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  1. Great detector and I have found a lot of gold with it. I'm getting older and this machine is just a bit heavy for this almost 70 year old. If you have been wanting one but just didn't want to pay the $8000 price tag for new here is your chance to pick one up for $6000 if you pick it up in Prescott Valley AZ or it can be shipped for $6060 in the lower 48 USA.
  2. Mike Furness

    GPZ7000 ... For Sale $6000

    Got a harness for the detector ... my big problem is I don't like being tethered to a harness ... Up until this Fall I have been swinging the 7000 without 'benefit' of harness and bungee. At almost 70 years old now the shoulder doesn't want to do it for more than about 3 hours now ... I like to hunt 5-6 hours at a time! Just a heavy machine ... BUT a great gold getter!
  3. Mike Furness

    New Member Registration

    Hey Jim ... Glad to see you are out there posting again ... a bunch of us on various forums have been wondering how you are doing.
  4. Mike Furness

    A fun Arizona C&R hunt

    You and Dean did well ... Congrats!
  5. I just don't see much activity on the gold market in general. Even with the equities markets tanking the last couple weeks the escape into gold for protection and preservation has not been like it used to be. I see it staying between a trading range of a high of 1300 and a low of 1100 ... pretty wide gap percentage wise but I certainly can not find any reason for it to revisit the highs of years ago.
  6. Mike Furness

    Girl pulls this from a lake!

    A positive story from the media ... WOW! ... good post!
  7. Mike Furness

    3 Nugget Finder Mono Coils

    Hey George aka Outdoorsman 1955 ... I do still have the 16" coil. It is $200 plus shipping. I am guesstimating shipping to be about $25. Do you still want the coil?
  8. Reducing my stable of coils for myMinelab GPX4500 and GPX5000 ... These three coils are older but in very good condition. With the addition of my GPZ7000 my GPX series Minelab detectors don't need all the options I 'thought' I 'needed'! Here's what I have ... all Nugget Finder Coils: NF10CM 10" Elliptical Mono Coil ... Original cost $239 ... will sell for $125 OBO ... SOLD NF16RM 16" Round Mono Coil ... Original cost $442 ... will sell for $250 OBO NF12EM 12" Elliptical Mono Coil ... Original cost $265 ... will sell for $150 OBO SOLD I would sell all 3 to one buyer for $450. cash. All sales are pickup in Prescott Valley AZ or nearby location ... will ship at buyer's expense.
  9. Mike Furness

    3 Nugget Finder Mono Coils

    Hi George ... Just getting back into AZ ... been in NH all summer doing my bass fishing tourneys out of my kayak ... just haven't been on line much at least with the gold forums. Anyway I will look in the morning to see if the 16 is still there ... I don't remember selling it before I left in May though!
  10. Not so sure the weather he is getting is all that cool. We have a heat wave going on here in New England that is extended into Eastern Canada. Hot and very humid last few days and expected to be so for next few as well. We should have a little relief on Saturday and then back up in temp/humidity next week.
  11. Mike Furness

    New Forum Upgrade

    Forum looks good Chris ... I haven't been on for a couple weeks while in TN at my National bass fishing Championship. No issues logging on.
  12. Paid for the gas and a bottle of beer that day! Nice job! Whatta chunk!
  13. Mike Furness

    Little Yuma Speci

    That's a beauty!
  14. Mike Furness

    Headed Home

    You and Eric have been busy! Nice haul for the season. See ya next year!
  15. Mike Furness

    Tried a new spot

    Chris ... Treasure Hunting I see ... Looks like it was fun even without the gold. Finding that kind of treasure says no one with a detector has been in the area ... must be a mountain man's homestead area! Trapper or hunter ... perhaps an old buffalo hunter was there given that old bullet. Just a few fleeting thoughts based on the finds.
  16. Mike Furness

    Bob Dansie

    Montana was famous for scaring the living stuffing out of folks! I rode with him a few times ... the first couple were 'exciting' to say the least. I bought my RZR based on those rides! The speed and rush of the thing screaming down Castle Hot Springs Road and then an immediate right hand slide turn to a wash he wanted me to try sold me! Call me crazy! YUP!
  17. Mike Furness

    Freshly dug gold!

    Good hourly wages there! Congrats to the finder.
  18. Mike Furness

    Early mining camp hunt

    Nice find Chris ... And to answer the question above ... NO! Do not clean it up other than to get the loose surface dirt off of it. The value is with the aged patina ... not the shiny new look! Please don't make your old coins 'new' again! Mike F
  19. Mike Furness

    Amazing spread of Nuggets!

    Accomplished nugget hunter for sure! Great advt for GM1000 even if they weren't found with it! However I am sure it is capable of doing it!!! Mike F
  20. Nice Job Chris ... Great info for both old and new electronic prospectors and not just for the GM1000 ... ! Mike F
  21. Patience grasshopper ... last I heard he had field work to do for video 2 ... part 3 is ready to go ... not wanting to release 3 before 2 ... He will release both at once when 2 is finished.
  22. Mike Furness

    1 ounce monday

    Nice CHUNK there Pard!
  23. Mike Furness

    Happy birthday Chris

    Somehow I missed this ... So Happy Belated B'day Chris ... This is number 40 is it not?
  24. Mike Furness

    grains of gold

    Wondered whose that was ... always like adding another $1500 to my collection! LOL! Thanks ... Terry (Assuming it was Mel's) ... Yanking your chain ... probably still out there somewhere! And if a glass vial returned to the earth! Mike F
  25. Mike Furness

    grains of gold

    Ahhhh! ... Chris .... Visions of grandeur? LOL! Mike F