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    Prospecting and Meteorite Hunting. Using Minelab ZED , 2300 , 3030 , and Gold Bug 2
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  1. I think I have talked to them before online Jen, also congrats on your 1/4 ounce piece you found, really nice, those are hard to come by at Gold Basin nowadays, unless your JasonG ... Here is a riddle for Gold Basin for everyone... all I can say is if you find these, hunt them good, they can be real rewarding.... Riddle: You can see it everyday, but cannot touch it at will, traveling fast enough through it will make you ill. Be on the lookout as both sides of this are rounded, which cross together in the middle, which much resembles a fiddle. Hunt really low and slow, and before you know it, all that glitters is gold… Dave.
  2. Nice story, been to about 90 % of the places you guys described. There use to be an ol timer in Dolan springs named Joe Dimaggio, like the baseball player, who owned claims all over, he showed me multi ounce platinum nuggets from a good area, and some really nice gold from high up on grand wash cliffs, ect... there's a ton of old miners camps, cabins, ect... Dave
  3. DolanDave

    New Boots

    How good does your boots hold up to Cholla/ cactus going through the bottoms??? Dave
  4. DolanDave

    Awesome 21-ounce haul!

    Chris, Now that is some REAL good hunting in Australia, thanks for the pic and description. I have been watching that gold show Aussie Gold Hunters from the Discovery Channel, and on the show they find 20 ounces a week using Minelab detectors...but Im leaning on your story is what is really found all winter long.. Dave
  5. I once had a black rock similar to that from gold basin, it made the 5000 go crazy. I soaked it in CLR, and had nice gold all through it.
  6. Great finds Walt, congrats... Be careful on using the detector anywhere on or near the Colorado river area, a friend of mine had his detector confiscated, and was ticketed a large fine for using one on park service lands by the rangers. Dave.
  7. DolanDave

    Gold Basin

    Patrick- Yes same spot
  8. DolanDave

    Gold Basin

    The gold basin main mass will be at the meteorite outing... Dave
  9. Great finds Chris, if we could only touch them and see the history behind them would be amazing. I also found a symbol carved into a giant stone hours away from civilization on the quad in Nevada last weekend. Dave.
  10. Gerard, your Drone looks fun to fly, as a hobby. I hope you are able to use it prospecting. I would love to use one of those looking for caves on cliff edges high up, especially in the Grand Canyon. With your larger unit able to carry 50lbs, Its just a matter of time a terrorist gets their hands on one, then I assume they will be banned. Dave.
  11. DolanDave

    Warning-High Voltage!

    Ive come across the same in the field only to find buried power and phone lines out in the middle of no mans land, makes you wonder ???? I once came across a buried cable that I followed for 2 miles before finding a marker indicating buried phone lines. Dave
  12. Greg, Good topic. With the smartphone with built in gps, the personal gps like garmin has been hit hard on sales. I currently use All-In-One Offline Maps for Android. https://play.google....ria.offlinemaps It allows you to view and download Openstreetmap, Bing, google, and usgs maps free. I love using the hybrid street, and aerial downloads from the Bing maps on places I am going. I dont think it will download google for offline use, due to copyright, but you can view google live with data. No need for calibrating maps, just download and go . It works just like a gps allowing waypoints, routes, tracks, ect. Dave
  13. Nice information Ray, thank you. Don't know how hard it would be, could you take pictures of this different types of zones, and post on here? Also could you see these zones from google earth from where you are at. I have located several that way in the desert, now google earth resolution is getting better. Thanks, Dave
  14. Congrats on the great find. That sure is a beaut !!! Dave