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  1. Hello all, I got out with Chris today and hunted an area that we have been eyeballing for while. It is a long walk in and a longer walk out. The area is an old hand diggings and there was hardly any trash. I got my larger piece in the first few minutes and the next few came during the rest of the day. I was using my 3000/Sadie. Chris took a few hours to find his first piece, after that he did ok also. Chris was using his GB Pro/Ten inch coil. It was beautiful day with the high around sixty eight degrees. The hunting days are getting short already. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  2. Hello all, I had been out detecting with a friend and the place turned out to be a bust so I called my wife and had her come pick me up. I told her to bring her detector and we would detect a few pullouts on the highway as we headed home. She got there and we went by a spot at an intersection where some old diggings came down almost to the highway. She started detecting and I walked over to the edge of the diggings and started detecting. Within a few minutes got a booming signal wit my GB Pro. I looked down a saw what I thought was a large flake of gold. I thought to myself, WOW! I reached down to pick the piece up and saw that it was a gold coin. The coin turned out to be a 1843 D (Dahlonega,Georgia) two and a half dollar/Quarter Eagle. It has the large D and large date. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS Attached Thumbnails
  3. Hello all, George, Chris and I will be at Sawtooth, Nevada during the following dates. 4 Oct 2014 thru 12 Oct 2014. Will be camped at the regular spot. There will be some other friends from all around that will be showing up also. Should be quite a gathering. Hope to see everyone again. Give me a call if you have any questions. Thanks TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS 530 739 2973 trinityau@Hotmail.com
  4. Hello all, I have been very busy with my book. Yes, it is going to the publisher within weeks. I got out the other day for a few hours with a friend and was able to pull a few small pieces. I got the smaller ones with the GB Pro/ten inch coil and the three larger pieces were found with the 3000/Sadie a bit deeper than the others. It was a hot day and a new location. I will be going back soon. Total weight was 1.5 pennyweight. Thanks, TRINITAU/RAYMILLS
  5. Steve, sorry, I win, I mentioned that to Chris when I started to write my book quite awhile back. I am using some logos in the book and I kept looking at it and could not figure it out, then it hit me. LOL TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  6. Hey Shep, Happy Birthday to you. I hope you had a fine day. Here is a picture from a few years back. We need to get together again. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  7. Hello all, I got out today with the F-19 to detect bedrock in a creek that has been producing the last few weeks. I had an issue losing the ground balance when I put the coil underwater. I don't know if it was the temperature of the water or the sheer amount of hematite that was lodged in the bedrock. Once I was over a target I did get a good response. The hematite showed up from 85 to 95 on the big screen number. The gold was right where it was suppose to be, 40 to 50 and no ferrous bars. I ended up with ten small pieces. The weight was two grams or 1.29 pennyweight for Shep... Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  8. Hello all, I was able to get out with the Fisher F-19 for a few more days. I am using it in the Redding area of Northern California. Local results may vary depending on your location. This is by no means a technical paper, just the differences that I see between the F-19 and the GB Pro. The F-19 comes with a ten inch elliptical coil that is stock. The GB Pro comes with a five inch round coil that is stock. Both coils are very sensitive to sub-grain pieces of gold. I prefer the ten inch coil over the five inch coil because it will cover more ground in less swings. It will also fit into crevices better. I have not noticed any difference in the effect of EMI or ground noise on either coil. I did not notice any false signals from either detector. To me Pin-Pointing appears to be a quicker process with the ten inch coil. I feel that the tip of the ten inch coil is more sensitive than the rest of the coil.This applies to both units. The control boxes on both units appear to be the same, however there are differences. If I were to use the F-19 to detect for gold I would use the same settings that I use on the GB Pro. The difference that I noticed with the F-19 is that I can turn the gain up to about the two o’clock position and maintain a steady and even threshold. With the GB Pro I could only go up to about the eleven o’clock position and maintain a steady threshold. Both of these scenarios are without headphones. When using headphones I was able to set the Gain to the maximum setting on both detectors. I like to use both of these detectors without headphones because I can hear sub-grain pieces when both are set to the above Gain settings. I come across lots of rattlesnakes in my area so I like to hear all around. Because I can set the gain a bit further on the F-19 it seems to be just a tad more sensitive. I say a tad because it is almost not noticeable I don’t know why this is occurring as I was told that this was not one of the improvements or additions. The other difference is the signals are softer and I was not getting the loud audible on trash with the F-19 that I was getting with the GB Pro. Both units have continuous ground condition readout. Both units are 19 kHz operating frequency. Both units show ground phase values indicating the amount of mineralization. Both units have computerized Ground Grab. The F-19 has a manual override. The F-19 is recommended for: Relic, Beach, Coin and Gold. GB Pro is recommended for: Gold The F-19 offers a Menu on the screen. Both units weigh in at 2.5 pounds, and are considered Ultra Lightweight. Both units have Static pinpoint with depth indicator. The F-19 has a Backlight display. Both units will accept headphones. The GB Pro has a variable Break point tone discrimination system, TM The F-19 has an enhanced Break point tone discrimination system, TM. The F-19 has Notch Window with Adjustable Notch Width. Both have independent control of Threshold and Gain The F-19 will Ground balance all the way to Salt. The F-19 has unmatched Target Separation in Iron and Trash. The F-19 has an Adjustable Iron Audio. The GB Pro has VCO Audio in All Metal and Discrimination modes. The last five items that are bold and underlined are added features for the F-19. These items increase the effectiveness of this unit when used in the Relic, Beach or Coin mode. These items vary with the GB Pro. Overall, the F-19 appears to be just a GB Pro in camo with a ten inch coil. However, the additions shown above can be favorable for the gold prospector. When detecting for gold in high trash areas or tailing piles the F-19 may be better fit for the job. Remember the F-19 is not being touted as a gold machine. It is a Relic, Beach and Coin machine. I consider it a great crossover unit. The F-19 comes in Green Camo and Pink Camo. I opted for the Green Camo as it was the better choice for me. I believe there would be a change in my performance and concentration if I had gone pink… Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  9. Hello all, I got out this weekend for a few hours to try out the new F-19 from Fisher. I was able to detect two small pieces without the use of headphones. Chris was using the GB Pro with the ten inch coil and snagged a few in an area away from where I was. I wanted to use the F-19 in an area that has been hit hard. I will be taking the F-19 to Nevada next weekend and put it through a rigorous workout. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  10. Hello all, I took off by myself today for bit of walking and detecting. I got up late and that should have been my warning as to how the day would go. Deb dropped me off and I headed down the dirt road to the trail. I planned on going up a canyon and detecting bedrock, and when finished I would crawl up the canyon walls and cut through the manzanita to get up high on the ridge. From there I could call Deb and walk out to the road to get picked up. Well, before I hit the canyon things started to go bad. I took my shortcut down into the canyon via a small wash that was ok last time I came in to the area. This time all was well until I almost got to the bottom, then I heard all the snakes saying hello. My fault, I was on the sunny side of the canyon, morning and the beginnings of a hot day. I never seen a snake but it sounded like there might have been four or five. After getting into the clear I headed up the creek bed. I was moving through some bushes and a branch caught up and smacked me right in the face. Oh no, it couldn't be a regular shrub, it had to be stinging nettle. That was fun. I moved on and dug a few targets that turned out to be lead. I decided to go up into the canyon and hunt. I got to a spot that I had detected last year up about forty feet on a side bench. I got one piece almost immediately that turned out to be almost a pennyweight. As I went to pick up my 3000 I caught something out of the corner of my eye moving. I was on the edge of the bench and lost my footing right when the rattlesnake struck at me. The snake had so much force in the strike that he went over the edge with me, detector and all. My finger got slammed against some rocks on the way down and I got a skin tear on my butt about about a foot long. The snake had come to a stop a few feet to the right of me, right where I could nail him with the first big rock I could get my hands on, and I did. With that ordeal over I took a short break, that was when I found out why my pack felt so light, my ice tea bottles were all still at the house. I moved up the creek to a spot where a small gully entered the main stream and got some cold water. As I was sitting down and looking at the bedrock just in front of me I saw what I thought was a piece of gold. I kind of leaned over to look better and picked up the piece of gold. I decided that I better turn the 3000 on and go over this small area of bedrock and see if there was anymore gold. Well... there might be more gold in that spot, but I was not going to get it with a broken coil. My Sadie is gone.... No detector, no water, getting hotter, ass is hurting, and I still have walk out of here. And... oh hell, where is my pick? Well, I did get two nuggets for about two hours. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
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    Happy Fourth of July!!!

    Thanks Chris, I hope you and your family have a great 4th. The Sadie came in last night. I will use it this weekend. Thanks again, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
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    A fun morning...

    Thanks guys, and Mike I was hoping to get a rise out of you. I had visions of a giant Striper pulling your kayak around and around in circles. Had not heard from you for a while. Take care. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
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    A fun morning...

    Hello all, yes it was quite a morning. Today was probably the first time that I have been out by myself in almost a year. Chris................................WOW and a great big Thank You! Scott................................No, that target does sound good though. Gerard............................No, I normally do not wear them, however I use to move a lot quicker too, age is creeping up on me.Those are the buttons from that snake. Normally I do not kill them unless they are going to be a danger near a picnic table or play area for kids. Even then I use to try and relocate them but I have not had that situation come up recently. Thanks all, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  14. Hello all, I got out with the guys today for a hunt. We all met up and headed out to the site at 0800 this morning. After making sure everyone had everything we were on the trail down to the creek. After a mile of walking we hit the mouth of the canyon and split up here and there and began detecting. We were detecting bedrock along the edge of the stream. We had four Minelabs and a GB Pro in motion. It was a hot one today and after about five or so hours we were all ready to go get a cold one at the local store. We all got gold so all were happy. There was a total of 7.3 grams found between all of us. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
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    Sunday hunt...

    Great picture Mike, I did not know it was found like that. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  16. Hello all, I met up with Chris and Shasta Gold Hunter for day of playing around. We headed out to a location we wanted to check out but it just was not to be. After meeting up together again we decided to go to another site. It was a pretty warm day so this location turned out to be just what we needed. After parking we headed down the trail and into the canyon where we found the creek full of water, more water than last year at this time. We split up and went different directions. All three of us were using GB Pro's and searching crevices for targets, then panning out the impacted gravels. We then used straws to blow away the remaining dry dirt. I think we all spent more time just enjoying the weather and relaxing. None of us got rich today, but no one got the skunk either. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  17. Hello all, I ended up being by myself today for a few hours out in the woods. I actually had a first time occurrence and was very surprised. I was in an area that has been hit very hard. As I was working my way through the area came upon a newly fallen pine tree. The ground was very dry and almost all the dirt and shale had come loose from the roots. I swung the Sadie over the pile but got no signal. I started to move on and thought to myself, I better just slow down and rake that pile down a bit. I did and when I went over the material I got a nice mellow signal this time. About eight inches down I saw the glint of yellow and reached into the hole to pick out a small, but thick bit of gold. It weighted out at just a hair under a gram. I didn't meet the skunk so I headed back to the rig and on to the house. Thanks all, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  18. Hey Norm, great nugget, we may end up getting together again sometime in the future. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  19. Hello all, I just got back from the trip to Northern Nevada. Here are a few pictures from the trip. I am sure a few of the other guys will have a few pictures to post also. The weather actually was really nice with only one afternoon that the wind became too noisy. We had about twenty five people show up. It was a good trip with lots of fun to be had and some even found a bit of gold. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS These are pictures of the long piece being recovered from a side bank of a dry wash. El Dorado took a picture of me taking pictures. This is a family portrait of the El Dorado family, Steve and Dee with their two companions. These are shots of Nuggeteer, Wes, and Rick playing around with the dry washer, I recovered the 1.18 pennyweight nugget out of a dry wash pile. Myself and some crumbs I detected with the GB Pro. Some pictures of the general area.
  20. Hello all, I got out today for a while with Mark B. He had been detecting for a few hours by himself while I was at a different location giving a lesson to a couple of people. I headed over to the site and made my way a half mile up the draw. Mark had found four pieces. Once we met up I started detecting and within twenty minutes I had a nice mellow signal. My piece came out at ten grains, and Mark's were a half penny weight together. The clouds were getting dark, my wife Deb called and said supper was ready so I hollered at Mark and we headed out. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  21. Hello all, I got out this morning with Chris, (Nuggeteer) and we hunted bedrock for a few hours. I found one crumb that came in at four tenths of a grain. When I left Chris had two pieces that were far bigger than my crumb. I had to get back to the house and left Chris to his hunting. Just a few minutes after getting things done at the house I got text from a friend, Scott. He was in Redding for his mother's birthday and had a few hours for a short hunt. I decided to go back out for a bit. I took him to a place that I have been getting some nice gold that is throwing out of the shale which is intrusive on an almost level slope. There have been a few big rainstorms since my last trip to the area so it had washed a bit here and there. I had just walked away from Scott, not even two minutes and he hollered at me that he had a piece. I walked back over to see the nugget. It was nice marble looking piece. It turned out to be two penny weight even. The clouds started to gather again and within minutes we had raindrops hitting us. He was ready to head back home with his prize, so we did. On a lighter note for you guys that are always raising heck about the BLM, look at what they are doing for us at each of the parking lots that we use while out detecting. They put up these really neat green sluice boxes for us, after depositing your material at the head of the box, then just push the silver button and look for the gold. I was really happy to see this change in BLM mining attitude and then someone told me they were drinking fountains. LOL Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  22. Hello all, Jeff you are on track, now you just have to weather the course between the ups and downs. The rest of you guys are just too nice. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  23. The Sawtooth Mtn that is North West of RyePatch, North of Placerites, South of the Jackson Range. Just South off of the Winnemucca to the Sea road, and West of Haystack Butte. I think I got it cornered guy's... LOL TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS There is no cell reception from the campsite unless you drive about six miles. Anyone coming in a big rig, towing a camper etc. you will be on a dirt highway/road the last forty or so miles any direction you choose to come in from. Some people were having problems with Google Earth locating the campsite. I loaded up the coordinates on Bing Maps. Copy these coordinates and go to Bing Maps, paste them onto the search window and conduct the search. This should allow you to zoom in and out to get directions to the site. I hope this helps, if not give me a call. 530 739 2973 These are the coordinates - 40.856262,-118.611245
  24. Hello all, this message is addressed to anyone that I have detected with over the years either up here in Redding, or anywhere else. Persons from various clubs that I have been a member of are also welcome to send a picture. I would like a picture of yourself holding gold or a favorite find. The pictures will be edited and used to make several collages that will be used in my upcoming book. Any of you guys on the different forums that wish to get involved and have your mug shot/gold in a book send me a picture. I thank you all, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS trinityau@hotmail.com