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    Thanks Chris, yes you're right, the ellip is the best shape for my hunting. I had the same coil but solid and found some great gold with it but sold it when I sold my 5000 to start using my 7000. Right now I'm using an ellip Advantage (still a great coil) am eager to give the open spoke ellip a swing... thanks again. I'll keep you in mind when I find that big one... right now I'm not quite ready for wheelbarrows, but ya never know. ? Right now I seem to be stuck on this "1.5 gram per nugget" patch I've been working. ? Jen
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    Chris Gholson

    Close to 4-Ounces!

    I had a customer send over this photo of two really nice nuggets that are in his collection. Although he didn’t give the exact location, I got the impression they came from near the AZ-Mexico border country. They were detected using the Minelab GPX machines. Each of them is over an ounce, and total combined weight is nearly 4-ounces! It’s always nice to see that the big ‘uns are still out there lurking. Congratulations to the lucky finder – thank you for sharing!
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    Chris Gholson

    Tesoro to close their doors?

    That is truly a bummer. Being somewhat of an underdog in the industry I rooted for them, hoping they would make a comeback, but keeping up with rapidly changing technology is a tough hill to climb, especially with limited funds. Tesoro was a great company and did wonderful things for our hobby. They will be missed by many, including myself.
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    Still available...... still brand new, never used in the field..... $125.00 takes it.
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    Tesoro to close their doors?

    It's true Chris. The last day of business for Tesoro was October 5 I believe. All employees have been let go and the doors have been closed. Mike