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    Signal Enhancers

    Sorry my bad, JP; I just assumed Mr. Candy developed all the circuitry in these machines.
  2. Lunk

    Signal Enhancers

    They are not necessary for the GPX models that have a built in amplifier in the battery, which is controlled by the TARGET VOLUME in the LCD menu. The amplifier that Bruce Candy developed is very unconventional and is superior to any aftermarket amplifier.
  3. Hi fellow prospectors, I've just begun my annual desert trek and have had a good start finding 1.25 ounces of nuggets in the last 8 days, including a sweet 28-grammer at 15 inches using the Minelab GPX 5000 with the 15x12 Commander mono coil. They came from a well known and thoroughly hammered placer area in Pershing County, Nevada, so it's still out there to be found by the persistent electronic prospector. Best of luck in the goldfields! - Lunk -
  4. Thanks Joe, good to hear from you! Come on down to Quartzsite anytime for a hunt. Mike, that would be great to hunt with you guys, hope you can all make it to the Big Q...
  5. Thanks guys! Mike Furness: I'll be in Quartzsite all winter, so if you get over that way let me know and we'll see if we can't wrangle a nugget or two.
  6. Howdy all, I've been playing with the new Garrett ATX lately and got it over a couple of pickers today amidst red-hot volcanic ground that is no match for the ATX's incredible ground balance range. The patch has been pounded with various vlf and PI machines as well. The nuggets hit pretty hard on the standard 10X12-inch elliptical DD search coil, as they were only a couple inches deep.
  7. Sorry for the late reply guys, I've been out in the hills without internet... Montana: yes the ATX has been a long time coming; for not having nearly as many options as the Minelabs, it does a bang-up job nevertheless. As far as a gold only machine, I think if they do ever invent it, the consumer would be the last to get one! Chris G.: i had no doubts that basalt wouldn't be a problem for the ATX, which opens up a lot of possibilities. We'll talk soon amigo...
  8. Thanks guys, Mike F.: well that's a no-brainer; just take those three dusty detectors off the hooks and trade them in on a new ATX! Steve H.: thanks for the kind words. I like the ATX page on your website; very informative. Herb: good to hear from you too, it's been awhile. Yes, Garrett definitely has something with their new offering.
  9. Hey all, It's been a while since I posted any finds, so here is a pic of an half ounce of beautiful Quartzsite area gold I've unearthed recently: I'm thoroughly enjoying the weather in Arizona; it's an island of sun in the arctic wasteland of the majority of the U.S. this winter!
  10. Thanks again guys, Montana and Wonderer: there is always gold to be found for the persistent at Q, and the weather is unbeatable. Kelly Starkey: sorry you had to cut your trip short; better luck next time and thanks for cleaning up the place! Harry: I should be in your area sometime this week; if not, this weekend for sure...I wanna see a big nugget!
  11. Hmmm, musta had a hole in my poke... Congrats Frank & Teri on a great haul of Q gold!
  12. Thanks guys! Mike Furness: It would be my pleasure to get together with you and Jay; just shoot me a PM a few days in advance, as I'm usually in the Q outback for days at a time and can only get on the internet when I'm on wifi in town.
  13. Lunk

    Pretty AU

    Thanks Gus! I just posted some of my finds down here in the big Q...having fun in the sun!
  14. Lunk

    Pretty AU

    Beautiful gold, Gus...nothing like it! I would like to be part of the crew if you don't mind, El Dorado and Gus; I had a blast with you guys the last time and it would be great fun to swing the magic loop with you again!
  15. Sorry to hear about your cousin, Chris; condolences to your family.
  16. Congrats again, Chris. And not to worry; although Wes may be right about the forehead, it looks like ol' Ronald there has you beat with his shiny fivehead!
  17. Way to go Chris and Steve; a great achievement for AZO...congrats!
  18. Glad to hear from you, Jim. Smokey sends his best from Lovelock.
  19. Just remember Jim: when the going gets tough, the tough prospectors get going! Praying for your swift recovery, Tailgate.