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    Reno, NV.
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    Just getting out in the hills in my truck, Polaris Ranger or motorcycle. Competitive archery, detecting, learning about gold and meteorites.
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  1. Goldarnit

    Cold Out There

    Supposed to be 63 degrees here in Reno tomorrow. Heat wave!
  2. Goldarnit

    Got a full weekend of coin hunting in

    That's great info, Chris. Thanks a bunch. Dwight
  3. Goldarnit

    The Ultimate Pick

    No way! That will never work. A guy can't have a pink pick!
  4. I bought a SPOT last year. It came in handy when my son didn't show up on time when he took the Ranger out for a ride. I started getting nervous just before dark so I just jumped on the SPOT website and I was able to see where he was, where he'd been, and where it looked like he was headed. I could see he was headed back toward his unloading spot so I knew he was ok. You can actually get them for free right now ($150) with the rebate if you sign up for service.
  5. Wow!! Awesome snake pic. I've never seen one so fired up. Amazing the dog didn't get bit. It's odd this is the first snake you've seen in all the years and all the ground you've covered. I've seen a bunch of them in my time hunting and hiking around Northern Nevada. Now you know what they sound like, anyway. Keep the stories coming, Lunk.
  6. Lunk, Chukar season opens this weekend so there''ll be a lot of folks out about. If you find a spot where there's no gold but lots of birds let me know!!
  7. I envy you, Lunk. Have a great time and treasure each day you have out there. Looking forward to your pics and stories. Dwight
  8. Thanks Sandy, That's the kind of stuff I was hoping for.
  9. Thanks for your thoughts Grubstake. I know there are more people out there who could contribute to this. Come on guys. Your perpectives mean a lot to us newbies who may be in the market for a used minelab. Thanks.
  10. Just to get an overall, though maybe rough, perspective. How would you experienced users rate each on a scale of 1-10. Lets just say the 4500 would be a 10 for comparisons sake. Average ground if there is such a thing. 2100 2200 Extreme 3000 3500 4000
  11. Something about the higher speed causes rock punctures out there. The road is good but I'd keep your speed down.
  12. Has anyone ever tried pepper spray as a bee deterrent?