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    Just a little thank you to Chris for a wonderful purchasing experience today. I called and ordered a new 17" x 13 Evo coil, additional (spare) battery for my GPZ and some skid plates, gave him my credit card number, said thank you and before I got home from the gold fields (was out detecting when he returned my call) I already had a tracking number in my email in box, something sadly lacking from other companies I've dealth with that has lead to frustration and missed / incorrectly addressed shipments... Great job Chris, thank you again for your great customer service. Jen
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    Hi Jen, Thanks so much for the glowing review and for the business. I think that coil was the perfect choice for the ground you're working up there. Being elliptical, it should be a little easier to navigate around the brush. Good luck & keep us posted on your future finds. Or call me when you hit that monster chunk, I'm good at pushing a wheelbarrow!