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    Hi NVCHRIS, What type of pack is that on your website? These would work great for weedwackers also I would think. Rich
  2. The only thing you have to worry about in Greaterville are the weeds. With all the snow and rain so far this year there the weeds will be at least to your knees if not higher. I have never seen any Illegals there let alone drug smugglers. I also hunt along the mexican border and never had any trouble, what alot of people overlook is that there are alot of Border Patrol agents there even if you don't see them (the BP) rest assure they know that you are there. Pack a gun anyway is always a good idea and be prepare to use it if necessary. Good luck going to greaterville without ever seeing anyone. Lots of campers/RV's, quads, and 4wheelers there most days.
  3. Hi Guys, The only thing I know about Quartzsite is the big Swap Meet. Rich
  4. Hi Chris, Here is some info I found on a Jeep forum. Pretty cool forum for you Jeep guys out there. Nitro Rich
  5. Rich

    A few Myth Busters

    Hi JP Thanks for the myth busting...... Rich
  6. Hi Montana, If you need any help just hollar I live in Tucson I wouldn't mind the drive and work for a day and I am sure others would help out also. No Charge maybe a few tips on the 3500 Rich
  7. Hi All, Here is a pretty good site that will keep you in the loop with what is going on in congress and what your local congressman/senator is up to. Numberusa Rich
  8. HI Jmax, If you don't have these already I would recommend The Outback Prospector, The latest Update by Jonathan Porter and Nugget Hunting Essentials by Chris Gholson both of these video's are well worth the money. One other little trick is to take some notes with you out in the field I just write them on a few 3 x 5 index cards and carry them in by back pocket. Rich
  9. 20 plus years is a long time they may be gone by now. I know for a fact I don't have the ba$$ to mess with that stuff. Rich
  10. Hi All, Right on Flak I will add that there is alot of good info on the AZO homepage under the research center tab. Outings are a great place to learn also. Rich
  11. Hi All, Wow...... That's a nice chunk. Any idea how deep it was? Rich
  12. Hi Chris, Yes a plow is available somewhere around $1300.00 give or take alittle. My wife and I were looking at these but the cost is kind of high, so we are looking at a jeep. Rich
  13. Hi All, Nice photo Chris beautiful golden you have there. Rich
  14. Hi All, Very nice JP. I really enjoy reading your posts. Rich
  15. Hi Paseclipse, I think when the 3500's came out some of the dealers had a special deal with the 3000's. So if you are in the market for one you could hold off and hope. But if I was going to buy one now I would get the 4000 might as well get the newest release. I would also buy it from Chris I think they are ahead of the other dealers as far as knowledge goes with the 4000. Rich
  16. Hi Chris, Congrads on the nugget. I got a feeling you and Bob are going to clean up with these 4000's. I also think you are going to sell alot of these. Nice job again. Rich
  17. Hi Montana, Nice job. Your not throwing out the 3500 yet are you. Rich
  18. Hi All, What do you guys use to cover the seam between the coil and the cover. Would electrical tape be OK or is there something else that works better? Rich
  19. Hi Flak, Thanks I don't think I ever noticed vinyl tape before then again never looked for it either. I imagine any hardware store would carry this. Spell checker's are over rated......... Rich
  20. Hi Chris, Thanks for the update. I will keep an eye out for them. Rich
  21. Hi All, I thought I would push this back to the top. I was wondering how this was coming along. Rich
  22. Hi All, Montana the G'ville area is getting hammered with the rain. Rich
  23. Hi Chris, Thanks for the tip . That's a nice handfull, very nice looking gold. Rich
  24. Hi All, Montana, that is exactly what I planned on doing after I had enough money to get the Reeds amp/battery combo. it only makes sense to run two speakers. I really like the way you ran the wires from the battery to speakers. How are the clamps attached to the webbing? Rich
  25. Hi All, I was wandering if anyone has compared the 15" x 12"Elliptical Monoloop commander series to the 14 in NF. There is about a $90.00 difference in price. Rich