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    Popcorn anyone ....
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    Glad your happy with it. Good Luck, hope you find it helpful. MIke
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    Jen, If Chris doesn't have one. I believe I have one of those "old" Coiltek pin pointer coils. Have had it for years and only used it a couple of times. Right now I'm not sure where it is but if your interested I'll find it and if you want post a picture of it. It should be pretty close to new condition although it has been to allot of places inside a detector bag. Mike
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    Hey Jen, It's great to see you broke the 1.5g threshold! That 9 grammer is a beautiful nugget. That area seems to produce some of the most attractive specimens. Just about every nugget I've found up there had nice white quartz and always displayed nicely. Other districts here in the state tend to produce pieces that are either chalky or have heavily stained quartz. Not that I've tossed any back, it's just that GB sure does make them pretty...I'm really glad to hear you are loving the EVO's. Congratulations on the new find, and keep up the good work! P.S. Your other order shipped out today; you should hopefully see it by Wednesday. Thank you again for the business!