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    With 25+ yrs. in the gold mining industry. I finally decided to try and find some for myself. I enjoy time with my family, while hunting, fishing, and ATV rides are some of the other things I enjoy.
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  1. NvAuMiner

    GP3500 for sale

    Sale pending...... SOLD.. Thanks,
  2. NvAuMiner

    GP3500 for sale

    I'm about tired of the snow....
  3. NvAuMiner

    GP3500 for sale

    Hey Dan, All is well here and I hope it's the same for you.. No!!! not getting out of detecting, just looking to upgrade my gear. Thanks for passing the info along. I might be coming to Elko on Saturday... I could deliver if he is interested. Take care Doug
  4. NvAuMiner

    GP3500 for sale

    Thanks Fred!! With all that is offered in the deal. . . I thought it was a fair price for all. But it's not entirely cast in stone either. It is sensitive. . . I have found both big and small stuff with it.
  5. GP 3500 with extras for sale. This detector works great and was well cared for. (always stored in the house and always used with a control box cover) $1,800.00 Make Offer SOLD Stock accessories: 11” DD coil w/cover, battery and charger, curly cord, Koss UR30 headphones, upper shaft, original box and manual. Extras: Carbon fiber upper shaft and extra lower shaft Advantage Nuggetfinder 14x7 E-mono coil w/cover Nuggetfinder 16” round mono w/cover (fiberglass) Goldstalker Signal Enhancer with speaker Coiltek Li-ion Regulated System 5 Li-ion batteries (all good batteries) 2 Li-ion battery chargers Extra shorty power cord Detector cable guard Control box cover Minelab carry bag
  6. NvAuMiner

    New coil lands new gold!

    That's a nice chunk!! Congrats to your friend. . .
  7. Good finds. . . Thanks for sharing. . .
  8. NvAuMiner

    Next to the Truck!

    Heck. . . check the whole road around there
  9. NvAuMiner

    Awesome 2015 season so far!

    Congrats to whole Kauffman family!!! WOW. . . sounds like you all had a great year and no doubt your daughter will finish it off in the same fashion. That's what I call a full freezer. Kudos to getting that bull for your wife to come in, and I bet you enjoyed the stalk your son did through the binos. I love to watch it all come together!!! again.. congrats on the great season!! Doug
  10. MAN ... thats very cool! Sure appreciate the finder letting you share the pics and story... Thanks
  11. NvAuMiner

    2015 NV Muley

    Thanks Joe.... Time was ticking by very slowly... You'll have to work on checking that off your list.... I saw a couple really big racks, but there was no way I could hike up to them.... They were on top of the highest mtn. really far away and I was already on the closest rd. I had a pack-frame with me, but was by myself and promissed I wouldn't attempt that again. My mind said "you-can-do-it" -- my body said "remember-last-time" None-the-less, I enjoy spotting them and watching them move around.
  12. NvAuMiner

    2015 NV Muley

    Hi Dan, I did and saw a lot of beaver dams in the creek and checked out an old mine that had a pretty cool old International dozer as yard art. I ended up going up the canyon 4mi east of the reservoir that I was camped at. I didn't realize how much that fire a few years ago damaged the area. It sure looked different and I was sad to see it burnt down the cowboy bunk house that was here. The deer moved back in there as well as the elk too. My boy got a nice buck with a youth tag left of the bunk house years agoand this time I went straight up past the burnt down bunk house. Doug
  13. NvAuMiner

    2015 NV Muley

    Thanks guys!!! I had to laugh at my wife, , , on Tuesday, she got out of the shower saying that her eyebrows still hurt from looking through the binos for so long. She didn't want to miss anything.... and she didn't..... :-) Hey Mike, Good luck on your Whitetail hunts next month.. Be safe. . .
  14. Hey All. . . Thought I would share our muley buck 'with story' that we were fortunate to get this past weekend. It started out by my wife helping me set up camp on 10/3 in an area of northern NV I haven't hunted in a few years. The season started on 10/5 and I was ready. I had strict orders not to shoot anything that was going to kill me to get out. . . as the last one in '13 'almost' did. . . (it took me out of the 2014 season) The wife headed back home to work the week and planned on comming out the following weekend. The first couple of days I hunted a canyon fairly close to camp and saw a lot of deer and a couple nice bucks... (thank God) they were in the next county over and way out of range. I did however spot a 3x3 and my friends son who was with me at the time placed a good shot which took him to the freezer. Antelope were up the ying-yang and no elk were seen, but fresh tracks in the mud from the previous evening thunder stroms proved they were around. For the next couple of days, my friends showed me a lot of good looking country, , , but not many animals were out and about. Friday mornings hunt just proved there were more antelope than I expected to see and I was back at camp by 1pm to greet my wife, relax and get the game plan for Saturday's hunt. Saturday we headed back to the canyon close to camp as it held the most deer that I have seen all week and we headed to the draw that the 3x3 was taken a few days earlier. Nothing was there, so we headed to the next area that I saw a couple of bucks head into the begining of the week at first light. They gave me the slip then, but discovered a lot of beds in the area. When we got there I spoted a few doe's leaving over the ridge and right about the same time I saw it... my wife said it... "The last doe is looking back !!!!! To hunters, thats a tell-tale sign that something is behind them. . . I imediately looked and barely saw a buck bedded in the tall grass high in a small bowl. I ranged the buck at over 400yrds. With not much cover for me but the wind gusts in my favor, I decided to get closser. The wife stayed at the rig and I took my time in getting about 150yrds closer. NOW.....The waiting game was on.....and on....and on. A smaller buck stood that we didn't see, just to lay right back down. This was around 9/9:30 ------- that dang buck didn't stand until 1:30pm. Patience and a one well placed shot @ 265yrds took him to the freezer. This has to be the largest body muley that I have ever taken. As a reference to me standing next to the buck... I'm almost 6'3" and about 230lbs Undoubtbly I'm getting older.. but he seemed pretty heavy.
  15. NvAuMiner

    Collectable trash

    Lol.... yeah its hard to compete with the girls. I just invite them along. he is on summer break and I had him and his girlfriend out hunting a couple weeks ago.