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  1. Hello everyone, Chris and I got out this morning and got three pieces between us. He got the larger piece while I got the two smaller ones. He was using the GB Pro/10 inch coil and I was using my 3000/Sadie. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
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    Sawtooth trip...

    Hello all, the weather looks great right now for 17, 18, 19, 20 April. The trip is a go. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/hdfForecast?query=lovelock%2C+nv
  3. Hello all, I got together with a couple of friends for a hunt today. We headed out to a place I hunted years ago, where I use to get coarse pocket gold. Chris, Robert and I all had our GB Pro's with five and ten inch coils. Upon arriving at the location we were all detecting within five minutes. Within ten minutes Chris had two pieces. Robert and I were still hitting lead targets. About two hours into the hunt I finally scored a small one, rough and coarse just like I remember. Robert had to leave out early so Chris and I were on our own. We broke for lunch and sat down for about twenty minutes. After getting back to the hunt Chris got a third little piece. Twenty minutes later I got a nice solid signal and popped out another nice coarse piece, a bit larger than my first piece. Chris then got another piece bringing his total to four rough pieces. We both ended up with just about a gram for each of us. It was a beautiful sunny day just right for finding gold. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  4. Hello all, a few of my friends are going to Sawtooth Mtn, Nv for some detecting. The dates are 17,18,19,20 April. If the weather is a no go then we are looking at the following weekend, 24,25,26,27 April. Anyone wishing to meet up with a great group of people shoot me a PM for details. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
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    Does this count as a nugget?

    SGH, that is a fantastic find. I am thinking that you probably could have found that coin with the PI that is "down" LOL TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  6. Hello all, I met up with fellow hunter Chris and we headed out to a spot of private property where I have found come nice gold in the past. Chris was using the GB Pro/10 inch coil and I was using my 3000/Sadie. After parking we headed down the trail onto BLM land and walked to the fence that is the line for the private property. I called the owner up and let her know that we were going to be detecting today. Chris wandered down the creek to work the bedrock while I went up and over a ridge to a small flat that had some bedrock popping up through the red and yellow soil. I dug a few pieces of lead and moved up the flat and got a nice signal right near the edge of some bedrock. I dug down several inches and the signal was screaming. It turned out to be an old piece of lead that had turned white over the years. I waved the coil over the hole again and heard another more mellow signal. A few inches more and I saw the glint of yellow in the dark iron rich soil. I reached down and picked up a small piece of gold that turned out to .65 of a gram. I thought to myself that I better check the hole again. There was still another signal in the now almost ten inch deep hole. I was on solid rock now and could not see anything resembling a target, the signal was coming from under the bedrock. I chipped away with the pick point and eventually broke off a few slices of the bedrock taking me down a few more inches. I repeated this step a few more times and finally went over the target and it was not in the hole anymore. After about seventeen inches the target was in the pile of broken bedrock and clay. I pinpointed and pinched some soil up between finger tips and waved it over the coil, I had it. Rather than drop it on the coil I set my detector down and dropped the soil into my other hand and stirred it around with a finger tip until I saw yellow. It turned out to be a nice melon seed piece of gold that was about two grams. I hunted a while more with no other good signals so I headed back towards where I had left Chris. After finding him he showed me the three pieces he had found in the bedrock along the edge of the creek. We both took off different directions to hunt some more. An hour later I met up with Chris again and while I had not found anything else he had found two more. We left within an hour after not finding any more gold. It was another pretty day in the north state, clear and maybe 75 degrees. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  7. Hello all, my friend and hunting partner George DeFillipo, aka (digitgeorge) has just released a short but informative book. The title is "Protect Yourself From Violence" This is an excellent book for the kids, wife, family, friends or anyone who fits the bill. George keys in on three points that we all should keep in mind. AWARENESS AVOID ARM http://www.protectyo...omviolence.com/ Thanks all, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
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    Out again...

    Don, Chris was using the ten inch coil and I was using the five inch coil. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  9. Hello everyone, I got out again today for a few hours of detecting. A friend Chris was with me and we were both using GB Pro's. We went to an old haunt that was very good years ago. Two other friends here on the forum should recognize the picture on the very bottom. Between the two of them they detected over a thousand pieces at this site. I hope you two are well. Chris found the first piece, about three grains, and it turned out to be a loner for him. I found a piece of ground that was either uncovered by the recent heavy rains or just missed. The biggest of the four pieces came in a 1.3 grains. The next three were 1.2 grains, 0.9 grains and 0.4 grains. That aspirin bottle of mine was pretty heavy in the pocket coming out today. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  10. Hello all, I got out for a few hours today and found a couple of pieces. Its always funny to me when I drive four hours, stay two days and find one piece that is four tenths of a grain. The next day home, I get up and drive ten minutes step out of the Jeep and walk several yards and tag two pieces for a gram. I was using the ole 3000/Sadie. The pieces were about six inches deep but on edge. They were still very clear signals. Thanks all, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  11. Hello all, just got back from a relaxing trip in the Mother Lode country. George and I invited a friend Chris to come with us to an old pit located high on a ridge above the American River. We met up with a few friends at the site and began to set up camp. An hour later and we were off and running. At the end of the afternoon a few of us met up to see was what was found. One fellow, Robert, had found two pieces. One piece was a bit below a gram while the other was a tad smaller. A friend, Wes, got a small earring piece right before time for him to head out. Chris had found three small crumbs and was ready for the next day to come. The rest of us had blanked. For me it was just one of those trips where I had more time laying against a boulder and watching the sky. It was relaxing. The next morning there were just five of us.The temperature was in the high forties overnight so we did not have a freeze like I had expected. After eating we all headed out our own direction. I was still in the same frame of mind so I really did not detect much. It was a beautiful day in the high sixties to low seventies with a clear sky. I had just gotten up from another short snooze and Chris came running up the hill to show us the piece he had just found. It was a really neat piece about the size of a dime and covered with manganese oxide. After looking at it later with a loop you could see bubbles on the black. A bit later I ran into George and he had found a small earring piece. I was still chasing the skunk. We all met up at camp later in the afternoon and decided to eat a bit and then go out again before calling it quits for the day. Chris and I went down to little stretch of flat bedrock and began hunting with our GB Pro's. In a few minutes Chris had another small one. I finally got lucky and broke the skunk with a whopping size piece that came in at four tenths of a grain. Oh well, that's the way it goes. Another friend Doug had found one decent piece that was about six or seven grains and a few smaller ones. All in all it was a great trip with friends and a bit of gold was found and I got quite a bit of rest...
  12. Hello all, GoldRiverMike came up to Redding today for a hunt. After meeting up we headed out to a spot that I usually score a few nice pieces. We did a few loops to look at some other draws but ended up back at the pre-selected site and began to detect. We were both using PI's and had detected for almost an hour with no results. After taking a short break I went a bit lower on the slope and right away got nice soft signal. It turned out to nice rough bit that was .74 grams. Another half an hour and Mike hollered at me that he had just found a nugget. I went over and he had found a nice piece, about twice the size of my piece. We hit it again and within fifteen minutes Mike hollered out again, he found another. This one was a bit smaller. Mike will have to post the weight on his pieces and may have some other pictures. The two on top are Mike's and the other one is mine. Thanks all, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  13. Hello Cy, it is very difficult to try and narrow things down for you. The problem in trying to discuss pockets or lines is that they show up differently at different locales. I can tell you what to look for here at my location but it may be completely different where you are at. We both may have opposing geology while we may also have some similar features. When I take a person out training I try and show them what is happening on the ground. The geology of your local area may be different but the set-up in my mind is probably pretty similar anywhere. Let me try a different approach. Lots of people are on the lookout for a contact zone. This is good but too many people read too much into it. Some will see a quartz stringer running across the surface and call it a contact zone. While this may be true to an extent there is bit more to it. The area that I am located at has a general push from the NW to the SE. This push is the general direction in which the most prevalent base material is heading. In my neck of the woods this is shale, any color shale. So, as I am walking along I am watching the ground near and afar and seeing that common trend from NW to SE. While walking I notice that there is a dike or a seam, whatever you want to call it, of a different material crossing or cutting the general trend of shale that I have been looking at. This different material can be three feet wide or thee inches wide or it can be tiny seams that are matchbook wide, does not really matter. Here in my area it is usually Granite, Diorite, or Quartz and I have even seen shale crosscutting shale. As I stated earlier what you are watching for is the odd body of material that is cutting your general trending material. Once I have come across a location like this I slow down and try to find its limits. At times an area can be very small and precise while at other times the area could be very large, literally square acres. Let me break down (limits). When you have one material crossing another, let's say shale being crossed by diorite, most times you will have a change in the color of the immediate and surrounding area. I try to line this area out so I can determine the likely erosion path. Remember, what is the down side of a hill now might have been just opposite millions of years ago. Finding these limits can be very frustrating when you are in an area that has lots of grass and foilage. Sometimes you will have outcroppings of the crossing material and this can really help to identify a direction. This may sound way out there, but there are many types of vegetation that grow only in certain ground conditions. This too can be a possible lead to a location. Once determined what direction that erosion has taken place I start to detect. If I am on a slope I go down the hillside several hundred feet and then start back up detecting as I go. I like to zig zag across the slope until I come across that first piece. At that point I start to concentrate on that area and up the hill. Yes, there are times that I do not get a piece and I may have to change my hunt tactics and become a little more intense with my search efforts. Of course there are times that all the pieces of the puzzle come together and there still just is no gold to be found. This happened to me a lot when I first started detecting for pockets. After a few years things became clearer and began to go my way. Once on a line/pocket you can almost run it out with a compass. I am talking about a sometimes straight line that will throw detectable gold on the surface accompanied by a clay or ironstone seam. These lines or pockets occur around the contacts that I have mentioned and can be traced for miles. An interesting scenario that I encounter in my area is that a lot of the most productive areas that I have located seem to always show up on the southeast facing slopes. So much so that I tend to seek out just those slopes. Many people are too engrossed in looking for the quartz on the surface. In my local area there is virtually no quartz at many of the locations where pockets or lines have been found. This brings me to another point. When I say pockets most people are thinking of a single location where gold has been trapped and found, such as a crevice in bedrock. Others are thinking of an enriched zone of a vein that has pocketed out and left goodies behind. What I am after when I say pockets are these lines or very small areas that run immediately below the mentioned contacts. Are they worth it ? I think they are and many of my friends have learned over the years to become "one with the dirt", and the gold starts to show up. I will say that this may just be an anomaly to the Redding,Ca area but I know that is not true. I have done the same thing in other parts of California, Nevada and Oregon. It is not easy and it can be really frustrating but it has been very rewarding for me over the years. This is a different type of hunting. I do hunt the old diggings, ground sluice operations, gullies and creeks, hardrock deposits and any other locations that the old timers worked but I like the thrill of finding gold in places where no one is looking. I hope this helps some, these are my thoughts from thousands of hours on the ground that I have hunted for pockets and lines. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  14. Hey Norm, today is my day also. I turn sixty today. Keep it quiet... HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  15. Hello Mike, I hope you had an enjoyable birthday. Happy Birthday Mike. We will have to start planning some trips pretty quick before summer shows up. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
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    Sunday nugget

    Hey Matt, good going. Has Will got all his stuff yet. Let me know if you guys have any questions. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  17. I really would like to say that I have not been out because it has been raining and snowing however it was almost eighty degrees today with bright sunny skies. Expected to be dry for awhile. I have started to buy up bottled water and stack it to the ceilings. We are not done yet but I like to be prepared. Being raised in this part of the country I have seen winter come late many times so I am not too worried. We have had a few years where you get all the rain and snow in about five weeks and then it is over and you are wishing you never heard the word, " winter". I got out today with some friends for a hunt. We went to an old spot that has been hunted out, or so I have been told. I went through the normal rounds of showing the areas where I had found gold in the past and then we all split up and started detecting. Two friends, Mark and Chris went down into a draw to try their luck. I stayed up on the flat top with two new friends, David and Wyatt, who I had taken out yesterday for a day of prospecting classes. David was using a 5000 and Wyatt, his son, was doing the digging. I had my 3000/Sadie Mono and walked out to the end of the ridge through the young but dense manzanita bushes. I had been hunting for just a few minutes when I got a nice mellow signal right in the thick brush. I had to stay standing while I dug the target out because of the brush.The signal turned out to be a nice little starter nugget about 4.4 grains. I began to detect back towards David and in just a few feet I got another real weak but soft signal, it turned out to be a 4.1 grainer. I detected for another hour and picked up several .22 rounds and an old fifty cal ball at about twenty inches, but no more gold. I met up with David and Wyatt to find out that he had found his very first piece of gold. He was a happy camper. Being it was his first nugget I immediately took his cap off and slapped him on the head with it. After a short break we went back to hunting and in a few minutes David had his second nugget. About that time my son in-law, George, was wandering up the hill towards me. He had not found anything yet. George was using my GB Pro/five inch coil. I sent him a few yards away from my position and told him to stay close to the brush with his sweeps. In a few minutes he had his very first piece of detected gold, it was about a 15 grainer. A half an hour later I got a screamer that was an 11.6 grain piece of gold that was stuck in a dirt clod when I dropped the target on the coil. It looked like a piece of rusted tin at first. I was close to the other guys so walked over to show it off. About that time my son in-law found another little nugget that was about twelve grains just a few feet from our location. A few more sips of tea and I was off again into the manzanita where I found two more pieces in just a few minutes. One was a 7.6 grainer and the other was another 4.4 grainer. As I was detecting I heard my close friend George talking to the other George behind me. He had his GB Pro and hunted with us for about an hour but was unable to get a piece. George was getting ready to leave when I got call and I hollered to the son in-law that we had to head out. The three of us headed towards David and his son to let them know we were leaving. They had found two more small nuggets for a total of four, not bad for the day. He had gotten his first nugget ever and three more to really give him and his son the fever. Mark and Chris were still off somewhere down a draw and I did not hear from them till they got home. Chris had found two small pieces and Mark drew the skunk card. All in all it was good day and I was very happy to see George and David both get their first nuggets ever with a detector. Thanks all, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  18. Hello all, I met up with Matt today for a hunt and to get him set up on his new detector. He got himself a pretty clean and used 3000 with stock coil. After going over some stuff and setting the detector up we were on our way. Today's hunt was a bit slower than the last time we were together. I tried some different areas and did not get my first piece till early in the afternoon. Matt got a nice two gram plus an hour or so into the hunt. The smaller piece I got is kind of an odd piece as you can see in the pictures. I thought at first I had found part of a piece of gold jewelry but after cleaning it off I could tell that it was native gold. It came in at a half a gram. My second nugget came about an hour later and is 9.71 grams. It was about eighteen inches deep. I was using the 3000 with the Sadie coil. All in all it was a good day and Matt is getting a handle on his 3000. He will have to post a picture of his nugget, it was a pretty one too. Thanks all, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  19. Hello everyone, I was able to get out and went to a little gully that I have had my eyes on for a while. The area is an old ground sluice operation. I was bit irritated after arriving at the site to discover some old dig holes, maybe several years old. I was going to have to see what had been left for me. I went over the better looking ground and was not getting nothing but trash when I moved around a bush to see an open slope with just the right kind of rock and ground. I started up the slope and got loud distinct signal. Just an inch later a small round nugget was rolling down the hill. I went over and over the slope with negative results so I headed up the draw. I came up on a run of schist bedrock covered by some brush. I stuck the Sadie down in the most obvious looking crevice and got a real weak signal. After five minutes breaking the bedrock apart I had my second piece of gold for the morning. I was using the ole 3000 with the Sadie coil. The larger piece came in at 1.16 penny weight and the smaller at .24 penny weight. Headed back to the house a bit early to get ready for Tuesday's hunt and more gold. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  20. Hey guys, I got out this morning for a few hours. I only scored one small piece. I was using the GB Pro with the stock coil. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
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    Monday outing...

    Kevin Welsh, you really have some issues. No one was whining about anything, just making a statement. You should try and act your age. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
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    Thanks Kelly, take care and keep moving forward. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  23. Our prayers are with you and your family, friends. Ray and Deb
  24. Hello all, I met up with SGH and his brother today and we took a walk through the woods to check out an area. The ground was not what I was looking for and we returned to a spot we have been detecting. I was using my 3000 with Sadie and SGH and his brother were using GB Pro's. We had been hunting almost two hours with no results when I got a real subtle signal. After scraping about five inches of leaves and grass off the surface and making another swing the signal was still there. The signal was still weak but solid so I continued to scrape off the top soil about five inches. Swinging again the target gave a more audible sound. I opened the hole up a bit on the sides and took the now gritty soil down till I hit bedrock and clay. Sticking the Sadie in the hole gave me that wonderful signal I love to hear. I used the pointy end of the pick to loosen up the bottom where the clay was and then pulled the material out. I went over the hole and there was no signal, it was in the pile. The guys were watching as I waved the coil over the pile a few times, I love that sound. I picked up a handful of soil and waved it over the coil and had it in my hand. Using my finger to move the dirt around I could see the nugget. The piece was a bit over an inch long. I figured about four penny weight. After recovering I went back to detecting and within just a minute or so I had another signal, this one was a screamer. Four inches down and right where the topsoil hit the gritty clay like material was another nugget lying in the dirt. We went back to detecting and SGH hollered at me that he had just found a small piece. A few minutes later I was trying to find some quiet targets for the brothers to dig. I found a few but they ended up being lead/trash. We all moved down a ways and began hunting again and right away I got a solid signal. One more nugget for the poke. After an hour I had to call it quits for the day and we all headed out. The actual weight on the big one turned out to 7.26 grams, for Shep, 4.67 penny weight. The other two were 1.37 grams and .55 grams. Again, for Shep thats .88 penny weight and .35 penny. Thanks for looking, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  25. Hello Kelly, that's ok if Shep has me on the gold. I am not concerned about the gold, we have an ongoing thing about pennyweight verses grams. Neither one of us want to give up using pennyweight. LOL Tell them about it Shep... TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS