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  1. That's really cool. Now I wonder if the contents are still good. Mike
  2. Merry Christmas, Happy and Prosperous New Year. Mike
  3. MikeT

    Spam Attack

    Chris, You might want to consider adding one of those "I'm not a robot" tests to your sign up (not sign-in) process. One of those that makes you pick the street signs or business building etc. The robots haven't figured those out yet and that will keep them out. Their a small pain for humans to do but sure keep non-humans out (so far). Mike
  4. Glad your happy with it. Good Luck, hope you find it helpful. MIke
  5. As of this morning, he is out and in the hospital. Both legs broken and various other injuries, in allot of pain. 62 years old and apparently does some kind abandoned mine hunting along with a neighbor of his, who is the guy that found him and called for help. Mike
  6. Jen, If Chris doesn't have one. I believe I have one of those "old" Coiltek pin pointer coils. Have had it for years and only used it a couple of times. Right now I'm not sure where it is but if your interested I'll find it and if you want post a picture of it. It should be pretty close to new condition although it has been to allot of places inside a detector bag. Mike
  7. It's true Chris. The last day of business for Tesoro was October 5 I believe. All employees have been let go and the doors have been closed. Mike
  8. Good job Chris. I'm sure you had as much fun as the kids. Mike
  9. Thanks Chris for the contest. The 30 word limit is a real killer though. But I guess you shouldn't have to read a bunch of books to decide on a winner. Mike
  10. You might want to check with either Steve H (can't spell his last name) or your cousin Rob. They have the same forum software and neither ever seem to have any spam on them. Mike
  11. Right guys, been doing the "mark forum read" click every day for about a week now. Chris, if you don't have the time to monitor/police the forum, I'm on it almost every day and given the authority and instructions I'd be happy to delete the spam threads and the thread creators. I know Steve H. and Rob Allison appear to have the safe forum software as you do - they never seem to have spam. I have seen software that asks for a verification code to be used when signing up for a forum this is to prevent spammers from signing up using auto-sign up software rather then actually being live on the system. It works really well, you alomost never see spam on the systems that use it. Mike
  12. MikeT

    New Forum Upgrade

    Hey Chris, More Spam again today, on the stuff for sale forum and one other one below. Interesting selling Green cards and UK Visa cards...Swell. Hope you can get rid of these things once and for all. BTW: today is 4/4/18 Mike
  13. So very kind of your wife to share her "good fortune" with you. My wife did the same with me, just about done with it now. Mike