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  1. I wonder how close this find was to the one found last month by the Schmitts? I know it is the same wreck site.
  2. What happened to the 14 inch round?? Chris can you add me to the list, Rich
  3. Ron they get about $400,000 of it. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/watch-florida-man-discovers-1-million-shipwrecked-treasure-article-1.2305687 20% goes to Florida and the rest is split between the Schmitt and Queens Jewels LLC which owns the salvage rights.
  4. They also found a 40 foot gold chain.
  5. Chris if you and Rob teamed up that would be one great video.
  6. I read this coil is really sensitive, also a 17 x 13 coming out.
  7. I normally wouldn't post this but since Chis sell's both NF and Coiltek. I wonder how this new coil will compare to the new Coiltek Elite 14 inch round.
  8. Yep did my two dogs last weekend for their refresher course. Both didn't want anything to do with the snake or the toads. I use a trainer in Tucson.
  9. Did you take a tour of the mine? It's pretty cool and chilly once you get down a ways. They also have tours in the mine tunnels under Tombstone which are cool also.
  10. Nice video Chris. I think they have a gold Racer coming out. It is supposed to be lighter.
  11. looks like a honey pot (toilet) for the underground miners
  12. Ddog you are correct two different clubs. You may want to check out the Roadrunners prospecting club the price seems to be cheaper.. I think the roadrunners have more claims but I am not positive.
  13. Should be available Feb 20th. $9999 - 15% military discount + $8499.15 (If they give one) if you have a 5000 going rate for a used one is around $3000. 8499.15 - $3000.00 = $5499.15 now that doesn't look so bad. LoL Why should it be the same price as Australia?
  14. $9,999.00 too much for me.
  15. I am pretty sure Converse stopped making boots awhile ago. I bought 3 pair when LA Police gear was blowing them out for $29.95 .
  16. Like Tony said the desert gold diggers. http://desert-gold-diggers.org/. You could also join the GPAA.
  17. This is all I can find. http://www.minelab.com/usa/products/countermine/mine-detectors/f3-compact
  18. I'll be happy with a plate full of the fines. Rich
  19. Nice article Chris. I thought at one point you were selling either a book or dvd on desert survival. Do you still carry it? I can't remember the name of it. Rich
  20. GPX4000 Manual LINKI can't help you with the price other then see what others have sold for. Ebay would be my last choice to sell on only because it's too easy to get screwed if your a seller. I have been using ebay since 2003 now I only buy. You may try Craigslist also but my first choice would be this forum.
  21. Is there a data base for the mines??? or do I call AZ BLM or something??? Try this link. Link
  22. Rich

    Are you packing

    No. You would get more interferance from any metal in your bootsso make sure yours are metal free.
  23. Rich

    Are you packing

    Becareful who you give rides to down there. I would hate to see you get arrested for giving an Illegal a ride.