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    Lunk got a reaction from indianbullet in 5000 settings   
    Hey Chris and the curious,
    Front panel: General Search Mode, Special Soil/Timings, Mono or Double D Coil/Rx, Fixed Ground Balance and Threshold at an audible level.
    LCD Menu: LCD Backlight 8, Volume Limit 2, General Ground Balance Type, Special Timings/Fine Gold, Very Slow Motion, 18 to 20 RX Gain, Quiet Audio Type, Audio Tone set to personal preference, Stabilizer at 1, Signal Peak at 20, Target Volume 20, Normal Response, Medium Tracking Speed, Iron Reject Off.
    As you can see, these are very unconventional settings; the idea is to smooth the threshold as much as possible while maximizing the target response without blowing your ears off! Give them a whirl and see what happens...