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    This weekend my prospecting partner Dean and I were able to get out for our first official gold hunt of the season. The desert got a little warm around mid-day, but the morning was absolutely gorgeous. The two of us decided to revisit a spot I had found last year. I was out doing some exploring when I came across some ground that immediately caught my eye. Not only was the soil colored red and stained from iron, it was covered in a mixture of rounded quartz, magnetite, and broken greenstone. Time was not on my side that day and I only had about an hour to hunt. Luckily I found one tiny nugget that confirmed this spot did indeed carry gold. Well we went back to see what else may be hiding. Both of us were using the Minelab GPX detectors outfitted with the Nugget Finder Evolution coils. I ran the 15” round and Dean opted for the 14x9” elliptical. Fortunately I didn’t have to wait long. My very first target turned out to be a small 0.3 flat nugget! This was a good start to the day. The hot rocks were absolutely horrible. They moaned and groaned on the machines, but we persevered and by lunchtime we had 5 nuggets! None were very big, but this tiny handful was a great way to kick off the winter season. Here is a pic of the gold and one showing off the highly mineralized conditions of the patch.
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    Jennifer Bond

    WTB, GPX 5000 harness

    Kind of like you! Sorry did I say that out loud? 🤭 You have to admit, you walked, (scratch that)... RAN into that one. Have a nice day. Jen
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    EQUINOX Software Upgrade 2.0

    You will probably have to do the install...the replacement they sent me did not have the update. very simple, if I could do anyone can.... fred
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    Chris Gholson

    Couple of Ounces!

    A friend and customer of ours shared this awesome pan-full of gold that he recently recovered from a trip way up north, using his new Minelab Gold Monster and a sluice box. I always love the feedback, especially when photos like this are attached! Keep up the good work my friend, & please drop me a line if there''s anything else I can do for you..and feel free to send photos anytime!
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    Hi All, Nugget Finder has just released what is the first in a series of brand new DD coils. They are called the X-Search and are compatible with all Minelab GPX, GP and SD series gold detectors. I just got my hands on the 25” and was thoroughly impressed with the finish and quality. It has been so hot here in Arizona that I haven’t had a chance to field test it yet, but now that the monsoons have started it shouldn’t be much longer. I will definitely keep you all posted on my findings. I am also finalizing a price in $USD and will have that this week. I hope to have a batch of these coils available for purchase in September or sooner. Below is some additional information from the manufacturer: NUGGETFINDER 25”DD X – SEARCH Standard Features Include: • Fantastic Depth on Large Gold combined with Massive Ground Coverage at Full Depth • Ability to run Normal Soil Timing in Highly Mineralized Ground (GPX Series) • Super Strong Polycarbonate Reinforced Shaft Mount • Pressure Regulated ABS Shell • Divinycell Core • Combination of Spiral & Bundle Windings • Litz Wire • Water Resistant to 1m • 3 Year Warranty • Weight 1650-grams • Compatible with all Minelab GPX, GP and SD series gold detectors * more photos to follow soon
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    Hey Jen, Keep up the great work! Sweet gold .......
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    Nice gold, Jennifer; fred
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    Popcorn anyone ....
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    Nope, never swung a detector in my life, but yes, you're right, as my tolerance to male cow feces (an example being your comments) grows lower, I have in fact chose to stop wasting my time on various forums, (some I've paid to support via cash and/or content) by contributing valued content and my contributions being replied to with childish behavior and useless bickering by most, case in point, again, your comments. If you've "seen me around" you'd know I post on and support Aussie forums http://golddetecting.forumotion.net/t26577-a-little-arizona-au-for-your-viewing-pleasure I'm sure you know the saying, those who brag about it, aren't getting any, those who are, keep it to themselves. I don't feel the need to swing from some pseudo third appendage with countless posts about my recoveries or contributions to the hobby. I prefer to focus on quality participation to the hobby, not wasted fluffy quantity not quality posts, including recently donating over $1,200.00 to an Aussie bush saving cause to protect the ground we detect on (how much did you say you donated?)... but to answer your question, nope, I've never swung a detector in my life and nope, I've never touched a nugget that I never purchased. Nope, never owned several mining operations in the British Columbia gold fields, nope, never owned the only remaining hydraulic mining operation in BC, Canada, Nope..... never flown to Australia several times to detect and given up a 6 figure job to detect full time, never held a Victoria, Australia fossicking license/mining license for the past 4 years and good till 2025 and am a paid up for the next 3 plus years of the PMAV (Victoria, Aus mining association).... sheesh, I feel like I've missed out on so much, most women my age have accomplished so much more and contributed so much more to the hobby. Should you feel qualified to provide a rebuttal to this post, I eagerly await the challenge, but you're out of your league when it comes to smart comments like you felt the need to share, I will not be responding, out of respect for Chris and his other members here, and I would prefer to be just left alone, because posts like yours are why I chose to make decisions like above, to give my efforts where appreciated, off shore... have a great weekend. PS: That all being said, what forums I participate in, or stop participating in is none of your concern, focus on your own life, not mine. Jen (No, I haven't fallen in a mine shaft, I'm still finding the ounces, I just no longer feel the need to talk about it on American forums)
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    19" NF EVO all the way. You can't find a nugget at any depth if your coil is so big that you can't get it between the scrub to get over the gold or it's back in the car out of frustration.
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    Hi Jen, I have done the same...had the NF 20" Mono round...I do have to say I did find a nice solid 15 gram piece about 19 inches down...but thats it..sold it. Had the 18" Elite liked it but a bit heavy , found as few pieces..got rid of it do to terrain I hunt. My favorite size coil these days is 15" Monos...I dont see any reason to have one larger than a 18"...although I am a dreamer...and dream of that huge lunk still waiting out of reach, down about 2-3 feet on some of my worked out areas...and patches. Maybe just maybe....one of these new coils like the X-Coil or Detech will reach it. But I will wait and see what the reviews say out in the field.
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    For what my opinion is worth, as much as I keep buying these big coils (then selling them at a loss after doing nothing more than banging bushes), I always end up back at a smaller elliptical, they're just so much handier for under scrub poking.... now hopefully they don't come out with a 25" elliptical, then I'll really have a dilemma.... joking aside, I have yet to see some place here in America where the size of this makes up for the frustration of it getting caught on everything around it... and Chris knows, I'll jump at any opportunity to give him my money, but under 20" Evo ellipi's still are my weapon of choice (with the 7000 collecting dust in the closet) as the photos in this link show works for me. http://golddetecting.forumotion.net/t26577-a-little-arizona-au-for-your-viewing-pleasure#256556 Now that all being said.... get ready kids... once people start letting the secret out, that's going to be deadly in WA and when I come across land that looks like this photo below, here in the US, I'd be the first to buy one. Jennifer (No, I haven't fallen in a mine shaft, I'm still finding the ounces, I just no longer talk about it on American forums).
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    The new 25" DD coils just arrived from Australia! They are not listed yet on the website, but they are in stock. If you would like to get one from this first batch please give me a call at 928.777.0267, or email: info@arizonaoutback.com. Thanks & have a great weekend!
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    Hawkeye, the guys in Australia have said that smaller sizes are in the works. I suggested that a 15" X-Search would probably be a good compromise for most goldfields in the US. What do you guys think? What sizes or shape would you like to see?
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    Any smaller sizes going to be offered?
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    SlowNLow, if the ground mineralization is fairly mellow, I would opt for the 19" EVO. I have been able to easily balance a GPX with the 19" in most of the places I detect here in AZ. However, if you struggle to balance your machine with a Mono in your area and have to use either Auto Tracking, drop the Rx Gain, or use Timings such as Smooth or Enhance, then I would sit tight and wait on the 25" DD.
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    Hmmm cool.....but a new dilemma ...19" Nuggetfinder Evo...vs...25" Search DD coil...for depth on large nuggets.
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    The new 25" weighs roughly 3.5 lbs. and will sell for $549 + FREE SHIPPING.
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    Wow, that is a big coil, Chris how much does that thing weigh? LOL I guess large specimens aren’t worth much down under. That stack sure looks good though. CH
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    Holy cow!! Its huge!
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    X-Search by Nugget Finder - NEW!!!

    monster coil
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    Makes me wish I still had my GPX!
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    Glad your happy with it. Good Luck, hope you find it helpful. MIke
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    Jen, If Chris doesn't have one. I believe I have one of those "old" Coiltek pin pointer coils. Have had it for years and only used it a couple of times. Right now I'm not sure where it is but if your interested I'll find it and if you want post a picture of it. It should be pretty close to new condition although it has been to allot of places inside a detector bag. Mike
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    Hey Jen, It's great to see you broke the 1.5g threshold! That 9 grammer is a beautiful nugget. That area seems to produce some of the most attractive specimens. Just about every nugget I've found up there had nice white quartz and always displayed nicely. Other districts here in the state tend to produce pieces that are either chalky or have heavily stained quartz. Not that I've tossed any back, it's just that GB sure does make them pretty...I'm really glad to hear you are loving the EVO's. Congratulations on the new find, and keep up the good work! P.S. Your other order shipped out today; you should hopefully see it by Wednesday. Thank you again for the business!