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    Chris Gholson

    Outstanding AZ Specimen!

    I had a customer that bought a detector a while back stop by my office this morning. When he came in I noticed he was carrying a large, leather pouch. He also had a big smile, and after he opened the bag I knew why. Inside was one of the prettiest Arizona specimens I have seen in a long time. The entire piece weighed in at over 7-ounces and was covered in gold. We didn’t have time to do an SG test, but I would estimate that there was approx.. 4-ounces of metal in the rock. It was a gorgeous piece, and I want to thank him again for bringing it by and letting me photograph it…Have a great weekend everyone!
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    GPX 5000 & Coils

    Hi Jennifer, I followed your advice & found a new Nuggetfinder 14"x9" Evo. mono from a guy who got it in a package deal. Tested on a few sub. gram .03 & .04 nuggets as compared to the ML 11" mono. Really a much better signal. Thanks again. Bob
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    Frozen Road Gold

    Click Here to watch Video Metal Detecting Frozen Bedrock in the middle of the road in the heart of the California Motherlode. Jeff and Gary ( Two Toe's ) are in search of bedrock outcroppings in the area of old Gold Rush workings. The Fortyniners worked this area during the California Gold Rush lets see what they missed !!!! Please Remember to always fill in your holes after digging SG 033
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    Jennifer Bond

    WTB, GPX 5000 harness

    Kind of like you! Sorry did I say that out loud? 🤭 You have to admit, you walked, (scratch that)... RAN into that one. Have a nice day. Jen
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    Hey Jen, Keep up the great work! Sweet gold .......
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    Nice gold, Jennifer; fred