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    Chris Gholson

    Gorgeous multi-oz gold nugget!

    A friend & customer just sent over these photos of a stunning gold/quartz specimen that he found while metal detecting in Arizona. He located it with a MINELAB GPX-4500 at a depth of 14+ inches. Including the rock, it weighs in at 2.87-ounces. What a stunning find, thank you so much for sharing with us!
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    Chris Gholson

    Another for the bottle

    I got a chance to swing the Minelab GPX this past weekend. While walking down a very tiny and narrow wash, I picked up a faint signal. Because of its location I assumed it was trash, but once I got down about 6”, I knew this target had a chance. Once out of the hole I was pleasantly surprised to see a shiny one grammer peeking out from the dirt in my hand! Not a huge find, but it’s always a good day when I come home with new gold in the bottle. It was found using the Nugget Finder 15” Evolution Coil which is officially one of my all-time favorite coils. P.S. The snakes are definitely on the move. Although I didn’t see any, I did see plenty of their tracks crisscrossing the sand. Be sure to wear your chaps and be safe out there everyone!
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    Chris Gholson

    Not gold, but still awesome!

    A friend of mine from high school sent me these incredible photos the other day. His passion is chasing lions with his dogs here in the mountains of Arizona. I wouldn’t really call him a hunter since he doesn’t shoot them, he just enjoys tracking them and getting video/photos and relaying that info back to Game & Fish. He just recently bought a GPX-4500 from me, so I have a feeling some of his time will get diverted to chasing the yellow stuff! …Anyway these were such cool photos I had to share them with you all.
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    Every spring I head over to the local preschools to teach the kids about metal detecting and panning for gold. The kids love it because they have a free pass to play in the dirt, and I love it because I get to skip work for the day! I held the class last week and we all had a blast. They learned to use a detector, pan for gold, identify various rocks, and they even got to crack open geodes. It is a bit of work to organize, but seeing the expressions on their face after finding a piece of “gold” always makes it worth it! Here are a few photos of our future prospectors in action.
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    Chris Gholson

    Surprise gift - thank you!

    A good friend of mine surprised me this past weekend with a really cool gift. Check out what he found while poking around an abandoned hard rock mine in California. It is a 2 lb. can of calcium carbide made by Union Carbide. Even better, the can is still intact and full! He thought it would make a great addition to my growing collection of mining memorabilia, and it does. Thanks again Craig!
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    I just put together this short video over the weekend and thought I’d share with you all. I am getting excited again about filming, and my goal is to post a couple new videos each month on the channel. I hope you guys enjoy!
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    Chris Gholson

    More "EVO" gold!

    A customer and friend sent me this photo this morning. He just bought a Nugget Finder 17x13” Evolution coil for his GPX last month and has already paid for it! This was the gold found from his most recent outing; it’s just shy of ½-ounce! Keep up that lucky streak going, and thanks again for sharing your find with us!
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    Chris Gholson

    Dry-Washing for Gold!

    A good friend and customer of ours sent over these photos of some amazing gold he recovered using a dry-washer. Even though all the gold was small, it quickly added up to over 2-ounces! It was found not far from Randsburg, CA and was taken in only two outings!...We always love seeing the yellow metal and I want to thank Daine (the lucky finder) for sharing these photos with us. Keep up the good work
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    dick ward

    El Camino del Diablo

    Hi Frank, No not there now, I haven’t been there for a long time. My first time in the area was prospecting with my grandfather in 1957. The last time was in the late 1970’s. There is gold down there, on both sides, of the border. Not much water ‘tho so take your BIGGEST canteen.
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    Chris Gholson

    Mexican EVO Gold

    I sold a Nugget Finder 17x13” EVO Coil to a prospector down in Mexico and asked if he would mind sending me photos of his finds. Well the other day I got a message with these pics and a note saying, “La major bobina para mi GPX 5000 gracias amigos!” Which I think translates roughly to: Thank you, this is my favorite coil…Here are a few golden finds from his first outing with the new coil.
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    Chris Gholson

    Happy prospector - new finds!

    I received this photo a while back from a good friend and customer over in California. These are some of his recent metal detecting finds using the Minelab GPX 5000. Total weight is a bit over 22-grams! Beautiful gold; thanks for sharing with us!
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    Wishing all of the lovely ladies in our lives a very special and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!
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    Chris Gholson

    WOW, some nice GPZ gold!

    A friend and customer just sent over this great photo of the gold he has found so far this winter in southern Arizona. Everything shown here was detected with the Minelab GPZ 7000. I didn’t get a final weight from him, but I know that a few of the nuggets near the top are close to an ounce…A huge congratulations to this hard working prospector! Thank you so much for sharing with us, keep adding to that pile!
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    Chris Gholson

    Getting closer to the source

    I was digging through my albums and I came across these photos from a friend of mine here in Arizona. He bought one of the Nugget Finder 8x6” Sadie coils and wanted to show off some of his finds. What’s interesting is this area he is detecting is not really known for specimen gold. Most everything found there has been well worn and no attached host rock. I’m hopeful that he’s near the source and the next group of photos will be of his truck bed loaded with gold-bearing quartz! Thanks again for the pics!
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    Reno Chris

    Dry-Washing for Gold!

    Dry washing is an important tool to go with detecting. I've found plenty of little patches that give a dozen or more smaller nuggets in a limited area. Dry washing is a great way to clean out that patch and get all the gold in the area. The photo below is from a little patch about 5 x 30 feet in size. Nuggets on the right were detected when the patch was found, gold on the left of the coins was dry washed from the same spot after the nuggets got harder and harder to find. The dirt was only 6 to 10 inches deep at this spot. Detected gold was around 15 dwt, dry washed gold around 10 dwt. I've dry washed a few more dwt from this area since and detected a few more as well, but this was the heart of the area. Interesting too on the original photos of the gold the guy got near Randsburg. I dry washed near there maybe 40 years ago. Its surprising how small the size of gold a dry washer will get. On the dust sized gold you are not getting 95% recovery but even of you are only getting 75% on the really small stuff, it still can add up to a lot of gold.
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    Chris Gholson

    Coil Maintenance Tips

    Coil Maintenance Tips: The search coil is the part of the metal detector that is swung over the ground, and as you can imagine, it receives the most abuse. Coils are tough, but like any piece of equipment they must be maintained to ensure proper function. Here are a few tips to help you get the best performance and extend the coil’s life: 1. The coil connector will become corroded over time. This buildup is easily removed with any over the counter Control/Contact Cleaner & Lubricant (see photo). Simply spray into the connector and wipe away any excess liquid. 2. Most coils include a skid plate on the bottom. This skid is there to protect the coil as you scrape it over rocks and dirt. Always inspect the skid prior to use and replace before wearing through (see photo). Failure to maintain the skid can void the coil’s warranty, and in time will eventually damage the coil itself. Keep in mind that it is much cheaper to replace a skid versus a coil. 3. Periodically remove your coil’s skid plate and dump out any dirt and black sands that have accumulated. This will help reduce the likelihood of false signals. 4. It is our recommendation that the coil cable wire be strung straight from the coil up the lower shaft, then held in place with either our coil cable clips, Velcro strips, or tape. Once you reach the “knuckle” or screw cap, the coil cable wire can then be wrapped along the upper shaft and finally inserted into the detector’s control box. Ensure that the connector is properly seated before tightening. 5. Most coils are fairly water resistant, however the drier it stays, the longer it will last. Unless designated as water-proof, a coil should not be washed with a pressurized hose. A soft brush and damp rag are recommended for cleaning. If anyone else has any tips they'd like to share please do so.…Happy hunting everyone!
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    Chris Gholson

    Fresh from the ground!!!

    Fresh from the ground! A friend & customer just texted over this photo about ten minutes ago. Take a look at what he just unearthed with his Minelab GPZ 7000 at over 25 inches! This is his biggest nugget to date. I asked what it weighed and he said his scale only goes to an ounce, and the nugget causes an error message. I hate error messages, but in this case it’s a good thing! I can’t say exactly where, but it was found in the Arizona desert…I am so excited for this gentleman. He’s a great guy who works hard and definitely deserved this trophy piece. Well done my friend – thank you for letting my share!
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    Chris Gholson

    Another piece of fallen treasure!

    A friend of mine that likes to detect in Arizona sent me this photo a few days ago. What he thought was going to be a nugget actually turned out to be a really nice meteorite! It is a “stony” or chondrite and is a beautiful example of the type. The total weight is 187-grams. He is swinging a Minelab GPZ 7000 with the 14” coil. Way to go!!!
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    Chris Gholson

    Fresh from the ground!!!

    The owner just sent me this photo of the nugget all cleaned up. It turned out stunning! The final weight was 31.4-grams. Gravelwasher, I don't think that's the hole.
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    Yahoo i just gave Chris my debit card for the purchase of the that smoking deal on the never used GPX5000 in the classifieds. I have to say Chris has great service and is great to work with. I also picked up a 12” nugget finder round Evo for it. For the really fine gold here. I don’t think I ever had so good of a purchase as I have had with Chris. Great guy very knowledgeable and friendly. What a pleasure. Thank you Chris for all you do, and going the extra mile. CH Perdue
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    Couple of Eagles Today

    I found my first two Civil War Federal Eagle buttons today with the Nokta FoRes CoRe. The one with the "C" in the shield is a Calvary officers button. Rare finds in AZ. I have found a good number .56 caliber Spencer cases at this site as well. No real old coins...YET. Good luck! Dean
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    Chris Gholson

    Customers strike first gold!

    I had a chance to spend some time out in the field the other day with some wonderful people. Cliff, Danny and Don all bought detectors from me and came out to Arizona to get some personal training. The weather has really made a turn for the better here in central AZ. We had bright blue skies, temps in the high 70’s and all the flowers were in bloom. It was a beautiful day to be out looking for gold! Cliff has been metal detecting for nearly forty years. He has hunted for coins & relics all over the eastern US, but had never looked for gold before. Finding a real gold nugget was on his bucket list and I was happy to be there when it happened. He purchased the Minelab Equinox 800 so he could do some prospecting, but also still chase relics when he got home. The ground where he dug his gold was dark red with scattered ironstones. We had to turn down the sensitivity a touch to keep it stable, but it still had no trouble picking up a half-grammer with the stock 11” coil. Danny and Don are cattle ranchers from Utah who were struck by gold fever. They wanted to get the very best, so they opted for the Minelab GPZ 7000’s. They were amazed at how complicated the machine looked, but was in reality really easy to operate. By lunch time they were locating and recovering targets all on their own. One of the targets took us what felt like ages to get out of the ground, but that effort was rewarded with a shiny yellow nugget! It was under a gram, but finding gold with a new machine the first day out is always cause for celebration. I really enjoyed our time out in the field, and I want to thank you all again for the business. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon; in the meantime – keep that coil to the soil!
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    Hey I just put up another video, The Geology of Placer Deposits, Part 1 (it will be part 1 of 3) This one focuses on different types of placer deposits and how the gold concentrates naturally - then also about finding those natural concentration spots. I do think it has a lot of hints, information and secrets that will be useful to most prospectors. I promise not to continually do this, putting up video notice when I throw something on Youtube. That would be kind of lame of me. So if you want to see parts 2 and 3 also, be sure to subscribe and tick the notification bell. The other two parts will be out shortly. They are geology and doing research, and then also on recognizing rocks and minerals.
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    What are they hiding?

    Looks like they are hiding some sweet cow water. You google earth pic isn’t blurred, it’s water in a cattle watering hole.
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    Fresh from the ground!!!

    What a fantastic piece ! I know that road !!!