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    Chris Gholson

    Close to 4-Ounces!

    I had a customer send over this photo of two really nice nuggets that are in his collection. Although he didn’t give the exact location, I got the impression they came from near the AZ-Mexico border country. They were detected using the Minelab GPX machines. Each of them is over an ounce, and total combined weight is nearly 4-ounces! It’s always nice to see that the big ‘uns are still out there lurking. Congratulations to the lucky finder – thank you for sharing!
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    My buddy Dean texted me this photo of a great find he just made here in AZ. While detecting a strip of grass along an old sidewalk he picked up a signal that registered as if it were a nickel. The object was buried about 8” deep. He said he fully expected to see a Buffalo nickel, but instead out popped this beautiful & delicate cameo! It is wrapped in gold and appears to be carved from agate. It is not dated, but based on the history of the area; he’s guessing maybe 1920-30’s. He was using the new Minelab EQUINOX 800. Congratulations my friend - what a cool find!
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    Chris Gholson

    Gold from the caliche

    I forgot to post up this find I made last month. I was working a new spot that actually didn’t look very promising at all. None of the classical indicators were there, no red dirt, no quartz, no nothing really, other than plain gray dirt. However down below this hillside I could see where the old-timers had dug around and stacked a few rocks. I figured they had gotten a sniff of gold, so I decided to swing around for a while. I hit a few boot tacks on the surface, then I heard a low, mellow sound. I dug away about eight inches of dirt until I hit a hard caliche layer. The signal stayed in the hole, so I kept chipping away. It was slow going but eventually I found the source of the noise. It was a solid hunk of caliche that had no obvious signs of gold. I set it down on the ground and smacked it with a rock. The lump cracked open and revealed a beautiful yellow color inside! A few more hits with the rock and finally my prize was free. It ended up being a lovely nugget weighing 2.5 grams. This find was just a good reminder that even if you can’t see visible gold it doesn’t mean it’s not there. If something produces a solid ‘beep’ on the detector, it’s probably worth hanging onto for a closer look later…I was swinging the Minelab GPX 5000 fitted with the Nugget Finder 15” Evolution Coil. Happy hunting everyone!
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    Chris Gholson

    Almost an Ounce!

    A friend and customer of mine over in California sent over this photo. He bought a Minelab GPX-5000 and has already found some beautiful gold. This awesome ¾-oz nugget is just one of his most recent finds. He said it was over two feet deep and found right next to someone else’s old dig hole. The area had obviously been detected before, but this lovely chunk had been overlooked, most likely because of its depth. This is a great plug for the Minelab brand. They are definitely pricey, but they get results! Congratulations to the lucky finder and thank you again for sharing with us! Keep up the good work...
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    Chris Gholson

    Really nice Space Rock

    I got a chance to hold this lovely iron meteorite yesterday that was found here in Arizona with a metal detector. This one was a real beauty and probably the nicest I’ve seen this year. For those here not familiar with meteorites there are different varieties, this one consists overwhelmingly of an iron-nickel alloy called meteoriciron. The ‘irons’ are also the easiest to identify in the field because they are heavy, strongly attracted to a magnet, and highly reactive to a metal detector. They can turn up just about anywhere, so before you toss out that next “hot rock” take a closer look – it might just be a meteorite! Have a great weekend everyone!
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    Chris Gholson

    Future Prospectors!

    I wanted to say thank you again to Acorn Montessori Schools here in Arizona for inviting me over yesterday to speak with their students about metal detecting and gold prospecting. The kids were an absolute pleasure and I really enjoyed the excitement in their eyes when they got to handle real gold nuggets. I was about their age when I first got exposed, so I am hoping this was just the first step in their journey to becoming future detectorists! Thank you again everyone – I’ll see you and your families out in the goldfields!
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    Thanks Chris, yes you're right, the ellip is the best shape for my hunting. I had the same coil but solid and found some great gold with it but sold it when I sold my 5000 to start using my 7000. Right now I'm using an ellip Advantage (still a great coil) am eager to give the open spoke ellip a swing... thanks again. I'll keep you in mind when I find that big one... right now I'm not quite ready for wheelbarrows, but ya never know. ? Right now I seem to be stuck on this "1.5 gram per nugget" patch I've been working. ? Jen
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    Chris Gholson

    Customers off to detect Africa

    I wanted to give a big thanks to “Don” and his brothers for driving over to see me today. They picked up a brand new GPX 5000 and are headed back home to the Congo in central Africa to try their hand at prospecting. They showed me some impressive pictures of the gold already being found by friends and other family members. It looked like most all the placering was being done by hand with pick, pans, and shovels. They said a few people in their area had metal detectors, but not many, so they should have a nice advantage. They were super nice guys and promised they would text me photos of the gold they found. Thank you again for the business – wishing you all the best of luck!
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    Chris Gholson

    Relic hunt in the rain & mud!

    This past Saturday my detecting buddy Dean and I got to sneak in a few hours on the coin/relic machines. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate in the least bit. The moment we got in the car to head out it began raining. In less than fifteen minutes it was pouring so hard the road was flooded and every gutter and storm drain was overflowing! Of course the day we decide to go detecting we get hit with the hardest Monsoon storm of the season! The conditions were less than ideal, but we made the best of it. We’d get to hunt for half an hour, then the sky would break open again and we would be stuck in the car until it cleared out. It went this way all day, but we managed to pull a few goodies from the mud. I was swinging the Minelab CTX 3030, and him the Minelab Equinox 800. The best finds were two silver coins, a token, part of an old lantern, a piece of costume jewelry, and quite a bit of clad...The rains have been great this year here in AZ. As soon as the temperatures come down a bit, it will be time to hit the goldfields. Happy hunting everyone!
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    frank c


    Where are you at Dick ? I've been using an 18 R. I did pick up a 13x17 like we were talkn bout. The rains did a lil bit of moving surface here so far this season, I caught a nice deep one awhile back at 8+ grams. Over a foot deep. And a 2.5 grmr. REAL deep. Haven't been swingin much this year so far. Hapy Huntn.
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    Chris Gholson

    Back from eastern Canada!

    Hi Everyone, My family and I made it back home safe and sound. We had a wonderful time exploring eastern Canada, despite that awful heat wave. Our plan to escape the Arizona summer didn’t pan out quite as expected, and the region set new all-time highs during our visit. It was hot and humid, but we made the best of it and saw lots of amazing places as we passed through Toronto, Montreal and finally Quebec City. This was my first visit and I fell in love with all the historic sites and old “walled” cities. I day dreamed about the coins & relics that must have been hiding just beneath the soil around those old forts built by the French in the late 1600’s. I guess it gives an excuse to go back some day. Here are some really amazing minerals that we spotted in the Royal Ontario Museum. Also, these old cannons were posted around the perimeter of Quebec City. I was familiar with the longer barrel ones, but I had never seen the short, squat ones before. Does anyone know their purpose? I thought perhaps for close range defense, like a shotgun. For those that left messages and emails while I was away, I sure appreciate your patience. Your orders will ship out directly, and you will get replies by tomorrow, if you haven’t already. I hope you all are having a great summer season so far, I hope to have some nuggets to post as soon as it cools off a bit. Happy hunting!
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    Chris Gholson

    Customer snags one..

    A customer & friend of mine over in California sent over these photos today. He wanted to show off his most recent find made with his GPX 5000 and new Nugget Finder 14x9” Evolution Coil. He said he measured out the hole as best he could, and it looked to be about 8” deep. Not too shabby of a dig for a nugget of this size…Congratulations to the finder; we sure appreciate you sharing with us. Bring that good luck down with you when you come see me this winter!
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    Gold bug gold

    I had to go over to Monterey the end of march to help out my relations with moving some things back to Wyoming,but made time for a day trip on the way back home for a bit of detecting. just took the GB pro with me and managed to find a few small bits,all found hunting bedrock cracks and crevices . fortunately for me the weather was great and the snow melt was not to bad where i went.
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    A few of the goodies I've been finding lately. Over 15 grams of gold and a whack of coins and a Rogers Brothers silver (more-than-likely plated) spoon. Found the gold while detecting bedrock with a new detector I was testing, with seven of the nuggets recovered underwater (that's way too much work!) The coins (oldest a 1916 large cent), including some silvers, came from an old home site; the building was demolished making way for a business, so I got permission to detect the site. All the best, Lanny
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    Jennifer Bond

    Now THAT'S a speccy !!!!!!

    BBC article: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-45468159 Jennifer......
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    Chris Gholson

    Awesome EQUINOX find!

    A customer of mine over in California just sent me these photos of an incredible discovery he just made using the new Minelab Equinox 800. According to him, he was working a heavy trashed site. He said the place was covered with iron, tin, and just about everything else imaginable. Despite the junk, the machine locked onto a nice high tone and when he dug down, out comes this beautiful black powder flask from the early 1800’s! What’s even more amazing is that this was only the second time he had ever swung the detector! This great find Alan; I really thank you for sharing it. Hopefully there are still more treasures waiting for you beneath that junk, keep up the good work my friend!...The first photo shows it right out of the ground, and the second is after a cleaning and being straightened out.
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    Should I have my GPX4000 modified?

    I have a 4500 bought about a year after it came out. Had issues with it after awhile and after a trips to Minelab for repair to no avail, sent to Woody, he found and repaired the problem and did a mod at the same time. Impressed how quiet it ran. A couple of years ago, sent in for the latest mod, adjustable front gain. Last year was tough on me prospecting, so hadn’t had a lot of chances to test. A friend who had his 5000 modded came down to Quartzsite and helped me set it up. Picked up a test ‘nugget’ at 16”. Last month at Dome Rock, at a get together, using a ‘tool’ Patrick designed, I planted a .5 gram piece of lead at 16”. My modded 4500 sounded off a couple of inches high, Bill Southern’s modded 3500 also sounded off well. A stock 5000 could not hear it. A famous detectorist from Las Vegas scrubbed his 7000 over the target and could barely hear it. Bottom line Woody’s mods work!
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    Tom H

    Heavy rains in central AZ

    Here is a video someone took of Fain park.
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    Chris Gholson

    Back from eastern Canada!

    I really appreciate all the info guys! I really liked how the city had left the old cannons & mortars in place. I was also impressed that no where did I see graffiti on any of them. Only thing better would have been if they left you fire one off into the lake for a small fee
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    AZO Office Closed June 28th - July 10th, 2018 Hi Everyone, I wanted to let you all know that the AZO office will be closed from June 28th - July 10th. It has been an incredibly hectic year, so my family and I are taking a few days to go explore eastern Canada. I'm excited because it's an area I have never visited before, plus it will be nice to escape this desert heat for a while. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. All emails and phone calls will be promptly replied to upon my return. Until then, everyone stay safe out there & happy hunting!
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    The family and I made it safe & sound to Canada and are having a blast! Mike you're right about this heat wave, its been really, really warm thus far. For us its not so much the heat, but rather the humidity thats getting us. Its a little rough, but we're making the best of it and its been a great excuse (at least for Maddie) to get ice cream ? We left Toronto this morning and took the train to Montreal. We will spend a few days here, them its off to Quebec...Here are a few pics that I snapped at the Royal Ontario Musuem. Their collections are wonderful, especially the minerals & fossils! I think I left a little bit of drool on the display cases, lol! Stay cool & safe out there everyone! P.S. That's a solid gold coin weighing 100 kilos!
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    Chris Gholson


    I wanted to extend a special thank you to all the fellow dads out there. Raising a child is no easy task. The hours are long and the pay isn’t great, but it is by far the most important job on earth. Without your love, support and guidance the world would be a very different place. So on behalf of myself and all the other humans out there - thank you! Enjoy your day!
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    Chris Gholson

    Just want to give Chris and Arizona Outback a public "Thank You" for going above and beyond to provide service for a fellow detectorist! Could not be more happy Job Well Done. This is just another reason why Arizona Outback is my go to outlet for detector supplies make it yours. Ben
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    Hi Everyone, All this spam has me pulling out my hair. Ever since the upgrade we have seen a whole lot more of it. I am trying to figure this out, but to be honest, I'm a whole lot better with a detector than I am a computer! I have messed with some of the filters, so hopefully that will slow things down. I do apologize for the hassle. Hang in there, I can see some light at the end of the spam tunnel...
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    Chris Gholson

    Great weekend for a hunt!

    This past weekend I was given permission to detect a fairly old private ranch here in Arizona. It seemed like the perfect test area for the new Minelab Equinox 800, so my buddy Dean and I loaded up the detectors and headed out. We spent nearly all our time searching the area around the original house, which had been torn down and replaced with a newer home in the 1950’s. As you can see in the photos below we found a ton of targets and managed to cover the top of a huge, old stump. The rancher was blown away and had no idea there was that much metal in the ground. We came up with lots of stuff, but what surprised me was the lack of coins. I mean, we did find a handful of Wheaties and a couple of silver Mercury dimes, but not as many as I would have thought. The only thing I can figure is that although the ranch had been in the family a long time, there had never been many people living there. Some of the coolest finds were several military buttons which we think may have been from WW2, old engraved lipstick tubes, harmonica reeds, and a concho off a saddle which had the ranch initials carved into it. The machines ran flawless in the high trash, and there is no doubt in my mind that there are more goodies to be had. Unfortunately we were getting into the area at the wrong time of the year. The weather was good during our trip, but the desert it is really supposed to be warming up. I imagine by the end of this month it will hit the 100 degree mark. We did pass a squished Mojave rattlesnake on the road, so definitely be cautious out there; they are on the move! If anyone can shed some light on the military buttons it would be appreciated. Happy hunting everyone!