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  1. mbcougartl

    Shep's Nugget

    Wow! It's good looking! Save your nugget until the gold price goes up! Good luck! WTG!!!
  2. mbcougartl

    My 2012 So. Cal. trip

    Nice finding Bruce! So. Calif where I can see more gold nuggets near Vicksville. WTG!!! I will go there soon!
  3. Wow! Its great nugget in New Mexico! Leprachaun gave you a real one! .
  4. Nice findings Mike! There was NO way to hunt some nuggets around AZ here in 5 mins! If you go to Nome, Alaska then it would be faster to find them under the Bering water only!
  5. Not bad! Good findings out there!
  6. mbcougartl

    More pics....

    Nice pics! I see some of my friends on pictures. I missed to attend it cuz of my son's visitation from Florida. Next time, I will attend there.
  7. Happy Birthday Herb! Enjoy your cake!
  8. Congratulation Sarah! You will love it! It's easy to use including water resistance. My friend, Bill who bought the Garrett at Gold metal detector last month. Its really very good vision for hearing impaired prospectors. He and I tested it. I impressed it. Anyway, I met Dakota Fred Hunt at the GPAA show with Billy. We enjoyed chatting with him. He wondered about my cochlear implant. I explained him everything to benefit the sounds of metal detector. He really liked this. MB
  9. Nice idea! I would like to go there during nice cool weather. Please make sure this outing would be confirmed.
  10. I received a surprise email from New 49ers about SB 765. I decided to send the email two days ago for my voice opposition on SB765 to Oregon State Senates Atkinson, Haas and Bates. They already replied me to keep my record. I urge you all prospectors to send email or letter to Oregon State Senates for their consideration against SB765. New 49ers, Mack needs your help. If you need to find more info then go on below website from Emptypocket. Thank you!
  11. Some of you guys were right about some answering this question! Since our six United States presidents still replied on foreign oils especially Arab countries. It's not wise for the Americans dream to suffer enough with oil crisis. The OPEC countries made a lot of money and always gave us too much hard time to buy. See, I am wary of higher oil price to keep traveling. We need our US oil so badly to keep some price stables. We still have very plenty oil in the US lands. US Federal Government always forgot or neglected too much! We need more jobs to produce for more oil drilling and would make our US economy better.
  12. mbcougartl

    149 grams of the good stuff

    Nice handsome gold Oak! Keep up working and detecting more to collect more gold. Have a pleasure weekend !
  13. Happy Merry Christmas to all AZO forum! Have a blast day! Stay warm and enjoying with your families. Chris-Nice pictures!
  14. mbcougartl

    Happy Birthday Chris G

    Happy Birthday to you! Chris. Have a great hunting and best luck to find more gold. MB