Dean
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