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    Hi peeps... anyone else here running a Heckler Fabrication 2410V trommel? I've had a Heckler 10" x 10' 4 stage (over under) high banker since 2011 and love it, just picked up one of his trommels, anyone else running one? Let' share tips n tricks. https://www.hecklerfabrication.com/2410_V_PortableGoldTrommelWashPlant.html Jen
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    This one is designed for 30 ton per hour... according to Heckle's web site.
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    Great minds think alike....lol but yeah I tried it, perhaps one day i will make another attempt at building a better conveyor system that works.
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    Here in California we are limited with all the regulations, the only option for me is metal detecting and dryblowing. I built it three years ago but every time I tested it I found I had to do more modifications. Right now it works very good and captures the fine gold pretty good. Of course working alone it has its limitations as far as how much material you can run but still much better then the pick and shovel. The trommel will process much more material and you will have better results do to dirt clogs broken down and its just a better recovery system with water. Anyways good luck! Hope you find some good gold....
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    Anyone running a Heckler trommel?

    Here is my toy, designed and built by yours truly .... Nice trommel.....