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  1. Will lower the price on the Highbanker to $500.00 SeanHM
  2. Selling a portable keene highbanker with Shindiawa 45 pump and hose also sluice box for $600 also a Fisher Gold Bug for $150.00 If intrested Email SeanHM@msn.com Cell 623-628-9108
  3. Gp Extreme for sale with stock coils + Coiltek 17inch Wallaby DD + 17inch Mini UFO mono, Also with two 6 volt battterys + 12volt regulated battery system with two 12volt batterys and Coiltek Mini amp + walco pick. I sent in my GP to minelab, And was upgraded for smoother threshold. Also will include backpack with water blatter with custom made to hold battery . Both battery system come with smart chargers + T80 Koss head phones all this for $2100.00 OBO if intrested email me at SeanHM@msn.com or call Cell 623-628-9108
  4. thank for the reply, I respect that and would ask the same from my partner. Glad you guys made it home safe. Best regards SeanHM
  5. Hi Guys, All I was asking if you guys hunt Mainland Mexico or Baja. I have been hunting down in Baja for 10 years Now but have not gone to Mainland Mexico?? Yet
  6. May I ask were you in Mainland Mexico or baja?? Best Regards SeanHM
  7. Thanks for replying to my post
  8. Where in Mexico does he go Mainland or Baja? SeanHM
  9. Here is a trick I use to keep the power cord wires from being pulled out of the connecter. I take a glue called Gunk and put it around the rubber that connects to the metal plug. This keeps the wire inside the power cord from diconnected. Hopes this helps. Best regards SeanHM
  10. I am lowering the price to $150.00 OBO Email Seanhm@msn.com
  11. I am selling a Gold buddy Sluice System for $200.00 OBO If intrested email at SeanHM@msn.com
  12. Want to trade my 14inch coiltek DD for a Coiltek Mini amp for the Gp if intrested Give an email SeanHM@msn.com
  13. I am selling a 14inch coiltek DD Price $150.00 Firm If intrested email me at SeanHM@msn.com