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  1. Fred I thought I read somewhere that the open design was wider then the solid.
  2. I am sure that those guys are making alot more money from the network then they are from the gold that they recovered supposable 16 oz's. Either way they have around 2.4 million viewers that has to be pretty good revenue for the network.
  3. Yep was going down there tomorrow butmy neck is messed up. Where abouts were you planning to go? I go by Nogalas. I would pack a firearm and go with somebody. Where I go I usually see no less then 7 Border patrol agents and in about 3 years only 4 illegals. Oh yea I always have at least one of my dogs with me to watch my truck and myself.
  4. Congrats on the award. Rich
  5. Is this a typo? I was taught to auto tune the ground balance. Rich
  6. Justin where are you located at? Sierra Vista? Just curious. Rich
  7. I love those backcountry drives. Rain, Snow or Sunshine. Rich
  8. Rich

    12x15 comander mono

    They are hard to find right now. All the dealers that I called pretty muched said the same thing which was Good Luck finding one. I do know why but that should be changing soon. Rich
  9. or all they see is the GPX 4500 in thetitles and think that they are going to get one.
  10. Rich

    Forum Help

    Beer Beeper you may want to run a couple of Malware / Spyware removal programs. I would run more then one of each.
  11. Mike I have been using Windows 7 now for the past week. Zero issues so far. So far I like it better then XP and Vista. Tough to say what's going on with Bob's computer. Rich
  12. Yep it's good time to sell one if you want to make some quick cash .
  13. Try mixing the turkey and hamburger together also add some Fat free Italian dressing to the mix. Your burgers will come out super moist.
  14. How about we all stop airing out the dirty laundry and go back talking about finding gold????????????????? Rich
  15. Hi John, I can't speak for Chris or anyone else but I wouldn't let others stop you from posting here. You didn't start the drama. happy hunting. Rich
  16. Rich

    Offroad Tires

    KinnyP about $140.00 a tire. They will last just keep the balanced and rotated.
  17. Rich

    Offroad Tires

    Hi Chris, Actually the Goodyear Wrangler MT/R have a stronger sidewall then the BFG's. You can't go wrong with either one. If you are going to do more street driving I would go with the BFG's. They should last a little longer tread wise. Rich
  18. Hi Chris, Do you or anyone else have a ETA on the 12inch ellip.? I was all set to buy a 11 inch commander but I think the 12 inch will lighter and about the same $$$ Rich
  19. Hi Chris, Thank you for the update. So about 1/2 a pound lighter and about the price I was expecting. I think that is what I am going to go with. The depth will be a little less then the 11inch but not by much I'm guessing. Rich
  20. Hi Ron, LA Policegear LA Policegear you can also try a Big5 Sporting goods store. Rich
  21. Buying used is the way to go. With some dealers throwing $400.00 dollar coils with a new purchase you know they are still making good money.