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  1. Hi Chris Do you carry the speaker for these amps? Rich
  2. Hi All, Thank you for the input. I think I still need to do some research. Rich
  3. Hi Joe, Woot is one that I check daily along with Steepandcheap they are kindof like Woot they only sell one product a day. They only sell outdoor products snowboards, camping stuff and such. I like fatwallet also. Rich
  4. Hi Joe, I check that site and three others daily if you got the time and know what your doing you can get some smoking deals and then turn around and sell on Ebay. I did purchase the gold coins today. I'll keep one and sell the other two. Rich
  5. Hi All, If you could only afford one accessory for the GP3500 which would you choose? Thank you in advance for sharing....... Rich
  6. Hi All, Thank you for the replies. I think I am going to go with the Reeds Battery system first then a coil. I figure with less weight of the battery I can carry additional water. Rich
  7. Here is a response I received from Tyson foods. I will never buy any of their products. "Thank you for your message. Most of the more than 100 plants owned by Tyson Foods were in operation Monday. For business reasons, we closed about a dozen plants. Rather than experience a disruption in business due to the absence of workers, we opted to close certain plants and make up for the loss of production by shifting production to Saturday at some locations. We did not encourage workers to participate in the rallies. Contrary to what you may have heard, Tyson Foods has zero tolerance for employing people who are not authorized to work in the U.S. We use all available tools provided by the U.S. government to help verify the documents of the people we hire. Tyson voluntarily participates in the Department of Homeland Security's Basic Pilot program, which allows us access to government databases that assist in the documentation authentication process. We train our hiring managers on proper employment documentation procedure and work to increase their awareness of identification and documentation fraud. We regularly audit our hiring process including work authorization documents and also use an independent, outside company, which conducts its own audit of our hiring practices. The Basic Pilot is effective in helping us verify the Social Security numbers of the people we hire. Unfortunately, the program has limitations. It does not currently help us in cases of identity fraud when an individual assumes someone else's name by using their Social Security number. This is another reason we support efforts to reform immigration law. If the government is going to continue place employers in the role of policing who has proper work documentation, then it should give companies more tools to do the job. " Rich