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  1. Congrats on the gold. The lid I believe is from a Baking Powder Tin.
  2. I think King snakes will go after Rattlesnakes also. That bull snake is beautiful.
  3. Hi Mike, See below this is on Rob's forum. http://forums.robsde...ed-4500-review/
  4. How long have these been for sale?
  5. I think they also have a new pin pointer.
  6. Nice find. I agree with Luke, I think I would've tossed it in my trash bucket in the garage when I got home.
  7. Much better than bearing sea gold shows IMHO.
  8. Rich

    Puffer Drywasher

    Hi Frank no it is not. I am now the proud owner. You did a outstanding job making this.
  9. Ordered a coil on Tuesday mid morning delivered Wednesday afternoon. Now that is customer service.
  10. I only knew because I lost a bet years ago about those clams.