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  1. Wonderer

    Q GOLD

    Lunk,...........Good to see you squeeze more gold from those pounded sites every year......wonderer
  2. Mike Furness, Enjoy shopping at Cabelas, it is a grand store. I live about 5 miles north of it. (Its a dangerous place to live close to ) They have some awsume tents, supplies & cloths. There are some RV places down here, don't know if they rent out them though. Good Luck..........wonderer........WSPA # 76
  3. Wonderer

    Prospector Stikes Gold on Beach

    Yes Terry it looks sharp + maybe it'll run a few degrees cooler being a lighter color. Nice to have family enjoying your hobby to. Careful she might paint it pink. wonderer
  4. Wonderer

    Prospector Stikes Gold on Beach

    Terry, Congratulations on bustin your beach gold cherry ! Hope this puts a positive spin on things for you. When you go to Tesoro in August, are you going to get the new (color skemed) Super LOBO to try out in the Stanton area ? wonderer
  5. Montana, Nice call & a sweet looking speciman, congratulations. wonderer
  6. Mike, Glad you made it safely, settle in. Maybe I'll see you out on a outing in the future. wonderer
  7. Mike, Good to see you back, looks like you got a plan. You have a safe trip there and back & have fun settling in at your new place. wonderer
  8. goldseeker4000, Nice gold, welcome to the forum. Question : Have you found any platium up there detecting for gold ? wonderer
  9. Yes Mike, So many people don't take care of their machine & park them outside to weather or in dusty garages....the pictures showed that even a 2002 machine can look like a new machine if protected. The pictures showed how clean it was. If I had pictures in the beginning it would have sold in the first 2 weeks at the first price (just my opinion). wonderer
  10. Thank you all for looking.......... SOLD - SOLD - SOLD wonderer
  11. Mike F., Runs great, water cooled (something you need in the AZ desert heat)...............I just don't get out enough to justify keeping it. It will make somebody a good ride. wonderer
  12. Well fokes finely figured out how to post pictures, so here you go...............>>>>> ONLY 800 miles on it <<<<< wonderer
  13. Mike F., If I could I would Mike, I've never been able to or learned how, hek even my outgoing e-mail hasn't worked in years, thats why I've used the forum PMs so much. wonderer
  14. Well, I'll give the forums one more try........$2600 (cash) delivered a reasonable distance from Peoria, AZ - if needed - - If you have questions please PM me & I'll be glad to PM you my phone #............... wonderer
  15. Price lowered from $3000 to $2700..................