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  1. Mine doesn't like prospecting at all. So I go alone. Larry
  2. And here is what was in it, some poor old miners gold
  3. Same up in Las Vegas. I spent a wonderful 8 hours trying to get on a Southwest flight from Las to Tus Tuseday (Air Trafic Control delays-missing crews - and worn out gate agents). Finally got home at 4:00 AM! Larry
  4. Az_NuggetHunter What a wonderful saying on the end of your post My sentiments EXACTLY! Larry
  5. Doright, I have the NF 17E mono. Have had it for nearly a year and like it alot. It is noisier than the Wallaby DD pro, but like Bob said, once you learn the sounds it makes you can put up with the noise. I use it most of the time, especially when the ground is not too noisy. I said in my ealier post that it has a slight edge in air tests to the wallaby, but not much. One of these days I will do an in ground compairson but my guess is that the NF's edge will be somewhat better, like Bob said. The NF's sensitivity on the edge is very good for small targets and for locating the exact position of targets. I use the edge all the time. When I get a weak target, I stand the coil on edge and try to locate it. If I can't then I know the target is deep and my heart rate goes up! If I get a signal then I know the target is usually near the surface and usually trash. Larry
  6. Bob, Great post on the Li battery, your setup, and all the options. I use Nimh batteries, just can't afford the Li's, and have it set up very much like yours. I mount the batteries on the Ml case with velcro, use a fm transmitter and receiver similar to yours. It does cause a little bit of a problem with light weight coils so I have moved my bungee mount up the shaft as much as possible to counter this problem. I think I got the whole idea from one of your earlier posts, and I really love it. Thanks Larry
  7. Bob, I have read most of your posts, including the ones about halo effect and I just don't believe that gold produces a halo. We both know that gold does not dissolve under any but the most extreme conditions ( some very serious acids), it does not oxidize like iron and it does not ionize, so what could cause a halo from gold? I still suspect that in those rare conditions where it appears that you can hear gold deeper in the ground that in air is caused by mineralized ground focusing the magnetic field produced by the detector and the gold. I don’t happen to have a 3000 and Doright, who started this thread does not either, so I think that your comments regarding the 3000 may have some validity but I wouldn’t know and I’m sure Doright doesn’t either. Since his extreme is noisy, as is my 2200, I still believe that a DD may produce nearly as well as a mono, especially considering the noise factor and the type of detectors being used. I happen to have many hours behind my 2200, both with mono’s and DD’s and if the ground is VERY quite, which isn’t often, I like the mono because I believe it gives a SMALL advantage, but if the ground is very noisy, which in my area it seems to be, I like the DD. The extra quietness of the DD makes those faint signals much easier to hear. Again, Just My Humble Opinion Larry
  8. I took my coils out a few days ago and here are the results. These are only air tests so gorund tests may be a little different. Coil--------Distance heard ------------------------------------------------> ---------------------------------1/2 grain----------6 grain-------1/4 oz. specimen 11" ML round mono-----------1/4" on edge------6 1/4"--------11 1/2" 11" ML round DD--------------9/16" center-------5"------------10" 10" Coiltek elliptical DD Pro--3/4" center-------5"------------9" 17" Coiltek elliptical DD Pro--9/16" center-------6"------------14" 17" NF elliptical Mono---------1/4" on edge------6 1/4"--------14" On edge means I could only heare the gold on the edge of the coil and center means I heard it ib the center of the coil. As you can see the DD's were less sensitive to the small (1/2 grain) gold except for the 10" coiltek, but more sensitive to the 6 grain piece. Definately, the larger the coil the more depth on the larger piece of gold. It appeard to me that the coiltek 17" elliptical has the overall edge, when you consider the noise factor. JMHO Larry
  9. You guys can have all that snow. I used to live in Utah and when I retired I strapped my snow blower on to the front of my truck and headed south. When the first person looked at it and said " what is that thing? " , thats where I settled. Had to drive all the way to Green Valley Larry
  10. Here's my tip. Know your coils! Take each of your coils and test them with at least 3 different size nuggets (I use a very tiny 1/4 grain, a 3 grain and a 8 gram nugget). Air tests should be ok but if you really want to be sure place the nuggets in holes. Check each coils depth on each nugget. Write it down for later reference. Now you will know what to expect with each coil, its strengths and weakness, how the DD's compare to the monos and how the smaller coils compare to the larger ones. Your confidence will go way up! Larry
  11. I still have a little gold for sale. see at My Webpage Thanks for looking Larry Sorry about the link. All fixed. Larry
  12. Grubstake, I set up a system exactly like yours. Got it at Wally mart for about $50. Velcroed my 7.2v Nimh battery to one side of the ML box and the Belkin TX to the otherside. Sounds great at home. May try it tomorrow. Thanks for the idea. Larry
  13. try this link Arizona State Larry
  14. Ron, I tried it on my 2200 and it wouldn't even start. I have hooked 2 (3 amp) diodes (get them at RS) in series with the + side. That drops the voltage down to around 7.5. Runs fine that way. Larry