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    12" Evo @ 82

    She's a bit of a legend and loves her GPX 5000 with the 12"round Evo. This is coming behind several very experienced GPZ operators. @ 82 years young she still has it!
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    Chris Gholson

    Freshly dug GPZ nug!

    So, a friend of mine sends me this photo in a text. He is out swinging his GPZ 7000 (with 14” coil) when he gets one of those sweet, low mellow signals that we are all on the hunt for. He digs down nearly two feet and breaks through a compacted gravel & rock layer that probably hasn’t seen daylight for many millions of years. And there waiting for him at the bottom was this beautiful half-ouncer!!! What’s even better, this was only the second target he dug that day! Not a bad way to kick off a morning. A big congratulations to this fellow. He and his partner are some of the best operators I know, and it’s a rare day when they get skunked. Thanks again for letting me share the photo.
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    Chris Gholson

    Some incredible stuff!

    I have been getting some great photos lately from my customers. Check out this incredible handful of gold that was found not long ago by a customer with his Minelab. I have seen thousands of nuggets over the years, but I have to say that his “foil” nugget is by far one of the coolest. It almost looks fake, but he assured me that this is exactly how it came out of the ground. I have seen a few similar from Nevada, but nothing of this size. This would be a piece any collector would love to have. What an incredible find!!! I really appreciate all the wonderful photos, thank you so much for letting me share with everyone here.
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    Chris Gholson

    A fun Arizona C&R hunt

    I got in a great coin and relic hunt this week with my buddy Dean. He was able to get us permission to hunt a large property here in AZ that has seen continuous campers since the 1940’s. It was a great place, but huge, and where to start was the real tough part. We picked out a small corner and went to work, him with the Minelab EQUINOX 800 and me with the CTX 3030. Within a few hours we had filled our pouches with clad, and amazingly there was very little modern day junk like the local parks. Best finds of the day for me was a silver 1949 ‘Rosie’ and a 1955 Mexican 1 Centavo. Dean landed lots of Wheaties and a pretty silver ring of hearts. ..Nothing of extreme value was found this trip, but we had a blast. And there are many more acres to go, so who knows what else will turn up. Have a great weekend, and happy hunting everyone!
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    Chris Gholson

    Almost an Ounce!

    Now that the weather is cooling off in the southwest, the gold is starting to turn up! A friend of mine sent over this photo yesterday of a beautiful specimen he just dug up using his Minelab GPZ 7000. It came from somewhere in the Arizona desert and was hiding at approx. 20+ inches. The entire piece weighs in at nearly an ounce. There were several other nuggets found nearby, but this was the largest. A big congratulations to the lucky finder. I really appreciate you sharing, and I can't wait to see what else may be lurking nearby up on those hillsides
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    A good friend & customer of mine here in the US just sent over these photos of an outstanding gold/quartz specimen he recently found. While out swinging his Minelab GPZ 7000 he picked up a faint, but repeatable signal. After digging down over two feet he unearths this lump of quartz. A closer look shows that it is shot through with gold!!! I don’t believe he knows the actual metal content yet, but a specific gravity test will give a very good estimate…What a great way to kick off the season! Congratulations to the finder, and thanks for sharing! P.S. if anyone out there has photos they wish to share, but would like to remain anonymous, please send them over. You can email or text them. We love seeing this stuff!
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    Chris Gholson

    Spam Attack

    I wanted to say thanks to the members that reached out to let me know the forum had been invaded by spam. I was away from a computer this weekend and had no idea. When I logged on this morning I couldn't believe they managed to get up page after page of garbage. This time it really was Russian bots!!! ? I banned the accounts and believe I got all the spam deleted. Anyway, hopefully this won't happen again for a very long while. Thanks again you guys for keeping an eye on it.
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    12" Evo @ 82

    So great to see you getting out Wilma...and finding gold. You are a pioneer and a legend in the electronic prospecting world and a wonderful person to boot. My best regards.
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    Jennifer Bond

    12" Evo @ 82

    Way to go..... doing us women prospectors proud.... a fellow Evo lover.... well done. Jen
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    This guy is lucky to even be alive. People ask me all the time if I go into the old mines. My usual reply is that the only thing you'll find at the bottom of those abandoned mines is trouble. Unless a person is highly experienced, better to stay out and stay alive...and I agree, taxpayers shouldn't have to foot the bill for stupidity.
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    Chris Gholson

    Freshly dug GPZ nug!

    Matt, I think after he cleaned it up, the final weight was about 14.5-grams. I always round up when it comes to nuggets
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    Spam Attack

    I thought maybe they converted the script to character. But after going back 300 pages I found new material to read..lol Good read on some of the older posts!!
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    Its more cost then just local responders costs, this gets federal attention from MSHA. https://www.msha.gov/sosa
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    dick ward

    12" Evo @ 82

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    I'm going to say agree with mike on the price range $1100 to $1300. Perhaps like low and slow said, the sources of new gold are getting harder to find, but I think demand for gold jewelry will go down as the four other precious metals (Platinum, palladium, iridium, and rhodium) become more popular in jewelry production. I've seen a bunch of wedding rings with the more recently married couples that are not made of gold, but other metals. Many jewelry companies are launching lines of those other than gold jewelry. I really also believe people are not investing in precious metals for times of trouble, but are switching to Bit Coin and other crypto currency or block exchange or whatever you call it. Although the dollar may be losing some headway in reserves, the price of gold is not really tied to the dollar, but an overall value. Traditionally, an ounce of gold could buy you a set of nice clothes and a really fun weekend, no matter when it was, and I believe it will hold the value the same way. Stock market is not really reacting to the tariff war, more like it realizes that there is trouble now but after both countries bluster and show their feathers, then they will come to some sort of agreement, almost as if the stock market sees this in the future.
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    I just don't see much activity on the gold market in general. Even with the equities markets tanking the last couple weeks the escape into gold for protection and preservation has not been like it used to be. I see it staying between a trading range of a high of 1300 and a low of 1100 ... pretty wide gap percentage wise but I certainly can not find any reason for it to revisit the highs of years ago.
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    Chris Gholson

    WTB Doc's Gold Screamer

    Bkopps, I have new ones, but not used. I'll keep my eyes open and let you know if one comes in. Frank, sorry I looked through all my used gear and couldn't find a GP cradle. I will also let you know if one turns up.
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    Well well well...... it seems like I wrote this exact post on another forum back in 2016 when I purchased the same size Evo Elliptical from a fellow forum member (but solid, not spoked like this one) and on the second trip out, found a half ouncer in pounded Gold Basin ground. Here we go again... EVO broke my "I'm only getting 1.5 gram nuggets" situation that I was on on this particular patch. All the items arrived safe and sound (thank you again Chris) and on my second trip out with it.... BOOOOOM..... a nice 9.5 grammer (over 1/4 ounce) I'll probably lose at least .5 of a gram on clean up, but it sure is nice to have a $500.00 coil pay for itself so quickly. I'll post a picture of it post clean when it's done in the bubble bath. Jen
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    Chris Gholson

    Tesoro to close their doors?

    That is truly a bummer. Being somewhat of an underdog in the industry I rooted for them, hoping they would make a comeback, but keeping up with rapidly changing technology is a tough hill to climb, especially with limited funds. Tesoro was a great company and did wonderful things for our hobby. They will be missed by many, including myself.