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  1. Love them crumbs! Great shooting Rick
  2. LuckyLundy

    Good Week!

    Brent, we got a whiff of this patch early last month (January). But, I had to send my trusty 4000 in for a tune up of sorts. Got it back in record time from the service department. We busted the core of this patch, now resting for the next hike to cleanup the edges, dinks and deep one! Until the next hunt LuckyLundy
  3. LuckyLundy

    Good Week!

    Jeff, you did fine! Yep get a new pair of boots and them dogs want bark as loud. Until the next new patch...which is closeby! LuckyLundy
  4. LuckyLundy

    trip to Q

    Shep, nice looking color. Robin and I, drove through last week heading to Mesa, AZ. Didn't look like much room to park, desert looked filled with RV's! Enjoying the Arizona weather vs NorCal during the Holidays. LuckyLundy
  5. Chris, them dinks fill in the air space between pounders in your poke real nice...lol LuckyLundy
  6. LuckyLundy

    Thunderstorm Hunt

    Ray, hey great shooting! I found a dime yesterday too. Stayed home Monday and watched funnel clouds pass by our area...talk to you soon. LuckyLundy
  7. LuckyLundy

    Big Deep One

    Chris, I smelled gold during the still of the night! See ya in a few days. LuckyLundy
  8. LuckyLundy

    I blanked...

    Ray, nice day on top of the hill. LuckyLundy
  9. The fatter the better! Rick & Robin
  10. LuckyLundy

    More Sierra gold

    Bob, Glad your back on your feet! Still plenty of gold to detect, so stay healthy! LuckyLundy
  11. LuckyLundy

    Big Deep One

    Chris, Great shooting! Save me a dink...lol LuckyLundy
  12. LuckyLundy

    Customers New Specimen!

    Another nice nugget! One day...at least I dream about it! lol LuckyLundy
  13. Chris, Lots of leg work and effort...you've been rewarded! To your continued success Rick & Robin