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  1. Hey Scott, nice gold. I have been finding a few bits here and there. I am going out in the morning for big gold on that private property I told you about. I will be at the WSPA outing this coming weekend. Are you or Wes members ? We will get a few hunts in this summer either down there or up here. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  2. trinityau

    10 year old cleans up!

    Hey Matt, that is fantastic. We will get together a few times this summer and I will show you some local waters to snipe and detect in. Have a good trip to the coast, be safe. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Chris, Hope you are having a wonderful day. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  4. Hello everyone, I went out with a friend again after my BBQ rib lunch. I wish I could tell you something different but this afternoons limit was four again. These pieces were a tad larger than the others so that was good, they are also a bit more coarse. I was using the GB Pro with the ten inch eliptical coil. The four pieces came in at one pennyweight (Shep) or 1.6 Grams for everyone else. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  5. Hello all, I went back to the same place for about an hour this morning and found four more pieces. This area seems to be a four piece limit as the last ten or so times I have detected this site that is all I ever get. One piece has a hole in it and the teeny weeny was laying right on top of barren bedrock in a small dip. I heard it the first time I went over it and I had get on my knees and get the glasses out to find the darn thing. I just finished eating ribs at Famous Daves so now I have to go back out and work them off. Hopefully I will be able to post again tonight with a few more pieces. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  6. Hello all, I got out for a late afternoon hunt today. A friends son has had some classes here in the Redding area. He wanted to go out and detect after class today, so we did. After picking me up we headed to a small strip of BLM land. There is a small dry wash that runs down one side of the area and we started the hunt at this wash. Within minutes I had a small piece and a few minutes later he had found a small one also. We detected for a few hours before the sun started going down. We both got three more small pieces of gold. I only have pictures of my four little nuggets. He may post his at a later time. I was using the GB Pro and he was using a GBII. I may go back in the morning and hit that same wash a bit more. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  7. Hey Ron, that is pretty neat. I wonder if that snake crawled out of that hole in the ground in that picture I sent you via E-mail. LOL TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  8. Hello all, I had a person contact me to see if I would post this reply on our AZO forum. I originally posted this as a reply on another forum. So here it is... Hello Ccarson, in a word, yes. I used a Eureka for many years when it first came out. Ground conditions and coil size to me are factors with the Eureka. I almost always ran mine in the 60 mode. I found that I got just about the same signal on larger targets at depth with the 60 freq as the other two modes/freq. The Eureka may be a bit slower on the smaller targets, sub-grain, than the GBII, GB Pro, on some surfaces. It has its place however on teeny tiny gold that is on a flat surface and in hotter ground than the GBII can handle. I went to the Eureka when I could not ground balance over some soils I have here in the Northstate while using the GBII. The Eureka picked right up where the GBII stopped operating on the Serpentine bedrock. I used mine right up till a few years ago when the GB Pro came out. A few bad points to me concerning the Eureka Gold would have to be the lack of a smaller more effficient coil. I had always wished that Minelab would have come out with a smaller eliptical coil for the Eureka similar to the GBII.I went through several units and the same problems always came up. The control box at some point in time will have to be modified as to how it is secured to the handle. After quite a bit of use the control box will not stay tight. The point where the coil power cord connects to the control box was always giving problems. The adjusting knobs and flip switches were always getting loose. These problems occurred after lots of use and I ran mine into the ground. I called Minelab many times back then and they never made a modification to the Eureka Gold that I know of. The last few years I used mine I had the control box chest mounted and just swung the coil/stick. This is a very nice option and worked well for me. There are some areas where I found lots of gold over the years with my 3000 and was happy with that, however, probably 90 per cent of those nuggets could have been found with the Eureka Gold. I have found sub-grainers at inches and pulled nuggets at sixteen inches that were two to ten pennyweight. Yes, it is still a good unit, I might even get me another one to play with. These are my opinions, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
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    California"s Northern Coast

    Hey Matt, maybe Mikeoc from Mikes Cabins will catch this post. He lives over there and has cabin rentals. He also detects and prospects in the Smith River area. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  10. I got out for a few hours the other day and went to an old worked out crumb patch. I was using the GB Pro with no headphones, darn snakes are out already here in the North state. I raked some small stones and hot rocks out of the way with my foot to clear a zone about four feet square. Right away I got a real clear signal and moved a bit of ground with the edge of my hand and checked for the signal again. It was still there so I took my pocketknife and scraped about an inch of decomposed bedrock from the surface where the signal was. I went over it again and it was still in the crumbly bedrock. I repeated this step one more time and when I checked again the target was in the small pile. The target had been down about three inches. Using my thumb and finger I started to pinch the material up and drop it over the tip of the ten inch elliptical coil.The target signal was nice and crisp now that it was out in the open but I still failed to hear it when it dropped onto the coil about eight or ten times. I finally narrowed the sorting process down and there before me was my prize, an amazingly small piece of gold. I did not know what the weight actually was but when I got home I took nine other pieces pretty similar in size and all together they came in close to a grain. This ground is littered with BB size hot rocks but the gold targets sound off very distinctly. It is fun finding these small pieces and then trying to recover them. Crumb hunting certainly keeps your ears sharp for future hunts. I ended up finding three more little bits and in one of the pictures you can see the hematite that litters this ground along with the hot rocks. It was a fun morning before the heat set in. The other pictures attached are from a walk the previous day with two friends. We were checking out another area. The trip turned out to be a fruitless journey. I did spot two nice steelhead holding right below a salmon redd in the creek. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  11. Hello everyone, I have had a few PM's and calls as to my whereabouts. I am fine but have been very busy. I am finishing off a small book and trying to get a larger book done so I can get them off to publication. I am also still writing for the ICMJ. Because of my writings in the ICMJ I have literally been flooded with e-mails and lots of people wanting me to check out properties. I also take people out for a detecting/geology/what to look for class in between. I am still working 4 on and 2 off and lots of time has been going to the grandkids and the wife. I also have a calendar in the works for 2014. I have not been out detecting too much lately. I did get out the other day for a few hours with some friends and I snagged one nice coarse piece. It was a small one but real rough. The ground was real hot and it was in with the trash and lead. I was using the GB Pro with the ten inch eliptical. The piece was maybe two inches deep. Thanks all, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
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    Old Whiskey Relic...

    Hello all, check this address out...http://www.pre-pro.com/midacore/view_vendor.php?vid=JFK11587 TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  13. I came up on this young rattler today while checking an area out. It had one button and was about 14 inches long. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  14. Hello all, here is the latest on the Siskiyou County heist. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS http://www.redding.com/news/2013/mar/29/arrest-warrants-issued-1-million-gold-heist/?partner=RSS
  15. Hello all, I would have to agree with Adam as my 3000 has been banging on pieces like that for years. I have been finding grainers for a long time with my 3000 at two to three inches, every now and then a tad deeper. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  16. Hey Steve, same, same still laughing... TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS We really have to meet up sometime.
  17. Hello Steve, the only reason I brought up the GBII was because of the PM's and calls that I have been getting about both. Several members wanted my thoughts on both units as I have used both units. I used the GB II in Northern Nevada, Arizona and Northern California for about 15 years. I owned several GB II's. I wore one out till I just could not use it anymore. The control box box was glued and taped together. I had put eight or nine boots on it and god knows how many coil covers. All the anodized aluminum was gone and the shaft was crooked as hell. The shaft had been replaced three times by the time I was done with her.Thats right it was a her, DebDeb. The first one got that name because as all married couples know there are little incidents in lifes history that some people give names to as a reference.Well DebDeb proved herself over and over bringing home the bacon every trip. The real Deb, my wife was very happy for me to have DebDeb as she was able to go to a few schools and have all the things she needed and wanted during what is usually the rougher first few years of marriage. Since then she has never said anything about any detector that I may buy. However, she still tells me to get the best I can buy and not to let DebDeb down. I guess that is kind of what I am doing as my GB Pro has not let DebDeb down so far. What opinions I give are based on what I have seen and see now between the two units and they are my opinions only. I personally do not make a decision based on one opinion. I like to see or hear varying opinions on an item. I especially like to get a hands on test as I did with my first GB II then I have personal facts to make a decision with. I would hope that most people would have some type of decision making process when they are looking to make a new purchase of any type. I would really be leery of someone coming to me and badmouthing an item because that person made a decision based solely on one persons endeavors with that item. I would not feel sorry for them. I held off on the GB Pro for a few months until I ran into a guy in Northern Nevada that showed me his new "secret weapon". I used it for a few days and was very satisfied with it. A month later I came up on a guy looking for coins with the GB Pro and we talked. He bought it for coins and I told him that I had used one for few days and that it was a pretty good gold hunter. Well I ended up taking him to one of my crumb patches a few hills over and he has been detecting gold ever since. He does not use the GB Pro all the time as he bought a 5000 also. I took some time with him and gave him some insight as to our local area and its varied geology. He is in the best of both worlds now and is happy that he got into gold prospecting. After both experiences and doing more research on the GB Pro along with reading Chris Gholson's article it was then that I decided to buy a GB Pro. I bought my GB Pro from Chris. I hope that this will give some insight as to my feelings about both units. I really wanted to put DebDeb in a glass case and put her on exhibition in the house but I was overruled on that one. You guys know how that goes. I sincerely apologize to anyone that thinks I bash the GB II. I just like to get the info out so people can make their own choices. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  18. Hello all, I am glad to see that more peolple are catching on to the GB Pro. All the remarks made by other's are the same remarks I have been trying to pass along for almost two years. I know there are still plenty of diehards out there that will still prefer the GBII and that is their choice. I used one for many years. The big discussion I keep reading about now is frequency, low vs high. The GB II is a higher frequency. A higher frequency is suppose to find those tiny sub-grainers and the GB II with the higher frequency does just that. Trouble is the GB Pro does the same thing at a lower frequency and in hotter ground and at a bit more depth.The higher frequency is suppose to be a tad less sensitive to the deeper targets and the GB II is. The GB Pro has pulled one gram pieces for me at almost 12 inches. So what gives? The coil is waterproof, the unit runs smoothly on serpentine and basalt. The unit works great on the volcanics of Northern California. The unit works smooth under high tension lines. It ground balances very easily. It is very lightweight and cost less than any other gold detector on the market with similar features that actually work. It has three coils, one a relic coil and two very sensitive gold coils. The newer eliptical coil will allow for closer work on bedrock crevices because of its shape. One 9 volt battery will last for a few days. It breaks down for someone wanting a detector that will fit into a backpack to keep their business to themselves. It is a very good coin machine. If you have kids or someone that you are trying to get interested in gold detecting this is a great unit. For someone who has been detecting for a while and needs a good clean-up VLF I do not feel you could do better.These are my opinions but I am glad to see a good thing get recognized for its capabilities. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  19. Hello all, I went on another long walk today to check out some new ground. I carried the GB Pro with me but only detected for a bit and did not get anything. It was a nice day with the temperature getting into the mid seventies. I saw several snakes, rubber boas and garters, no rattlers yet. The poison oak is in full bloom and the ground is drying out. I found a few more areas to hit over the summer.Three areas were real nice quartz blows and might turn out good. Here are some pictures. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  20. Hey all, I ended up not having to go to jury duty,got extended, so after doing things on the computer I went out for about an hour. I started up a steep draw and had to sit down a few times to get my breath. I hit a waterfall and found a straight open stretch of bedrock that looked good. I started on the down side of the gulch and went up the the cut. Within minutes I got a real nice signal. Real sharp,no bars and a 48 on the meter.I took the pocket knife out and not watching I sat in the only puddle of water near me. Yes, it was cold and now I was wet. I set the detector down and got on my knees to look at the long running crevice. I could not quite see so I rolled over to get my glasses out of the pocket that they should have been in. Well...I had put them in the wrong pocket and when they were out of the pocket they were in a few pieces. So now I am wet and still cannot see, this target better be a piece of gold. I got my second pair of glasses on and scraped the crevice and now I can see it is a piece of gold as I just scraped the heck out of it. After retrieving the little nugget I started up the bedrock again. I did not get any other signals so I broke brush to get to the top hill and head to the rig. TRINITYAU/RAMILLS
  21. Hello all, I just got done reading the ICMJ this morning and I have to comment on the article by Steve Herschbach.The article is great reading. We all have read posts where many of the new guys ask about making a living mining, whether hobby or business. Steve makes it pretty simple as to where you should stand and what to consider if you decide to move forward as a business. To me the way the laws are laid out the government forces your hand and you pretty well have to go by them. Uncle Sam has so many ways of watching that it is getting harder and harder do do anything, hobby or business. Great article Steve. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  22. Hello everyone, I was going to go detecting today and decided to go on a long hike instead. I left out about 0800 and returned back home by about 1500. I was looking for some new areas. I found seven of which four look pretty good. I will post pictures of the good looking ones as I hunt them in the coming weeks. The following pictures are of the area that I was walking through and checking out. Lots of up and down but good ground all over. The trip turned out be right at twelve miles by the time I went up and down draws and gullies to look at suspect diggings. It was a good breathing excercise. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  23. Hello all, most of the areas in the pictures were burned during the mining days so the ground could be seen. The area west of Redding all around Whiskeytown Lake was also burned. This area is very rich with hardrock outcroppings and surface pockets, both fine and coarse gold. The burning went on for many years till the biggest part of the prospecting days were over.The big mine operators came in and things started to change. It was at this time that the larger copper and iron ore bodies were discovered and eventually worked right up to start of the war effort in the forties.There is a lot of history in this area. Just about all the roads that you can see in the pictures have been shut down to vehicular travel so to explore most areas you have to do just what I did today, walk. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  24. http://golddetecting...gpx5500l#112975 TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  25. Dang Hawkeye, I just turned 59 on the Feb 22, a few days ago. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS