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  1. SkyWalker

    A Golden New Year!

    Nice job Chris, and happy new year!!!!
  2. Chris mentioned this system to me when I was talking with him on the phone, I would call him directly .
  3. I finally got out yesterday after a month or 2 absence working as a fly fishing guide and building a new house this summer certainly cuts into s guy's detecting time. This is my second trip out with Arizona Outback Freedom System and other than two little quirks I have to give it 2 thumbs up. If you are not familiar with Chris's Freedom System it is a very small light weight battery and charger and a deteknit wireless head phone and after using it I have to say I will never go back to coils again. I found 5 nuggets in a few hours all but the largest were very deep signals just a faint break in the threshold. This System did a great job massaging them out. This area has been heavily worked by others over the years. I was using the 5000 along with the 12 inch round Evo. As far as the two quirks I mentioned earlier first thing I noted is the head phone control touch pad has to be on the detector's side. If not, it would blank out often. The other thing I noticed the transmitter had to be tucked under the right arm pad. If not blanking was also noticed. Give Chris a call and try out this System. You will be glad you did. 5 nuggets totaled, 4.4 grams in all, largest 2.1. Keep on digging! Enoch
  4. Well you can eliminate me from the list, darn it
  5. I lived in Phoenix for four years, little hot for me .
  6. Where are you located Luke ?
  7. Nice evening so thought I'd get out for a short hunt, stopped bye and old pach that treated Me well in the past, the 14" EVO found these two hanging out together,
  8. Well done, only 994 nuggets left to the monster 1000 .
  9. Tom, Yes, I remember the days before every commercial aircraft had to be equipped with GPWS. We don't have too much problem here in Montana with a lot of commercial aircraft. Enoch
  10. Mike, In reference to the EMI box I have to say I was less than impressed with its performance. Basically useless around power lines but it doesn't seem to hurt the detector's performance. Maybe just a slight edge. That is why I continue to use it occassionally. As far as moving the box I have also noticed that it makes a detector very noisy. Makes me very dubious of any of Woody's products or detector upgrades. Hope this helps. Enoch
  11. Chrisski. Lightning has driven all my Minelabs crazy , my 2100 with the old manhole cover, seem to especially like them.