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  1. The picture shows what I have available. These are VLF Gold Detectors. As far as I know they still sell at about a thousand dollars a piece. I tested this unit for Notka. This is a very good gold unit. It has been around for a while. I am hoping that this will be a good deal for a person that has FORS Gold equipment. There are lots of extras. Six coils, three units, one extra shaft, two headphones, waterproof bags for control boxes, Nokta suitcase, charging equipment, small group of accessories (coil screws, shaft tips) This sale is "as is". All three units work fine. One unit is missing a battery cover. Far as I know that's it. Check the picture out and give me a call. $400.00 You pay shipping from Redding, Ca. 96003 TRINITYAU.COM 5307392973 Thanks, Trinityau/RayMills
  2. Hello all, here are some pictures from one of the earlier outings with the 7000. The first picture shows one of the clay seams that I often talk about. These range in size from large ones like this on down to some that are less than an inch wide. These clay seams generally run with the shale. It seems that the larger nuggets have come from areas where the seams are very thin. I'm not sure what the silver pin is...several ideas. Look close and you will see the buttons of a large rattlesnake hiding in the rocks. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS TRINITYAU.COM
  3. Hello all, the total weight was 35 grains. HLipke, I need your mailing address. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  4. Hello everyone, here are some pictures from a Saturday afternoon a few weeks back. Got finished updating the website "TRINITYAU.COM" and headed out for a short four hour hunt with the 7000.
  5. Hello all, I got out the other day with some friends. Here are some pictures, thanks. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  6. Thanks to everyone who participated, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  7. WINNERS FOR THIS CONTEST MIKE SLAVENSKY PETE HARRIS TAD ROBINETTE HARRY LIPKE MATT NELSON Mike's guess on the weight of the gold was the closest, Mike wins the gold and an autographed copy of my book. Pete, Tad, Harry and Matt were the other four finalist's, they will all receive an autographed copy of my book. Winners please send me your complete mailing address so I can send the books and gold out. Send your information to trinityau@hotmail.com THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED Hello everyone, I have been very busy with so many projects lately and I have not been visiting or posting on the forums much. I am finally finishing up on lots of stuff and look forward to posting again and getting back into the mainstream of gold detecting again. My hunting partner George has gone through a bout with throat cancer and just received a clean bill of health the other day, after a few months of radiation and chemo. I hope to be hunting together with him very soon. I have had many people wanting to know if I was going to plan an outing again this year in Northern Nevada. I have done this in the past with an open invitation to all. I am looking at possibly doing an outing sometime in June this year. Again, it will be an open invitation to all. Because I have been off the forums for a while I am hosting a free giveaway. The details are below and also can be found on TRINITYAU.COM WIN YOUR FREE COPY OF Detecting for Gold, Adventures, Trips and Tips .. DETAILS Guess the weight of each of the five individual pieces of gold, then guess the weight of all five pieces of gold together. Your guess should be made in grains. Click on each picture to open that particular picture in a larger view. This contest will run until midnight 21 February 2016. The first five persons that get the correct weight or closest in both categories will win a free autographed copy of my book, this is to include free shipping anywhere in the United States. This contest is valid only in the United States. The very first person to get the correct or closest weight in both categories will win a copy of the book and get the gold. The weight has been determined by the scales in the pictures, which were calibrated to a zero balance just prior to weighing the five pieces of gold. All entries must be made on TRINITYAU.COM through the Comments page. Enter your guess on the Forum Entry. GOOD LUCK TO ALL This gold was found with the New Makro Gold Racer TRINITYAU.COM
  8. trinityau

    Makro Gold Racer

    Hello, haven't heard from you guys for a while. I thought maybe you found all the gold that was left up there and hung up the detectors. About your first question, no, it was not intentional however I will spill the beans. The VLF's in use before and after were Minelab's Eureka Gold, Garrett's AT Gold and the Fisher Gold Bug's A person that only gets out once in a while is going to realize that there is more of a learning curve to the Gold Racer than the GB Pro. I have been using the Racer the last month at many different sites and I am still learning lots of tricks and I expect that this pattern will continue for a while. The Gold Bug Pro is a unit that has a shorter learning curve, I think. Any person that gets out on a regular basis with a VLF should be fine with either unit. I do think the Gold Racer has an edge on tiny pieces at a tad more depth than the GB Pro. Many prospectors want a VLF as a clean- up machine and that is a great purpose for them. Some prospectors want a VLF because they are just breaking into gold detecting and the price is right. I use a VLF for detecting small dink's once I find a patch and I want to clean it out effectively. I have many “crumb” patches where a VLF is all you need. My primary reason for using a VLF is when I find a new location that looks really good to me, both in depth and the look of the soil. I can use either the Racer or the Bug with their reliable displays to detect between obvious iron signals and other trash. I like to see those numbers that pop right up on a solid target of some size. When all my ferrous bars go away, my larger ground number drops to a 3, 8 or 12, and the bar graph goes back and forth between 40 and 100 I can usually expect a piece of lead, old brass cartridge, foil or gold. I am basically just eliminating the iron, but that helps a lot at many locations. Many of the areas that I detect in are free of trash so I get excited when the display shows these readings as it is usually a nice nugget. I will bring in the Minelab detectors after this first sweep. LOL,I am very pleased with my newest VLF, the Minelab 7000. I have found so many tiny pieces of gold at surprising depth with this unit, it just amazes me. Thanks for comments on the book. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  9. Hello all, here are some pictures of the Makro Gold Racer in the field. The Racer was used in areas previously detected with other VLF's. My detecting partner Chris was using the Racer and I as following up with another VLF going over the same targets. Many of the same targets could be heard easily by both units, however there were a bit less than a quarter of the targets that only the Racer heard very well. The targets that were in some of the deeper and grittier soil gave a weaker response. Both VLF's read the target but the as I said the Racer sound was much more distinct and in fact heard some an inch or two deeper. The ICMJ featured an article that I wrote titled "Piles of Gold'' just a few issues back. If you look very closely at the first picture you will see the Makro Gold Racer in action. That particular pay pile that we were working had been gone over with other VLF's and a few pieces were heard in the highly mineralized material of the heap. We assumed that was all we were going to get until we went back another day with the Gold Racer. Once we found other pieces we started taking the pile apart. We pulled a bit over an ounce of gold off that pile and have since found other piles. The video shows how many targets we were hearing sweeping the Gold Racer over the ground. As mentioned earlier, some of the targets could have been heard by other VLF's but the Gold Racer was ultimately what made us decide to tear into the pile. Chris did have a bit of luck with the Racer one day along a creek where the alluvial gravels had been worked. That piece was 14.8 pennyweight. One thing that really impressed me about the Gold Racer was its ability to give a better target response to some nice pieces that were on edge in the bedrock. Most of you know that flatter pieces of gold, especially lying flat, will give a better target response than round, marble type gold targets. The Racer showed me no difference in discerning round to flat and I like that. The unit is very light and maneuverable and I like that. Anyone who has detected with me knows my favorite saying "what brush?" and "that's not thick". It can be short shafted or long shafted so it works in the brush for me very well. As mentioned in an earlier post, I will let Steve do the technical assessment as he is much better at that than I am. I know that the unit is well built and many changes were put into the final product. I will be using it quite a bit. A few videos can be seen on TRINITYAU.COM I will have them posted by end of day 11/23/2015 Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS Take it away Steve...
  10. Gold & Outdoor Festival on August 22 & 23 I will be doing a Gold Detecting Seminar each day. I will also be selling my book at the Gold & Outdoor Festival on August 22 & 23. This event will be held at the Mother Lode Fairgrounds in beautiful Sonora, California and sponsored by the Delta Gold Diggers, GPAA. Adults $5 – Children 12 and under FREE, VET'S FREE CLAIM JUMPER METAL DETECTING HUNT – Sponsored by Minelab - Hunt for all ages - Over $3,000 in buried treasure will be up for grabs - Detecting Education & Training provided by Rusty's Gold and Treasure Hunting Supply, an authorized Minelab dealer, and GPAA’s own Kevin Hoagland - Prizes! Minelab detectors and equipment (valued at over $4,000) TREASURE QUESTING – Sponsored by Minelab - Hunt for all ages - Non-competitive - Hands-on lesson designed to teach newcomers how to metal detect - Lots of prizes - Participate more than once, if you like GOLD & OUTDOOR RAFFLE PRIZES VALUED AT OVER $10,000! - Metal detectors – Minelab, Garrett and Tesoro - Kicking Donkey – Cascade Recirculator & Black Magic - Gold Cube - Camel Mining Mountain Goat Trommel - Alaska Gold Expedition – (2) two week trips to Nome, Alaska (airfare included). One each day. - Much more LIVE DEMOS - Dozens of Manufactures and Dealers conducting equipment and product demonstrations. GOLD PANNING AREA - Learn from experienced miners how to pan for real gold. - Great fun for “kids” of all ages. Newbies to the elite! MULTIPLE BUILDINGS & OUTSIDE AREAS PACKED FULL WITH … - Prospecting equipment. - Live demonstrations. - Jewelry. - Arts & Crafts. - Activities & Games for ALL! PROSPECTING SEMINARS (subject to change) - Local Prospecting – Basic Prospecting. - Follow the Old Timers – Advanced Prospecting. - Geology – Basic Understanding - Geology – Advanced - Metal Detecting / Electronic Prospecting Gold Prospectors Association of America & Lost Dutchman’s Mining Association members mining claims within a 15-30 minute drive of Sonora. Invite your family and friends, stop by our booth and learn how you can find more gold! Lots of hotels, RV and tent camping nearby. RV spaces are $30 per RV per night. Tent camping is $20 per tent per night. Showers and bathrooms available. Limited full hookups for RVs. Mother Lode Fairgrounds 220 Southgate Drive Sonora, CA 95370 August 23-24 Saturday 10 am - 6 pm & Sunday 10 am - 4 pm Come by and say hello.
  11. For Sale..............Fisher F-75 with 11 inch DD Search Coil. $400.00 Free shipping in United States Call me for particulars.............................530 739 2973 This is a very good used detector. I just do not need it. Will do PAY-PAL Thanks for looking, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
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