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  1. Evil only exists - When Good Men do nothing.

  2. NvAuMiner

    GP3500 for sale

    Sale pending...... SOLD.. Thanks,
  3. GP 3500 with extras for sale. This detector works great and was well cared for. (always stored in the house and always used with a control box cover) $1,800.00 Make Offer SOLD Stock accessories: 11” DD coil w/cover, battery and charger, curly cord, Koss UR30 headphones, upper shaft, original box and manual. Extras: Carbon fiber upper shaft and extra lower shaft Advantage Nuggetfinder 14x7 E-mono coil w/cover Nuggetfinder 16” round mono w/cover (fiberglass) Goldstalker Signal Enhancer with speaker Coiltek Li-ion Regulated System 5 Li-ion batteries (all good batteries) 2 Li-ion battery chargers Extra shorty power cord Detector cable guard Control box cover Minelab carry bag
  4. NvAuMiner

    GP3500 for sale

    I'm about tired of the snow....
  5. NvAuMiner

    GP3500 for sale

    Hey Dan, All is well here and I hope it's the same for you.. No!!! not getting out of detecting, just looking to upgrade my gear. Thanks for passing the info along. I might be coming to Elko on Saturday... I could deliver if he is interested. Take care Doug
  6. NvAuMiner

    GP3500 for sale

    Thanks Fred!! With all that is offered in the deal. . . I thought it was a fair price for all. But it's not entirely cast in stone either. It is sensitive. . . I have found both big and small stuff with it.
  7. NvAuMiner

    New coil lands new gold!

    That's a nice chunk!! Congrats to your friend. . .
  8. Good finds. . . Thanks for sharing. . .
  9. NvAuMiner

    Next to the Truck!

    Heck. . . check the whole road around there
  10. MAN ... thats very cool! Sure appreciate the finder letting you share the pics and story... Thanks
  11. Hey everyone, Ever find any discarded miner trash that you thought was cool? I thought I would post a long spoon that I recently found in a dump and then I thought I might as well show some other old miner's tools I found too. I have no idea what the long spoon tool was used for, unless in was a crevice tool. Found a lot of wedges big and small, thought the old tobacco cans used to hold a claim note was a good idea back-in-the-day. What I really think is neat is an old piece of fuse, well I think its fuse any way. Not finding any gold the last couple times out and in the need of a fix . . . I decided I would take a closer look at a couple little rocks that I previously found which showed a little color on the outside. I soaked them for a bit and then picked the rock off. I wish I would of taken some before pics. but all I have are these after clean-up shots. The total weight is 3.1dwt or 4.9g. . . Well with all my rock collection now depleted. . . I am really going to have to get after it the next time out. Stay cool and have a safe summer - Doug
  12. NvAuMiner

    Collectable trash

    Lol.... yeah its hard to compete with the girls. I just invite them along. he is on summer break and I had him and his girlfriend out hunting a couple weeks ago.
  13. NvAuMiner

    A fun morning...

    WOW... Holy Cow... Man, that's a day to reflect on and bed a knee to give thanks for the safe return to Deb. Thanks for sharing Ray, that story sure gives us all a heads up on how quick things can happen. Wish you a safer trip next time...
  14. NvAuMiner

    Collectable trash

    Nugget108, That's awesome that he was able to hit his first nugget the same day he found a cool lantern. Tell him congrats for me.... Treasure the time... it goes by fast. . . My hunting buddy is going to start his second year at UNR Believe me... time does fly...
  15. NvAuMiner

    A TRINITYAU Moment

    Congrats Jeff. . . Very nice job on all accounts.... Thanks for the story and pics.
  16. Wow, that was cool. . . very cool. . . good job on both. . . Congrats! ! !
  17. Hey azdave35, I have the stock battery that came with my GP3500, haven't used it since I went to the light weight Li-ion set up. I have occasionally charged it up but haven't used it in year(s). Interested ??? What's it worth to you ?? NvAuMiner -- Doug
  18. Congrats Norm. . . I LLLLLLL.LIKE IT!!!! Good Job on sifting through all the trash to pull this nice piece out........
  19. NvAuMiner

    Easter Patch

    That would be my best "Easter egg hunt ever" as well!!! Good job SkyWalker. . . I agree with LipCa and would go back and search for the coin that was in that jewelry and in the mean time pick up some more of those nuggets! Thanks for sharing and be sure to post the coin when you find it. Doug
  20. Congrats on your first gold!!! And you picked up some nice grainy/course pieces too. . . Thanks for showing them...
  21. Great idea Ray. . . I was glad to make it out and have the opportunity to meet you and other nugget hunters from Calif & NV. I hope next time I will be up to swinging a coil around as well. Take care all - NvAuMiner - Doug
  22. Very cool stuff Chris. I really like that old boot knife. If it could talk... I wonder what stories it could tell!! I worked a hand stacked foundation a few weeks ago and all I found was some flat pieces of metal tucked in it. It kinda looked like banding material. It sure had the heart pumping when I first heard the signal. Take care .. Doug
  23. NvAuMiner

    garrett atx

    Hey Bill... Some of the lessons learned the hard way are the best ... because you don't forget them. That's kind of how I learned some things Anyway, glad you got some of it figured out .... and by the way .... www.LAPoliceGear.com has some good sales on boots with no metal at times. Best of luck and this is a great post for the forum. Keep reading .. there is a lot to be learned on other posted topics.... Be safe, Doug
  24. That's what I love about this hobby. When the detector goes zip, you just don't know what you'll dig up. No matter where you are searching. . . Congrats!! That gold coin is an awesome find.
  25. Very nice country! Sure wish it would warm up a little around here in N.NV.