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  1. geof_junk

    Customer's first Find!

    I see the blister, there will be more Gold & Blisters to come.
  2. That video was great. It makes me think I need one for my kayak trips.
  3. "Plus it will be nice to escape this desert heat for a while." Best of luck with your trip, it very cold in the bottom of Australia at the moment.
  4. Jen the old rule is look at poster joining date and how many posts they have made. In this case joined the day before posting and all 7 post are in that post. ..........?..........
  5. Nice to see it with out a decimal point in front of it weight.
  6. geof_junk

    Been down with the flu

    It was just like that here in Aus. back in Sep 2017.
  7. geof_junk

    Feathers of Silver

    I have heard of gold leaf but that silver leaf takes the cake.
  8. I once dropped a white container with about 3 Oz gold in it. It was hard to find among the white quartz and took some time. Since then I always have one with a colored lid.
  9. quote.....suppose be 40% deepr than gpz7000 and under $1000.00...lol :P That sound like all new releases. But they usually put them on he market just after large slug has been found just before holiday time. :lol:
  10. Mining companies get most of their gold far less than a grain in size................but plenty of them
  11. geof_junk

    Nice one with the 19"!!!

    When I look at the small end I see a golden dog, or two by swapping the nose for an ear. Very unique, what beauty. Regards Geof.
  12. Quote........ Hey Dean", Now that you have scored those two nice slug-nuggets, "maybe" you can now afford to get some gloves that cover your fingers and finger tips. I usually wear out the finger tips on my left-hand glove from digging. But I always cover my complete hands with gloves, as I have been stung by a scorpion once, (on my pinky finger) and have had "way-to-many" close calls with scorpions, centipedes, spiders of all types, and even a black widow spider (or two). The bark scorpion in Arizona is pretty nasty. ..........End Quote I think with his LUCK he does not need them.
  13. A 1.5 ounce day !!! Happy Valentines Day to me . I didn't get a pic of the 1 gram nug in the field. It was the first one found. All three were found in a 20' run using the 14x9" Evo. Dean Valentines Day for me was 47 year Wedding anniversary . Good to see your 1+ oz The next step is 10+ ounces hope it is not too far away.
  14. Merry Chistmas. We are in for a warm one 35C or 95F on Sunday (Xmas) in Victoria Aus.
  15. That is a good price compared to our Aussy price conversion. A great business Nugget Finder,