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  1. Chris, when I go to type a post nothing seems to want to work. When I type a word it is all wrong. It took me twenty minutes to do the last post before it showed up right. I thought sure enough that I had a problem, computer or virus, something. After talking with several other forum members I found that a few of them are having the same issue. My computer and others all work fine until we try to make a post on AZO. I went to the library and the same thing happens. To make darn sure I even went to Best Buy and tried to post and encountered the same problem. No issues on any other forums. Hope to get this resolved. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMLLS
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    Hey Kelly, we all need to be careful not just us old farts. Anyone can have an accident, us older guys just take a while longer to recover. I hope the surgery goes well and you have a speedy recovery. Lots of forums to keep up with and they all have archives so that will keep you with us. Get well, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  3. Hello all, I thank Joe for sorting this problem out. I changed over to Google Chrome and everything seems to be alright with me. If nothing else we got a bunch of folks updating and getting a better program to operate with. I am going to try and send a few pictures from the other day, see if that works. Thanks all, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  4. Hello all, I was able to get out last week with Shasta Gold Hunter. We started late in the afternoon and I got a small piece right off the bat. We detected a bit more and I went over some ground that he wanted me to check with the Minelab. Matt has been doing good with his GB Pro. On the way out I went over a spot below where he had found some nice pieces recently. I got a nice signal between trash and pulled a 6.58 pennyweight nugget out of the pile. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  5. Hello Joe, if I post replies on the ''reply to this topic" as with this reply things seem okay. However, when ever I go to the, thithi9ng s doing weird stuff on thi now I annot scroll up o down theage. TRNITYU/RAYMILS
  6. I like it Gary, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  7. Hello all, my wife had to work and the kids are all spread out this year so I was on my own. I headed out to do some prospecting. Nuggeteer, Chris went with me. We went to several different sites and found a few new ones, but no gold. I was thinking about a place nearby that I had not hunted for a few years and Chris was game. After climbing up a bedrock wall we travelled up the small draw until it looked like we had hit the end. The steeply sloping hillsides around us were a broken shale with scattered channel rock from above. The old timers had washed from the top down. The broken shale had trapped many nuggets and we were here to get ours. I was up a slope about halfway when I got a really nice signal. The target was in crack in the shale where a root had taken hold. After a minute or so I had pretty nugget in my hand, about a penny and a half. I hollered at Chris to show him what we were after. I ended up with five pieces and Chris blanked. Total weight was 3.5 pennyweight. TRINITYAU/RAYMLLS
  8. George, Chris, Mark and I all headed out to the same draw. After making the climb and the walk in we all split up and went to hunting. After a bit George called me and was ready to leave, his ankle was still sore from our last hunt together. I had been detecting for about an hour with no gold. I went over to the other side of the draw to see how Chris and Mark were doing. They had been finding gold and were fixing to swap areas. Chris was using the GB Pro and Mark was using a Minelab with the new Sadie coil. Chris had found two pieces while Mark had found three, and myself, I was getting the skunk today. We did find some trash. The pointy item at one time had a gold finish on it. I don't know what it is. Any ideas ? Thanks, TRINIYAU/RAYMLLS
  9. Thanks guys, I was using my 3000 with the Sadie coil Ron. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  10. Hello all, my wife had to work and the kids are all spread out this year so I was on my own. I headed out to do some prospecting. Nuggeteer, Chris went with me. We went to several different sites and found a few new ones, but no gold. I was thinking about a place nearby that I had not hunted for a few years and Chris was game. After climbing up a bedrock wall we travelled up the small draw until it looked like we had hit the end. The steeply sloping hillsides around us were a broken shale with scattered channel rock from above. The old timers had washed from the top down. The broken shale had trapped many nuggets and we were here to get ours. I was up a slope about halfway when I got a really nice signal. The target was in crack in the shale where a root had taken hold. After a minute or so I had a pretty nugget in my hand, about a penny and a half. I hollered at Chris to show him what we were after. I ended up with five pieces and Chris blanked. Total weight was 3.5 pennyweight. TRINITYAU/RAYMLLS
  11. Hello all, Nuggeteer and I got out the other day and took off to a spot that I hoped would give him a chance of a bigger piece of gold than he has found yet. After walking in to the area I showed him some places to check out. We split up for a bit and when we got back together he showed me what he had found, a nice piece, his biggest piece yet, a pretty one grammer. His nugget was found with the GB Pro. We got out a few days later and it was my turn as I found three little bits for 1.3 dwts. Mine were found with my trusty 3000 and Sadie coil. Thanks all, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  12. You are doing great, I told you it was there. I am so glad you are finding gold. If I was there I would take your hat off and hit you on the head with it. Give me a holler and maybe we can get together sometime. I have just located a few more new areas we can try. Congratulations, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  13. Hello all, I was over in Northern Nevada this last week for a few days attending the WSPA event. I ended up having to leave earlier than I wanted to but I was able to get the GB Pro out in the hills and get a few pieces of gold. These pictures are of a spot I have been hunting for years. Plenty of places to find tiny pieces of gold that are the only targets to be heard. It is fun hunting when every target is gold. I was using the GB Pro with the five inch coil and I was able to hear all targets with ease. The weather changed as soon I hit Nevada, as it always does. These weather guys just cannot seem to get it right. The temperature ended up being about ten to twenty degrees colder and with more wind than what the forecast had called for. Nothing new though. I ended up with just a hair over two grams. Shep, if you are out there that is 1.3 dwt. LOL. Check out the one piece of gold that is square, pretty neat. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  14. I met up with Nuggeteer this morning for a hunt. I took him to a location that offers varied scenarios for gold detecting. I have found old river placer, pocket gold from iron lines and hard rock specimens at this site. It is quite a large area and it took us about twenty minutes to get to the first area. After showing him around we got to hunting and within thirty minutes he hollered over to me saying he had found one. He will have to post a picture as I did not get one. It was a small piece maybe several grains. I continued detecting and about fifteen minutes later I hollered at him that I had found one. My piece turned out to be half a pennyweight. Both pieces were coarse gold. After another half hour we decided to go up the mountain to a location that has channel placer and some pockets running through the same area. We were not doing too well after an hour of hunting. We met up for a few minutes and then headed off again in different directions. Another hour later we caught up with each other and he asked me if I had found anything. I said yes and he asked was it bigger and deeper than the first piece to which I nodded my head yes. I had been detecting an old site that I had found years before and got a real subtle signal and after digging for five minutes trying to be careful so that I would not damage the nugget (I just knew it was nugget) it finally showed itself in the bottom of the sixteen inch deep hole. When I checked the weight at home it was an even two pennyweight. We headed back out to hunt a few locations on the way. My bone spur was starting to act up so I detected for a bit and headed out leaving Nuggeteer on his own. He may have found something else, we will have wait and see. Nuggeteer was using the GB Pro with the ten inch coil and I was using my old modded 3000 with the 8 x 6 Sadie coil. Thanks for looking guys, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  15. Hello all, I only had a few hours this afternoon to go out so I did not get to spend the time at the new location I had wished to. I went to the far end of the wash and after detecting for about forty five minutes I found one more nugget that came in right at a gram. About ten minutes later I got a booming signal and after digging down about fifteen inches I pulled an old lead bottle cap out of the clay. I am not sure exactly when they made these. It cannot be too old but I am sure it has been around a few years. It was kind of a neat find. This artifact and the gold both came off of private property. Thanks for all the comments guys. I have no doubt at all that any one of the smaller coils would have found any of the five pieces from the last two hunts. I have used all the coils mentioned and would find it hard to say anything good or bad one way or another or even try to compare any of those smaller coils. I can say that after using the coils on the ground that I am use to here in the Redding area that the Sadie was a bit more stable on my modded 3000. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  16. Hello all, I got out between raindrops for a few hours today and went back to an area that I had come across a while back. I sort of stumbled on this area on the way out from another location one evening. It was getting dusky and I came across what I thought was a natural draw. Looking at it a bit closer it appeared to be an old skid trail used to bring logs out. I stopped for a minute and had a drink of water and looked around a bit. The whole area has been machine brush cut by the BLM sometime in the last few years. This also made it hard to see much of anything. Convinced that it was an old skid path I started to head out to the rig. As I started out I hit a slick rock and busted my butt. As I was getting up I looked at the skid mark and saw that it was green shale, one of my favorite colors for shale here in the Redding area. Upon closer inspection I realized that this was indeed used as a logging trail but only because it was already in place, I had stumbled upon a line of contact shale that the old timers had worked. I was still not too excited because many times the gold was tiny in size at many of these locations. It was getting dark quick so I decided to get out to the jeep. I got out today to the same area and took the trusty old 3000 for spin before the rain started back in earnest. It only took a few minutes to get to the site and before long I was detecting. I was using my new 8 X 6 Mono coil, Sadie, a new Nugget Finder addition. My very first target was a half inch long crinkly nugget at about six inches deep. Wow, there is detectable gold here I said to myself. As I meandered up the draw I could see that it averaged about twenty feet wide with granite walls going almost straight up about six feet. The bottom being shale with lots of clay mixed in with some small coarse rock. The old timers had followed this soft shale contact for almost a half mile and now I saw why. Within a few minutes I had another nice shale pressed nugget. It was starting to get fun now. The very next target was about twenty yards up and it turned out to be another piece of gold albeit a bit rounder than the other two pieces. The rain was starting to come in harder and I decided that I better get going swinging as I went. Within a few yards I turned up another flat nugget. I took a final look up the draw wishing the rain had not come back so soon and then headed out to the jeep. The gold came in at 2.6 dwts. I really like this new Sadie coil. The last nugget was down about sixteen inches and the coil had no problem giving a real clear signal. I will be headed back out soon as the rain stops... TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  17. Nice gold Steve, if that was found at the same area Chris had me at, that is a very good location. I still think there is much more to come out of that area. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  18. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Here is a nugget that was found behind the high school in Weaverville, Ca. The weight is 18.7 pennyweight. It was found with a detector. Asking spot plus shipping and insurance. Call me for detail...Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS 530 739 2973
  19. I took a few hours today and went detecting with my friend George. We left about 1330 and headed to some private property that I have permission to hunt on. Everything found goes to the owner and when we fill up a good size bottle we make a 50/50 split. She gets to pick the pieces she wants and I get the rest. We started down in the canyon along the creekbed and were using our GB Pro's. After about twenty minutes as I was walking up the gut I got a nice mellow signal and looked down to see a bright and shiny nuggie laying right out in the open. The first piece was a gnarly little one. I moved on up a ways and was not getting any other signals so I moved up onto a mined out flat that runs along the canyon side. George was on the upper end detecting and had not got anything yet. After talking a few minutes I started up a low slope hunting as I went. No sooner did I hit the top of the slope and George hollered he got one. I went down the slope and looked at George's piece. It was also a gnarly piece and had been lying among some small rocks. His piece is the long thin one in the pictures. We went back to hunting and within ten minutes I hollered at George and told him I had found an earring piece. I continued working the rocky area I was at and within a few minutes I had another one. This target was a real solid signal and I had to dig down about ten inches to find it lying right on bedrock. This piece was rough on one side and smooth on the other, typical pocket gold for this area. Neither one of us brought scales so we dont know what the total weights were. Two smaller ones and two nice ones. We were happy and headed up the hill to the rig. After taking some pictures we took the gold to the landowner and made her day. She was very happy and we were glad to have made her smile as she has had a rough time just recently losing her husband of fifty years. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  20. The GMT and several other gold dedicated detectors should work fine. I think where your problem lies is probably depth and shape of the gold supposedly in your area. I have areas where I hunt that the gold is round, not flat, very rarely do I get a piece that is somewhat flat at this location. I bring this up because from my detecting experience smaller round pieces are far more difficult to detect than a flat piece that may even be smaller. Over the years I have even noticed a difference with a PI and the signal difference on a round nugget at depth. Are you detecting an area that has been worked? Do you have bedrock? Are you working in deeper material that has not been touched? Do you have an abundance of hot rocks or ironstone and hematite in your area? Your unit may appear to be balanced however these rocks will mask a decent size piece of gold let alone sub-grain crumbs. If flat to level bedrock is exposed this would be the first area that I would detect. If this did not garner me a piece I would get some of the supposedly gold bearing material from different levels and lay it out flat. If this does not pay out then I would begin my research again. I have come over many descriptions of size of gold and by the brief description you give it could be that the biggest pieces, and maybe not many of them, are what you are after. The rest is probably way to small to detect. This could however be an excellent location for good gold recovery with a drywasher or sluice. You are however researching and that is good. Research and time on the ground is what will give you experience. As you research and hunt you will see different situations come into play which will guide you towards becoming a better prospector. Remember a detector is just one way of finding gold. Learning to prospect will lead you to many locations and you wont think about it much but you are learning at each location. Keep up the research and you will turn up a site that will produce for you. Learn that unit inside out, play with it and become very familiar with all of its quirks. You will not be the first miner to be let down at a particular location, just keep looking, I hope to see pictures of your gold finds in the future. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  21. Hello all, I got in the water today and did some sniping behind a large outcropping of bedrock in the center of the stream. I had found a few nice nuggets last year with the GB Pro on the down side of this outcropping and that is what made me to decide to use a mask and snorkle this year. I dropped back about three feet and started to clear the cobbles and gravel off the level to climbing bedrock. I had about four square feet of bedrock open and had the area clear except for about one inch of a creamy color clay that was studded with purple hematite, this was lying on the surface of the bedrock. I sifted and raked the clay until I could fan the water again. As the water cleared and the bright sun shone in the hole I could see small pieces of gold on the bedrock. I thought that there was a bit more than what I ended up with. When I had it all cleaned up and in the sniffer bottle I sat on the bedrock and ate my apple.The gold came in at 2.7 grams, ( 1.7 dwt for Shep ). It is pretty gold with nice character. I still have a few more spots that I found with the GB Pro last year that I still have to clean out. It sure is nice being able to lay in that cool water with the high today at 109 degrees. Heres some pictures, my friend Robert found a few small pieces.
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    Thanks guys, I am going out tomorrow and go a bit further to the left of the outcropping and see what the bedrock has to offer. It is mighty nice laying in that cool water. This is a low country stream so the water is not bone rattling cold as some of the other places I snipe in the TrinityAlps. Hopefully I will be able to post more pictures of gold again. Bill, thanks for asking, Deb is doing great and is back at work fulltime. She smiles alot when I show her some of the entries on the forum about her recovery and still thanks all of you for the prayers during the last year. Thanks again to all. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  23. Hey Matt, two of them might be George and I. We told Chris about it a while back, last year. Chris Ralph showed us where he thought the lines were and we detected what we thought was his. We were only there few minutes. Chris, show me the picture. LOL TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  24. I think Mike has hooked onto a big one and its towing him around on his kayak... TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  25. Hello all, I am back home for a bit. I was gone for several days at the WSPA outing that was held in the Sierra. I missed you Mike and I think you missed a good outing. Beef Wellington and Prime Rib and a few freeze dried meals. There was plenty of gold to had also. Maybe we will meet up at the Ursa outing, George and I will be there a day before and a day after. While I was assigned at Fort Bragg, NC I used to fish for stripers from the banks below the big dams on the piedmont rivers, the Pee Dee mostly. When they let water out the shad would get cut up and the stripers would move out of the big holes downstream and right up to the dams. I would catch them up to twentyfive pounds on a light casting rod rigged with three quarter ounce white wooley worm jigs. I would just cast out and bounce that jig back along the bottom in that fast water and they would slam it. I am going to try and get out over the next few weeks and see what I can find. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS