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    Chris Gholson

    Pharaoh's golden smile

    I found this photo online last night and I thought you guys might enjoy. Check out this amazing use of gold in ancient dentistry. According to the story this was the skull of a pharaoh, which dated to approx.. 2,500 BC! The work is so intricate it boggles my mind that it was accomplished so long ago. I don’t think I would ever want to detect a skull, but in this case I might make an exception Have a great weekend everyone!
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    Michael H

    First GM1000 gold

    I have been out of the nugget shooting for awhile, having not done any serious detecting in about 8 years. For me, California gold was relatively easy to find, but I moved to AZ in 2015 and sadly stopped detecting. Business and other interests were in the way as well, but I'm back to it! I recently joined Roadrunner & I still have my trusty GPX-4500 and a collection of coils. I decided to add another more modern detector to the arsenal for bedrock. I purchased a GM1000 from Chris yesterday along with a new NF 14x9 Evo to replace my worn out 14" elliptical fiberglass NF from a long, long time ago that I bought from Bob Dansie. I was out for about 6 hours with the 4500 today using coils from 14" to 24" over some very heavily detected ground. Skunked! At the end of the day I pulled out the brand new GM and hit a small gully for 45 minutes. With the sun edging below the mountains and a cold breeze starting I hit these two little dinks in an inside bend of the wash on bedrock in the last hole I dug. What an amazing little piece of technology the GM is! I did not get to try out the new NF yet since it's still in the mail. Maybe later this week. Thanks to Chris for the new tools & outstanding service!
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    I was able to get out this past weekend for some detecting. I decided to revisit an old patch of mine here in Arizona that had given me at least 40 nuggets over the years. It was a good spot, but I had pounded it to death. My last visit with the GPX-4500 only produced three targets for me; all of which were bullets. I didn’t have much hope this trip, but I figured if I beat the brush and swung nice and slow, I should be able to squeak out a few more targets. Well, I got targets all right, and luckily a majority of them were yellow. The sensitivity of GPZ 7000 absolutely blows me away! I found myself scratching out tiny flakes of gold in the dirt around my old holes! I couldn’t believe it, but by the end of the day I had accumulated a nice handful of little gold. I hit 17 pieces for a total weight of 3.5-grams. I was happy that my trustee GPX didn’t pass over any nuggets of size, but it definitely proved that the technology inside the 7000 allows it to see gold in mineralized ground that other machines simply can’t. Here are a few photos of the gold, along with one that I believe are the remains of a good-sized snake. The only portion missing was the head; kinda neat.