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  1. Hey Chris, It looks like the type of nuggets that the GPs might have trouble with in some cases. Rough and ragged nuggets always seemed to give a fainter signal than the solid ones.----Bob
  2. Of course a gold only detector is possible. There are many experienced prospectors who are very accurate at discerning whether a signal is gold or trash just by the sound of the target, but even they say that you should dig most targets. A large overload signal could be anything and a huge nugget and a horseshoe will sound about the same to the best trained ears. If a human ear can learn the difference to some degree, a computer could be built that could also tell the difference at least as reliably if not much better. It will happen within a few years. Discriminators are okay but not hearing the trash at all would of course be much better.---Bob
  3. Andrey. I just called His brother and everything is fine. He is just out of cell phone contact where he is at. The message that you need to talk to him will be passed on in a couple of days-----Bob
  4. Check out the classified adds . Time to call it quits for this old guy. It has been a blast for over twenty years and I found countless nuggets but the thrill of finding a nugget no longer kills the aches and pains. Time to play bingo I guess. ----Bob
  5. Hey guys. Thanks for all the well wishes. I put my detector up for sale and was amazed when my youngest daughter called me and said that she wanted it and wanted to carry on the tradition. This will work out just great and hopefully she can call me in the future with news of a great find. I will be taking it to her on my upcoming trip to Montana where I will be giving her first hand instructions on its use. This will be a lot of fun and maybe she will be posting some nugget pics here on the forum. ----Bob
  6. Steve And AZBLACKBIRD. I have seen quite a bit of variation right from the factory on the XT17000 and the XT18000 as far as sensitivity goes . I have 2 friends who have XT18000s that will give the GB2s a run for the money but most of them won't. One of these guys has 4 XT18000s but only one of the units is comparable to the GB2. I have seen the same thing with the XT17000. I would suspect that the Eureka is the same since it is basicly the same platform.----Bob
  7. Aaron . Great to hear from you. Talk about memories and great outdoorsmen , you made elk hunting easy for me and there is nobody that I would rather have for a partner in a life and death survival situation. Deadly with a detector also. I hope everything is going well with you and yours.---Bob
  8. That area was where I caught the gold fever. My first nugget came from there and it was a respectable 11 grams. That started the incredible journey around the world searching for that next patch, so I definitely have fond memories and wonder where I'd be now if that had never happened.---Bob
  9. OLd age does come on quick. I think what really got me was a fairly minor surgery back in November. During the two months of recovery I got out of shape and I just can't seem to get back in shape at this stage. I could still go out and pound an easy patch and get a few nuggets, but what I always loved to do was explore for new ground and that requires the kind of stamina that I just don't have anymore. I'm not whining, I knew it had to happen at some point. There is no way around it.----Bob
  10. Steve , Mark, Mikey. Good luck this week . Maybe I'll change my mind if you guys score big. I drove through that country last week and the geology screamed gold--Bob
  11. Ron . I'm thinking about expanding my garden. Let me know when the Fallon cantalopes are ripe . Best I ever had. I might plan a trip on HWy 50 and see how many i can stuff in the convertible.----Bob
  12. Gary . It's a great area actually with gold scattered across a huge area far beyond the club claims on the cemented alluvial fans , but they can be very scattered with random loners and lots of military schrapnel and bullets to deal with. Meteorites throughout the area also .----Bob
  13. I have found something fun to do .Bingo really doesn't interest me. I bought a really nice old convertible and Betsy and I took a great mountain tour in the Northern Sierra and southern Cascades. We saw some incredible country in all of it's springtime glory. We have a few more trips planned over the next few months with lots of mountain roads a seacoast to explore. I have really been enjoying California these last few years. One more part of the great western experience.----Bob
  14. The mormon crickets can disappear for twenty years or more and then all of a sudden appear in the millions for one summer or sometimes two or three summers in a row then the next year there may be almost none. Feast or famine critters. there's either millions or none.---bob
  15. Chris. The twine wrapped around the handle is most likely a makeshift repair after the original bone or wood handle broke off. Neat looking knife!---Bob
  16. Mike. It sounds like he got snake training the hard way. In that same area , a friend was detecting with his dog when a herd of javelinas showed up and really ripped his dog up. Lots of stitches at the vets. ----Bob
  17. Shasta gold hunter. Long slender nuggets often give odd sounding signals . Wet, hot ground can challenge the ground balance circuits . It is very possible that a signal could be distorted as the detector may be slightly out of GB as it passes over a target . I wouldn't worry too much . You heard , you dug it , it's in the poke. If it works ok when the ground dries out , I'd say there is nothing wrong with the detector. One possibility is that there could be a coil problem . I have had moisture get into the coil and that definitely causes signal distortion, and if enough moisture gets in the coil , ground balancing first gets very difficult and then soon you get total coil failure. Try a different coil next trip.----Bob
  18. Lunk. It looks like there is a very good alternative to the Minelabs finally. It only took 19 years or so for somebody to catch up. We still need that PI detector that only beeps at gold. Who will come up with it?----Bob
  19. 1 Goldsniper. My luck doesn't run that way. My best find on my gold country property was a nice digging bar. I took my coin detector out yesterday and found 63 cents in modern coins. I used my new Minelab pinpointer that I got from Chris, and I was super impressed with it . I'll never go coin hunting again without it and hopefully it will be as helpful with nuggets in bedrock cracks.----Bob
  20. Ray has hit it pretty much right on the head. Long ago I started concentrating on the shale/schist/slate type rocks and this has held true whether I was in Australia, Alaska, Az. Ca. or Mexico. Gold occurs in other types of rocks, but NUGGET gold is more often found in the Shale type rocks. Often there are no hardrock type of mines in the area as the gold was formed as random nuggets and small pockets scattered throughout the region with erosion and natural forces concentrating the gold in placers. Looking for the source such as a large vein of gold can be frustrating as it often just isn't there. As Ray stated, there is usually an intrusion of other rock types near the best gold concentrations . Also pay attention to what Ray said about the lack of Quartz in some of these spots. Gold can and often does form without the presence of Quartz in these conditions. The shale type rocks often erode with little soil build up and erode with a riffle type of bedrock thus making ideal detecting conditions . For those who want to learn more about this, pick up a copy of "Fists Full Of Gold " by Chris Ralph. Good post Ray!!!!---Bob
  21. Montana

    Franconia Nugget

    Dakota Slim. Franconia wash is where I found my very first nugget way back in the 1980s. At that time it seemed like there wasn't a square yard that didn't have one or more 50 caliber armor piercers. It goes to show how many of them have been removed by detectorists if you didn't find any of them . Good job !!---Bob
  22. Montana

    Fooled ya!!"

    It's fairly easy to get fooled in poor light conditions. It has happened to me. In certain soils , lead will oxidize with a yellowish rind and the weight is there. Other mystery metals can also do this although they are usually much lighter than gold or lead. I once packed a large lead slug around in my poke all day and it never even occurred to me that it wasn't gold because it was in a patch of nice nuggets. It even had the classic nugget look to it. ----Bob
  23. Yesterday my neighbor and I hiked into a remote , brushy gully in hopes of finding a hidden treasure trove of big nuggets. Upon reaching the destination it looked super good with massive stacks of rocks piled on the sides of the gully and lots of exposed bedrock. With all of this old activity I knew it was going to be trashy and it was. We started detecting, Brent with his GB2 and me with my GPX5000. I knew right away I had put on the wrong coil as it was hard not to be over multiple targets. It soon became apparent that the gully had been worked many times since the gold rush because the trash was everything from very old to very modern. I'm sure that this gully was extremely rich to begin with but there was even evidence of recent detecting, like piles of rusty metal objects placed on top of some rocks, and evidence of past dredging. We worked through the trash and dug many lead and iron bits of trash, and I finally dug something of interest. It was a 1920D mercury dime. I rarely find old coins while hunting gold , so this was a fun find. Meanwhile , Brent with his tiny 6" coil on the gold bug was able to pick out 2 tiny specks and one .3 gram nugget. I looked up the coin hoping for it to be a rare one , but it turned out to be one of the most common mercury dimes . It is worth a whopping $3.30. Brent was real happy with his poke , being a relative newbie, and going home with more gold than me for a change. I was real happy for him as well. It will keep him motivated for some time. Sorry , no pics. Having problems resizing with new computer.--Bob
  24. Wow Chris , I couldn't believe how quick my order came. That was almost like overnight express. Thanks !!---Bob
  25. In the past, I had no trouble using either Picasa or other photo programs I would set the resizer and hit the export button and it would be sent to my picture files resized and ready to send. it was quick and easy and the photos were in the files already resized. Now when I do that, it doesn't work. I reset my camera to take smaller pics, and I'll try that now. Well, that worked.---Bob