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  1. I think about Bob every time I go prospecting. I learned so much from him and really enjoyed talking with him. I wish he were still in AZ. Hey Bob!
  2. For several years I've been using 5.11 Tactical no metal boots for metal detecting but my last pair has just about disintegrated. They were pretty good but a little wide for my feet. I'm wondering what other boots I should consider before making another purchase. I like above the ankle height to keep dirt and stickers out of my ankles. Thanks, Chris
  3. I had no idea there were so many options. Thanks.
  4. I've been thinking about getting a VLF to compliment my GPX 4500. Mostly for packing into remote areas and possibly using in shallow but high trash areas. I never use the discriminator on my PI detectors but I've heard VLFs are more reliable. I kind of like the Tesoro Lobo Super Traq if for no other reason than they have a great warranty and they are right here in Prescott. I'd like to hear some feedback from people who have used various VLFs and especially if you have used the discriminator much. Thanks, Chris
  5. I really like Danner boots myself. I have a pair of Radicals now but I cant stand metal in my shoes when I'm swinging a big coil or working in tight spaces.
  6. Thanks for the info guys. I have not used the GB 2 myself but I have heard from others that it is a good machine. I have used a borrowed Lobo a few times and liked it. Sure is light! What about the GB Pro? How about the ML Eureka Gold? Any thoughts on the X-terra detectors?
  7. Nice video Chris. I like the ground level shots even it they were just because you needed two hands. Very interesting detector. I could definitely see myself using one because I like to pack into remote areas. Stuffing all the GPX parts into a backpack is a bit of a pain.
  8. Redbeard

    Montana Bob?

    Bob, I'm glad to see you posting again and glad you have recovered from your surgery. I can't even turn on my detector without thinking about the things you taught me. When I'm detecting I hear your voice in my head saying things like, "You aren't trying to find the target you are trying to move it." When I'm bowhunting I hear Fred Bear saying, "Don't step on anything you can step over, don't step over anything you can step around." Two masters of their trades. I hope you will keep posting. Chris
  9. Good to see you still have the golden touch Bob.
  10. Redbeard

    Chris, Joe?

    Chris, Is that a Chessie?
  11. The best nugget hunting video I've ever seen! I was actually paying attention to what was going on rather than just waiting to see the nugget. You have a great family Chris.
  12. Good for you Steve. I look forward to reading your info and meeting you sometime.
  13. What are you trying to say? You think this isn't me?
  14. My favorite and best producing coil has been an old fiberglass Nugget Finder 17" EM but I also own a couple of 16" RM that rarely get used. I'm wondering if there is a significant depth or other advantage to either coil? Of course the 17" is easier to maneuver around rocks and bushes but the sweep width is about the same for covering ground. Is there any reason to use the 16" round over the 17" E? I could imagine that the round one gets a little better depth but if so how much? I think the 17" EM might be more sensitive to small gold but I don't have much experience with the 16" to compare. Oh yeah, I'm using a GPX 4500.
  15. Sweet! Close to home is great.
  16. Great to see you are still catching gold and fish in great proportions.
  17. Glad to see you still have the touch. No matter where you go you find gold. I'm looking forward to cooler weather here.
  18. Nice work again Bob. The weather has been good here too. I've snagged about 1/2 oz. of nuggets in the last few weeks and one javelina. Your steelhead is about the same size and better tasting for sure.
  19. Every time I go out detecting a few of the many "nuggets" of wisdom Bob has shared with me start running through my mind and I realize how true they are and how they have helped me find more gold. Not specific advice about detectors or geology but rather concepts that can be applied universally. I was out last weekend and while scoring a few more nuggets I became consciously aware of these sayings passing though my mind. There were more that kept coming back but now I can only remember three. I'm sure next time out others will come right back again. "Gold doesn't go far in the desert." "You never get them all." "When you dig you aren't trying to find the target, you are trying to move it." I put these to good use last weekend. Thanks Bob. I hope things are going well for you in CA. Chris
  20. I was siting at my desk at Yavapai College in Prescott and felt it as a strong jolt followed by a couple of seconds of small vibration that caused the pictures on my wall to rattle. At first I thought it was just another explosion in the chemistry classroom but it was not accompanied by the usual loud bang. According to the map the epicenter was W of highway 89 in the Cedar Heights/Sullivan Buttes area of Chino Valley. That's only a few miles from my house. My wife and kids were at school in Chino and 2 out of the 3 of them felt it as a strong jolt too.
  21. I'm thinking of selling off a few ounces of nuggets and am wondering what is the best place to do it. I prefer to sell to individuals for cash but I suppose ebay would be ok. What kind of experience have you all had selling gold?
  22. Great advice. Thanks. Now I just need to get the nerve to sell. I don't need to sell but it seems like a great time and it never hurts to have some extra cash but I get kind of attached to gold I worked so hard to find.
  23. This was my first choice but I didn't know about other places and how fast stuff would go here. I also wonder about the perils of shipping gold. Can you insure it like anything else. What about the dishonest buyer that might accuse you of shorting them? Is there a way to certify weight before shipping?
  24. Nice! Bob, I honestly think you could find nuggets with a magnet. If your GPX 5000 is getting dusty I'll take it for a walk for you.