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    To the guest who wrote the bad comments towards Bob D. Bob is one of the best nuggetshooters I have seen work a detector in along time. I am new to nuggetshooting (4 years), but I have seen some outstanding hunters. The late, Richard D. of Rock Springs, the late, Floyd Allen of New River, Stan Carson of Flagstaff just to name afew. We should be thankful for people like Bob, who try to help us to become better hunters to find more "yellow iron". Bob is an outstanding person and is full of imformation about different equipment that could improve ones ability to find more gold. I feel all nuggetshooters are different and some things work and some things don't work.
  2. I Have a MineLab 1800 detector for sale. This detector is in great condition, with only 36 hours of use. We are asking $500 for this detector. You can contact us at our email address: oxy@mindspring.com Phone# (928) 632-5817. Ask for Karen or Greg. Thanks for looking and happy hunting to all.
  3. Hi Betsy & Bob: Great finds! That is a good way to start the new year out. Hope to hear from you soon.......Greg & Karen
  4. Hi to everyone & a Happy New Year: Here is a pic of the gold that Karen & myself (Greg) found on our yearly trip to California. Total weight: 22.7 grams (31 pieces), in 7 days of hunting. Last year we took 68 grams from this location. Happy hunting to all and we hope you got what you wanted for X-mas.
  5. Hey Bob: Way to go. You did good. Now I think you have afew burgers to down from that kill. Wishing you and Betsy a very Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year. We are going to California, should return by the end of the month. Hoping we can get together for an outing maybe? Greg O.
  6. Hi Steve: Have a Happy Birthday and many, many more. Karen and I met you at Rich Hill one day and it was a pleasure......happy hunting! Greg and Karen