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  1. Adam, Flak, Terry..........? O K, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
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    minelab 2100

    Hey Lip, I am probably going to open up a can of worms with this statement. I have used all the Minelab's for years and it is my opinion that once learned the old green 2100 will find larger nuggets deeper than any of the newer units. This is just my opinion. I have seen half ouncers and one ouncers come out at two feet in very hot ground. This has not occurred once or twice but many times over the years. I have and a good friend of mine have found many deep, deep broken pockets with the 2100. I will also say that it is not as good on the tiny pieces as the newer units. It will hear some tiny bits but for those big ones down deep in hot ground I have seen the 2100 go against the newer units and do better. For the price you are talking about on that forum you cannot, and I would bet, will not go wrong. You have some places up your way that have some deep ones and while it may take a bit to learn it after outfitting it with everything you need I am betting you will find a few nice ones. Again guys this is just my opinion. You will be digging some deep holes. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  3. Hello all, I got out today with a friend and hit an area that has been detected over and over by many people. After our walk down the creek and up the hill we started to detect. I picked up several pieces of tiny BB's at a few inches, but no gold. After about an hour we moved to another gully that had washed pretty good with the last rain. I heard the smaller piece within a few minutes. This tiny piece was about three inches down in a wedge of bedrock. I used my pocketknife and small pick to get the rock open enough to get the piece out into the open. We hunted for a bit and moved on again. The next place was series of small draws with lots of bedrock. I turned the GB Pro on and the first target I heard was the larger piece. It was setting in a small dip on the surface of a big flat area of bedrock. All I had to do with this one was carefully pinch the moss and remove it to expose the gold. That was it for the day. Not much but they all fill up the poke so I guess they count. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  4. Here it is, Eliptical Coil for the GB Pro. Very sensitive at the tip and more depth at the center on bigger targets. That nose will stick into bedrock better than the round. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  5. Hey Lip, I was up your way on saturday checking out some spots on the upper Klamath. Found some real nice looking places, did not do any hunting. It was cold though and started to get cloudy in the afternoon. I would see if you can get the ten inch eliptical coil for the GB Pro, it is good. Give me a holler and maybe we can get together one day for a hunt. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  6. Hey Mike, I wish you a Happy Birthday. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  7. Ok guys, I got tired of talking about it and went out for a few hours yesterday after it warmed up. Got one of the tiny round pieces and then scraped a bit off to find three more. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  8. Hello all, everyone seems to like the pictures of the areas I detect so here a few more. Good looking ground ? Yes it was, and some still is. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  9. Hello all, here are some more books. I am going over my library and getting rid of the extra copies I have of some books. These are all well used books, but not falling apart. A few are brand new. I dont have the time to sell separately. They all go together. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS This group of books is for sale. One price for all. $125.00 plus shipping Contact: RAY MILLS trinityau@hotmail.com 530 739 2973
  10. Hello all, it seems there has been a new interest in some of the older gold detecting books that are fantastic for the beginner. I have a copy of Zip Zip, Mastering Your Nugget Detector and a copy of Zip Zip, The Advanced Course. Both of these books are favorites authored by Larry Sallee. I am selling both as a set. I think I have most of this gold detecting thing figured out over the last thirty years. LOL. Both books have some yellow highlighting throughout, other than that their condition is like new. For anyone that likes to collect books on our gold detecting hobby, these are a must. I based the price on what I am seeing on E-Bay and Amazon.Com Both books...............$300.00 This includes shipping within the United States. Pay Pal works. Contact: RAY MILLS trinityau@hotmail.com 530 739 2973
  11. I went out for a day trip today with Scott S. We went to one of my old haunts. Scott says that detecting up here sure aint like being out on flatland. I think he was happy with the outcome however. I walked him through some diggins that are getting pretty slim nowadays. I think he wanted to stop and start detecting several times. We kept on moving up the canyon and finally hit the turnoff trail. I showed him the area and gave him a few pointers and we were off and running. I went up a long pocket run that led me all the way up to the top of the mountain. I blanked and was able to find a few somewhat clear areas and make it back to the trail. When I found Scott down along the gulch he was breaking brush to wedge his body into position to swing his detector. He had found one nice piece of lodestone with gold attached, he found it in a red clay pile along the edge of the gully. After a break for a few minutes we moved down the draw and worked a little point that had some cobble mixed up with the country rock. I played with the area by myself for a few minutes and stayed right along the watercourse when Scott came by and detected just a few feet above where I had walked. Within a few minutes he had a nice signal. About six inches down he pulled out his second nugget of the day. We detected a bit more and started to head back down the trail stopping at a few of the places we had seen while coming in. With no luck and the skies starting to get darker we headed back to the rig. We got to my place and put the clean piece on the scale first, 2.6 Dwts. Next we put the lodestone specie on the scales and it read 3.5 Dwts. All done Scott had a good day and I think he was happy. I blanked, its been awhile since I have done that and I dont like that feeling but it was a fun day seeing Scott find gold. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  13. Mike, you also got people to put new avatars up... LOL. I also wish to express wishes of a good New Year ahead to everyone. Many of you know that my year started off pretty bad but now that I have reached the end of that same year things are looking real good and I am thankful. I again wish to thank everyone on the forums for the support. I hope to get out and meet quite a few people this year. Happy New Year. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  14. Here are some comments I made on another forum a while back on dredge piles. The two links should take you to the full post. Hope this helps some. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/metal-detecting-gold/238952-working-dredging-piles.html http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/metal-detecting-gold/238952-working-dredging-piles-2.html Re: Working Dredging Piles Hey All, this is an interesting topic and one that I thought would have surfaced along time ago. There are big dredge tailings all over the Northstate and there are literally thousands of doodlebug tailing piles. I personally have done very well with the doodlebug piles, many of my larger nuggets have come from them. Use a good VLF and be methodical in your search. I will make this statement before I go. "I have sat on many a rockpile laughing to myself while holding a nice chunk of gold or platinum and saying this isnt Gaines Creek, Alaska is it ?" TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS Re: Working Dredging Piles Hey Kiwi, I go along with everything you have said except the part about only big pieces and quartzlocked gold. I had a uncle that ran a doodlebug in Weaverville, Ca. We had the remains of one in our backyard on Weaver Creek. He use to show me different things that would go wrong with them and cause a massive amount of gold loss, any size, all sizes. If you are lucky enough to run across one of these piles you can highbank or drywash them and make very good wages. He said many times the unit would continue operating for several hours, sometimes days before having the problem found and fixed. I have run across a few of these piles and done very well. Calisdad, Do you mean the edges of the dredge field ? If so that is where the doodlebugs came in. When the big dredges could not get close enough to tough shallow ground then the doodlebugs were used. What you are looking for is the direction the dredged channel was flowing and then go opposite direction and work those hillsides that look barren. These alluvials were moved and pushed over these hills to get where they are today. This is where I have had some heydays. Most times there are no round rock or bedrock exposed on these hills, long since been washed down by nature. However, the gold is still there on many of them. There are many of these hills that are right in sight of many of our highways and freeways and guess what the gold is too. These are findings that took me years. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS Re: Working Dredging Piles Hey All, sorry I did not get back sooner, I got caught up in that having to work thing. I think John already answered the question about what a doodlebug is. I can expand a little more on doodlebugs. Pretty well what John said but it seems not many were the same build. There seems to be many variations to the idea but still just a simple dragline. Some used a single bucket and some were more elaborate. Some were as big as a small bucket dredge and many were the size of a large pickup truck. They were able to float on shallower water where the larger bucket lines encountered shallow bedrock. Most could be put in one position and pull gravel from 360 degrees at which point they would move and do it again. Recovery systems were pretty basic but because the rocks always win there was much repair needed most of the time. The one we had down in the creek behind the old house had a round housing like a big can. The gravel was pulled to the can and dumped. Along the sides of the can were water nozzles washing the gravel. The can had a screen over the top. Everything four inches and larger was rattled off and down the metal plates around the can. The four inch minus went through the screen and was washed through a series of classifiers with each size going out to its own sluice box. The sluices were set up so they could be directed to a common point for the tailings to accumulate. These were pretty crude machines but they worked to a point. If the water pressure was down then the clay picked up a lot of the gold and went out the nearest classifier and down the box and out to the tailings. My uncle said a lot of the time the water would stop and the material would build up. When water pressure was returned much material was washed right out of the boxes. I hope this helps a bit. I will offer some tips in working tailings that have been helpful to me. Some have been mentioned already. I would not use a PI unit as you will be digging forever because there is a lot of trash in tailings. A very good VLF is what is needed with an exceptional discrimination. Clay and shards of bedrock is very helpful indicating pay. The biggest one thing I watch for is flat rocks. I call these specific gravity rocks as it takes more water to move flat rocks than it does round rocks. If you watch while you are sluicing, dredging, even detecting you will see more gold in the areas where the flat rocks accumulate than others. I watch for the piles with all the flat rocks as the returns may be better. There are also indicator rocks. These will be different in each locale. Here in the Redding, Ca area my indicator rocks are purple hematite primarily. In North Carolina I would get garnets, both crystal and massive along with chunks of heavy green epidote. The gold would be right there with it. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS Re: Working Dredging Piles Hey Lanny, Over the years I have used the GBII, Whites Goldmaster series and Eureka Gold. I am now using the GB Pro which has a fantastic discrimination. I wont go into it here but if anyone wants more info on the GB Pro you can go to Arizona Outback Forum and check posts by "TRINITYAU". That little unit you have, the X-TERRA 705, should do fine. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  15. Come on Frank, get with the program ! LOL I would kinda like to know what I am getting into if I ever meet you. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  16. I know you like that red... TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  17. Hey Scott, I am off on the 2nd and 3rd of January. If the weather looks good lets get together. Give me a call when it gets closer. I think you have my number, if not PM me. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  18. Hey Scott, Good going, I am going to try and get out in the morning on Saturday and see if I can pop one out of the ground. A lot of the gullies and creeks have been running hard now for a few weeks, quite a bit of new bedrock showing and much material has been moved. Let me know when you are heading up this way or maybe I can make trip your way. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  19. Hello All, I would like to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy New Year. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  20. Hey all, I met up with three friends and we went detecting. We got to a location that we had hunted in the past and everyone started to detect. I got to thinking about a place that I saw on Google Earth that was a short distance away. I told the guys about it and we decided that Robert and I would go see if it was a digging or just an open area. Well after crawling downhill on our hands and knees, breaking manzanita branches and drawing blood we came out to this beatiful pit. It had been worked for gold. We looked around and called George and Mark to let them know what we found. They decided to make the trek and come hunt. I told them what we had gone through but hey decided to come anyway. After getting them from one point to the next point they were finally on the ridge above us. I told them to find our tracks and just follow them. They did that and about forty minutes later they came out into the pit looking worse than we did. They were happy about the looks of the pit but that was soon to fade. I took a nap and let them hunt. This beatiful little pit was not going to give up one piece of gold. It was starting to get late afternoon and the sun was going down. I told the guys that I was heading up a side draw towards the ridgetop trail and hunt along the way. I did that and after about an hour I heard the three of them start to break brush. I got to the top and could still hear them way down the hill. We hollered back and forth a few times for location and eventually they started to come out of the brush. They sure looked like a happy bunch. I was told that they were not going on any more of my walks, at least for a few weeks. All in all we had a good time even without any gold. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
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    The happy bunch...

    Hello all, I try and get the guys out like that once in a while, keeps them on their toes. Frank,I will probably go back in there with a PI. The diggins itself was very shallow to bedrock, however there is gravel spreading back into the pit from the peripheral areas. I find a lot of areas like this that were probably fine gold. Too small even for the Bugs. Many times I will find a screen or something to give some indication. The small rocks do not mean anything to me. I have found big chunks and I have found crumbs in an area like this. This is a typical pocket zone for this area. Many times I will have a small pan with me and will go to one of the larger rockstacks and move stuff out of the way to get to the material that has washed off of the rocks and see what the old timers were after. This has led me to some great drywashing areas. I can find ten areas like this that look fantastic and many times only one or two will throw nuggets. Its all in the search... TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  22. Hello all, I got out for a bit today and snagged one. It looks like a pork shoulder from one direction. This is typical pocket gold for this area. One side is smooth and the other shows the wear and tear coming down the hill. I was using the new Sun Ray Gold Pro Headphones with the GBPro. One piece for 3.5 dwts, ( dwts is for Shep ), LOL. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  23. Hello All, here is a piece that was found by a friend of mine. She did good using her GB Pro in a high trash area. I dont have an exact weight yet. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  24. Hello all, I was able to get out between storms today. A long walk in for a hand full of lead with a few golden dinks. Relaxing day anyway. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
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    Bunk's New Specie

    Neat piece Bunk, My eyes are getting bad too. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS