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  1. Hi Ikn4azau, are those items still up for sale or sold? Would be interested in the entire package! Thanks, Sean in AZ
  2. Hi all, Lowering price to first $2000.00 offer. Thanks Sincerely, Sean Prater
  3. Hi Gents & Lasses, I do still have detector and equipment available. Can be reached via e-mail at islingdrinks4u@yahoo.com Thank you, Sincerely, Sean in AZ
  4. Sean in AZ

    Sean in AZ, Thanks.

    Hi Ron, Congradulations! I am glad your happy with the drywasher! Sounds like you had a great run. Stay in touch, and lets find some time to hunt the hills. Sean in AZ
  5. Hi all, The detecter is still available. The pending sale was cancelled. Thanks all, Sean in AZ
  6. Hi all, Drywasher is sold! Thanks all, Sean in AZ
  7. Hello, I would prefer to sell the package as a whole, however I have a fellow just wanting the detector. If that happens then I have no problem selling just the coil. Cheers, Sean in AZ
  8. For Sale Keene 140 drywasher with blower hose and Echo 2 stroke blower and one extra riffle tray. Portable Vac (does need some TLC) 2 Gold Pans Sold all together $300.00 Sean in AZ
  9. For sale GP3000 with battery, heavy duty power cable, stock coil and Koss Headphones. Nugget finder 16 round DD w/ shaft Nugget finder 14 elliptical mono w/ shaft Nugget finder 6 round mono w/ shaft Nugget finder 6 elliptical DD w/ shaft Nugget Scoop Back pack $2200.00 Sean in AZ
  10. Nice job guys, Ron's getting the hang of this pretty well. Under the watchful eye of one of the masters he can only get better. Congrats to both you guys. Chris that little nugget is so small. Man, did ya just laugh with suprise after it came out? Sean in Az
  11. Looking for good condition NF coils, the smallest one made by NF is first on my list, the other is a 14 NF eliptical mono. Thanks, Sean in AZ
  12. I made a stop in at the Geology dept. at Glendale yesterday, and after talking to 4 different teachers there, the recommendation was to get the analysis done on it. Once that is done though, where do I go from there to see if it's a UFO or something like it???? Sean
  13. Hey Guys, I'm going back out again this weekend to pick up some more of this material. I passed up at least 30 or 40 targets in my rush to get back to the truck before it started raining last week. I'm going to search the area thoroughly, and see if I can come up with some answers or at least some more clues as to what and where this stuff came from. Wayne, how big does the piece need to be for you to test it? I'll be glad to send you a chuck to see what it might be. Thanks, Sean
  14. Several of the guesses were good ones, thank you. I took a trip to the geology department at ASU and spoke to professor Burt. He looked at the material for about 20 minutes and could not identify it. He recommended sending it in for chemical analysis, and also stopping in at the meteor research lab to see if anyone there might have a clue as to what the mystery material is. I will tell you that his best guess was that it might be pieces of a an old satellite. Due to the amount of calcium build up on the pieces further down stream, he's thinking it may date from the 60's or 70's. As to being a melted roof or other man made object, it's possible, but with the lack of any other material such as nails, wire, tacks, bullet lead, etc, I ruled out that possibility. It's not a very scientific way to do it I know, but experience has taught me that where ever people were living / working, there is always trash of some sort. Sean
  15. Let me lay the situation for you before you begin. Searching a new relatively remote area, I have found a small canyon placered with hundreds of these unidentified pieces of metal. The first small one I located was at the junction of this canyon and another, or the bottom of the canyon. The largest and best looking object was found nearly a mile away at the very top of the canyon. Most of the targets were not found on bedrock. Only the largest was dug from a 3 ft hole. That indicated to me that it had been there for some time, also it is the most coarse piece so far. The rest were picked up over the course of the one mile canyon, each showing more and more wear, just like gold nuggets would. Here's the fun part, very light, sounds like aluminum when tapped together, very low heat resistance. No visible scorching. Oh yeah, forgot to mention - There was no other trash in the wash, no bullet lead, gum or cig wrappers, cans or any other sign of civilization and no visible signs of any mining near this canyon.