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    Nuggetshooter forum

    gary...love ya... jim
  2. jim straight

    Rifle found leaning on tree!

    Yep it was quite a story in the Ely times weekly e-mail newspaper.... Chris, Hope all is good with you and yours... the eighth edition is just beginning to hit the newsstands. I just got one copy and I thank you and and Alyssa for being on page F-6 and F-7 as you both are doing great... Question: In the 7th edition and also in the 8th edition as the main-text has not been changed I mention you and your dad, as the distributor Nugget Finder Coils on pg 287 phone 1-623-516-1161. Is that phone number still valid? ... Best to All... jim
  3. :DYou All are the BEST and the White's Goldmaster series are not to be sneezed at either. jim
  4. jim straight

    Ereaka gold for sale

    Atta boy Gary... take it out and find a nice nugget... jim
  5. :DWell Jen... if Mike at over 60 believes he will not "fit-in" Gosh o Gee... Here I be on the shady side of 85.... I would pack up my bag an go; but I can't find my false teeth, hearing aids and glasses . So maybe next time. That is ifn my wheel chair can fit in the overhead compartment?... Jen, seriously, have a great time! jim
  6. jim straight

    Jim Straight

    HEY...Here I be thanks to a good friend who reset my password... Broken hip pelvis healed; then broken toes which required surgery and I could have lost part of my foot (no I'm not diabetic); then I broke two wishbone ribs and one side folded over the other... took this cold no surgery or brace... I am able to walk.. like the drunken perverbial sailor... Great to be alive an kickin.., Chris; I'm truly grateful to be on his form... Thanks everyone and more later.... jim
  7. jim straight

    Jim Straight

    Howdy all... Here I be... but limited to my wheelchair... just a short howdy... I'm a tough ol' bird and my prayers go to the wounded vets who have lost legs and arms... Chris Gholson, I think of you and your dad Steve and the great time we had at Osceola... I'm limited in mobility to my wheelchair and it is tough to get through my computer room door. Dan Taylor is helping me post on the forums. Positive I be... and wish all the best... "Tailgate" here... jim
  8. jim straight

    Dime... 1873 CC w/ arrows at date

    Mike.... I just got a copy of the 2014 Official Red Book. It's potentual value?... Wow, I cannot believe one dime could be worth so much... I really thank you for taking the time and effort to put the photos on the this forum. I know there must be other 1873 Carson City Seated Liberty dimes with date arrows... Gosh if you follow a "Google" trail there is a lot of history rgarding this dime... It has been five months since I sent the article in. But so far other than a confrmation they received heard anything. Mihe,,, Thank. thank you.... jim
  9. jim straight

    Sandtrap... Happy Birthday

    Hey Jerry and Dain too... I guess you also had a birthday yesterday? Whats all of the birthday stuff? So Happy Birthday Dain.... I hope you and Jerry can get together Saturday morning and enjoy a most Happy Day of comraderie... You both are the BEST... Jim
  10. Gosh Jerry... another Birthday ... You are only 76? Gosh you do not look a day over 96! "tailgate"
  11. jim straight

    CTX silver!

    Bunk.... A really nice find. If it is cleaned it could look like it just was lost,... But then a cleaned coin may loose any collector value.
  12. jim straight

    Dime... 1873 CC w/ arrows at date

    Howdy all... It was almost five years ago that I found the dime. Since then I was able to re-contact the grandson of one of my school friends. The grandson was with me when I beeped the silver dimes. The grandson said he chose the two dimes that he wanted to keep. If the one he gave me had any value he was glad for me... I mentioned the dime could have value and a coin broker wished to sell it for me. I also mentioned I was going to write an article about it and see if a treasure magazine was interested in publshing the story... The grandson asked me to be vague about where the dimes were found and to give very little details as they were found on private property belonging to aother relative. I have wrote the article and sent it in... If'n it is published I will update this thread... More later?
  13. Chris and everyone: My copy is on shelf; safe... I see Dr. Erik occasionally and we are aquainted through mutual friends. Last Thursday he gave a program for valley prospectors and I was there. Everyone listened intently and there was no sideline small talk which is normal ( the small talking) at most prospecting clubs. I also belong to the local GPAA chapter both Dr. Erik and a few of his students have popped in, but not recently... A rather nice nugget was recently found at Osceola and I believe the finding is confidentual. I plan/hope to go to Ely for my 65th Highschool class reunion.. it is not an official reunion as our ranks have thinned but it is traditonal to hold an open and unoffical reunion for all over the Fourth of July. Ron... e-books are getting more and more popular as time goes by...
  14. Hey Chris as you know it is now out of print.Too Bad! Anyone with a copy take care of it. Used copies are now becoming in demand and any unsold original copies are being sold at a pretty good price... Chapter 2 is priceless and much of the information in Chapter 10 and 11 can also appy to most other areas. And the appenciies are full of great tips.