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    Not your average bullet casing!

    Exactly Chris! They hammer on the good people that just want to enjoy the history of the peice. My boys love finding the old relics and rusty stuff. It goes in our yard, or on display in the house where all of our friends and family can admire them. We have several conversations a year over them like " I wonder what the person was like that used this, or if this relic could talk, what would we learn". To me that is preserving our history, and people get to enjoy it and talk about it and even touch something that they may have never seen before. In my eyes, its ours, not the BLMs or Forest Services.
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    Chris Gholson

    Not your average bullet casing!

    Hey Matt, That’s a shame to hear you guys were hassled, and I agree that it’s sneaky to question the minor before the adult. Kudos to your son, he sounds like a smart kid. Laws like this are so foolish. There’s nothing wrong about wanting to preserve and protect our historical sites for future generations. They are our heritage and a testament to those that came before us, and deserving of our respect. I get that, but what I don’t get is the people they target; like you and your son. The real threat in my opinion are the vandals armed with spray paint and hundreds of rounds of ammo. I can’t even tell you how many old stone cabins and adobe structures I have run across over the years that are tagged with all sorts of graffiti and filled with more holes than Swiss cheese. These people are the real danger to our antiquities, not the guy out in the field digging a few shallow holes with his detector. The current mindset here in the US seems to be, “It’s better to let those relics rust away into oblivion versus someone actually digging them up and preserving in a private collection.” I think if our laws were closer to those over in Europe we would see a lot more cool artifacts showing up in our museums…