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  1. flak i have a positive atitude as as well as a negative one as well..what the problem is..i dont kiss @#$%..and iam not running in a popularity contest....
  2. that sure is some mighty fine nice looking gold you got there....i like watching your dvd,s..but for myself and anyone who has been using the pi,s there pretty mutch worthless..thats anyones dvd...we all know how to use our detectors..and all minelab does on every new detector is add a swith or a knob..tack on a $1000.00 and say its revolutionary..but if its any cosolation the only 5000 dvd ile be buying is your,s..post more gold
  3. oakwoodtrucker

    Rye Patch nevada

    been a few years but i coulda sworn i sold to you...anyways it for sure was someone on this forum..i believe they lived in colorado..and i know the guy had published gold books..anyways ta ta
  4. rob its just to damd hard to keep a secret..now its your turn to pony up a secret or to
  5. hey chris since it only cost about 30 cents to burn and copy a disc do you recon..jp..chris..and minelab would just hand them out as tokens of apreciation..i dont think thats to mutch to ask since everyone is getting bilked to the teeth on all this detecting crap..and its already a proven fact that gpx5000 aint all its cracked up to be..and for all that thinks that is not true..your only kidding yourself..yes they run nice and smooth and quiet..thats what happens when you detune and choke it down
  6. lanny there is only 3 words you need to remember....deep..sensitive..extra...and every prior pi will find deeper gold
  7. oakwoodtrucker

    Rye Patch nevada

    hey jim how did that detector i sold you work out..if remeber corctly i sold the garett to you couple years back
  8. oakwoodtrucker

    Rye Patch nevada

    almost anyone will tell you rye patch is a waste of time and gas money..youd prety mutch stand a better chance getting hit by lightning and winining the super loto 3 times in a row than to find a piece of gold there...if you want to get gold get a fisher gold bug 2..with the small coil..and head to spring valley where you will guaranteed get some gold..pm me your # and ile give you exact directions where to go if ya want
  9. oakwoodtrucker

    Newbie in need of help

    only one small problem fred all the gold found with detectors like your talking about..you know the gold sitting on top of the ground is all but long gone and forgoten..what you consider negative i call it the real world...the gold bug 2 is by far way better and easy to use..will find 99% more gold for less cash..good day
  10. oakwoodtrucker

    Newbie in need of help

    i know when i bought my first pi gp3000 i thought i could just take it anywhere up by jamestown and find gold everywhere..boy was i friking wrong..then i started to hear from some what i had was outadted and i needed all this other bullshit coils etc etc..wrong again..and yes i did go and buy all that other crap..wrong again big mistake..what i do know is without proper instruction you are doomed...if you no nothing about where gold is and can be found..once again your screwed..having some friends that are into prospecting is a must..and the right equipment is a must..i think ide dump them 705,s..lick the wounds and get some kind of a pi..or a gold bug..ive seen and used a 705 a year or so ago..but iam not going to give a comment..except dont expect to mutch
  11. border boy i must have read you post 10 times....since you hunt with these guys all the time and they find multi ounces daily every week..then lets see a pic of all your gold for month,s detecting
  12. ..........sounds like doc found a new salesman...its only obvious..you my freiend are clueless...GAVE LOL.LOL.LOL
  13. what iam talking about is docs new gold screamer power pack....and i run it on my 4000.....total watse of money...ive got nothing more to say
  14. oakwoodtrucker


    what did you do submerge that coil..few weeks ago i run my 16 inch in the rain and snow most of the day with no problems..then the next couple of days i used it on and off with no problems...loosen that nut on the coil where the wire goes in..put the coil upside down somehow near the celing of your pad in the frontroom or wherever its the warmest..if that dont work ide have to say its doa....unscrew the nut complete and pull it up a bit