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    Rex, Yes, we produced PAL versions as well so I'd check with your local dealer or contact Minelab Australia to locate a dealer. Joe Kauffman
  2. I'm excited to announce that the newest instructional video on the GPX4800 and GPX5000 is now available! Chris and I have been working for the past few months to put this project together in an easy to understand format that's both instructional and entertaining. We cover all aspects of both machines with explanations on the different settings as well as multiple field demonstrations and I believe this will be a great resource for all GPX users and an excellent tool for those who have recently purchased either machine. I would also like to thank Minelab for providing us with this opportunity; it truly was a pleasure to produce this video. We hope you enjoy the video and find it to be an valuable initial learning resource as well as a great reference video for fine tuning your machines. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMpbOYAzp_k&feature=youtu.be&hd=1 Joe Kauffman
  3. Joe Kauffman

    AZO'S DVD for the 5000

    Grubstake, The release is right around the corner. The DVD's are being replicated right now and are being released according to Minelab's scheduled plans in just a few short weeks. We're all very happy with how the production turned out and I'm excited to see it hit the shelves so people can enjoy it for themselves. I will also have a 2 minute sneak peek ready soon as well. Thanks, Joe Kauffman
  4. Hi Chris, The Sportsmans forum was hit fairly hard by spam a while back so all new topic posts have to be approved manually. I just approved it so your recent post is now showing. The spam has really dropped off as of late with the new security measures in place so I'll probably be removing that level soon. Joe Kauffman
  5. Nice shootin' Bob! I knew it wouldn't take you long to start getting a nice California nugget kitty going. Got your email about the jerky as well. Broke down and got a new dehydrator and made about a dozen batches already. One batch lasts about a day around this camp! Steve, Chris and I went through a pretty good sized bag a few days ago. I threw some fresh cut jalapeno into the marinade which gave it a nice kick. Keep it up! Joe Kauffman
  6. Joe Kauffman

    Got a full weekend of coin hunting in

    Nice haul! That 1904 watch fob is really cool. Regardless of value I enjoy seeing the named & date stamped relics! Joe Kauffman
  7. Joe Kauffman

    New Tattoo

    Justin - that's one heck of a unique piece of art! Definately photo gallery material! Never met a girl named Minelab....she must be a foreigner? Haha.... Joe Kauffman
  8. Joe Kauffman

    Deleting classifies

    Hi Roger, I've deleted the post in the classifieds section. In the future if you need a post permanently deleted just shoot me a PM with the section and title of the post and I'll remove it for you. Thanks, Joe Kauffman
  9. Joe Kauffman

    Morning Detect with Roger

    Roger, You may want to check out Ron's maps at AZ Gold Maps. I haven't used them firsthand but have heard good reviews about them. Joe Kauffman
  10. Joe Kauffman

    Help AZ fight the FEDS

    Huego, Political advertising or not, it has a great deal to do with prospecting in Arizona. Every week there are more and more reports of drug runners and illegal migrants in general getting in gun battles in Southern Arizona with both law officials and normal citizens. There are a number of good goldfields and hunting grounds near the Arizona border that are cosidered by many to be too dangerous to even enter let alone camp in. Call it pride for our great state but it angers me when we can't even travel to these areas due to fearing for our lives. Regardless of whether I agree with everything our Governor has done or not I will proudly support this cause to keep my State, my family and my friends safe. Joe Kauffman
  11. Joe Kauffman


    Happy Birthday Amigo! Hope you guys have a nice relaxing day.....not that Monday's are ever quiet around the Gholson house . Jenn and I have a little something here for you when we meet up next time. Funny to think we've been friends for half of your life now . Joe
  12. This past weekend I had the chance to rummage through some old boxes from several generations and came across some small tokens that I've never seen before. The first ones are just a bit smaller than a dime and have the Arizona Ditat Deus on one side with Arizona State Tax Commission around the edges. The flip side has a large 1 in the middle and says To Make Change For Correct Sales Tax Payment around the edges. The second set of tokens is made of some sort of fiber and reads OPA RED POINT with a large 1 in the middle, both sides are identical. There is one difference between the red tokens in that one has a U X on the sides of the 1 and the other has a X T on it. The Arizona tokens seem to be made of nickel under the black tarnish that's on them. Anyone have any ideas what these might be? Joe Kauffman
  13. Up for sale is 32 Arizona nuggets totalling 13.8 grams. Nuggets range from .1 gram up to 1.3 grams, some are smoother water warn pieces and a few are very coarse nuggets with lots of character. Asking $525 including shipping & handling. Email me if you have any questions. Thanks. Joe Kauffman
  14. Joe Kauffman

    2 Minelab coils???

    Bob, that's probably the 11" mono that was brought out sometime around the XT17000 - XT18000 days. I still have the XT18000 with the stock eliptical and the 11" I purchased shortly after. It's a good coil coupled with the sensitivity of the XT machines; adds a bit more depth to their punch.
  15. Joe Kauffman

    AZ weather reports

    Funny...just as I posted that my Mom sent a few more recent pics. The fence to the right is a 5 foot tall fence so it's definatley starting to pile up good now. And here's a 12 foot tall Tough Shed... Joe
  16. Joe Kauffman

    AZ weather reports

    Hey Chris, Here in North Peoria its pretty much a lake wherever you look. Backyard & roads are completely flooded; it's a strange feeling to have such a warm storm this late in the winter. My Dad is in Forest Lakes up north of Payson on the rim and he has close to 4 feet on the ground as of this morning. Here's a shot of him blowing snow early yesterday morning. Joe
  17. Joe Kauffman

    Good Job , Joe!

    Gary - you mean in Google Chrome? It has been physically written into the coding of the page so you should see it in all browsers. I'm using IE8 as I type this and the divider is definately there. Keep me posted if you still don't see the line by the end of the week. Joe
  18. Joe Kauffman

    Good Job , Joe!

    Thanks everyone. Still working on some changes to the layouts and colors but should be wrapped up soon. The Kitco graph is also back on the main forum page towards the bottom. Joe
  19. A few days ago I decided to slap on the big coil and prospect some new ground that I scored a few nuggets in recently in hopes of hitting a tip off nugget that would confirm some hopes that I've been having about this area. The spot I started in completes a triangle of sorts between one area that has produced many nuggets in the past and the second area that I pushed into while hoping to expand the placer area I already knew about. With the 16" Nugget Finder round mono strapped on I started hitting all the larger gullies cruising & hoping for the sitting duck nugget. I worked 4-5 of the larger drainages with only a handfull of trash to show for my efforts but knew there had to be a gully in there somewhere that carried so I decided to hike over the next ridge and try a few medium sized creeks on the backside. I've always thought there should be some hillside patches in this area so I keep my machine on at all times with the coil to the ground whether I'm in a creek or huffing it up over a ridge just in case luck brings me over a random piece. This paid off as I hiked over this last ridge when about 3/4 of the way up a sloping, red stained, quartz & iron stone riddled hill I hit a target right where a nugget ought to be. After only about of inch of soil was moved I uncovered a .5 gram piece and was praying that it wasn't a fluke loner piece that had been kicked up on the ridge at some time. I started circling this spot making my circles a bit larger each time and had my second nugget of the patch within 5 minutes. I was still in prospecting mode as I was curious as to how large the patch was going to be and within another 15 minutes I had 3 more added to the collection. I had a meeting to be at late in the day and realized I would have to continue this adventure later as it was pushing time for me to make the long hike back. Total of the 5 nuggets for the day is just over 3 grams with hopes of many more to come. Now, if these rains will ever stop I'll be able to finish up the cleanup! Joe Kauffman
  20. Lunk - Spent our usual time in Spokane after Christmas and made several trips to your hometown. I'm sure the weather is changing now but it was beautiful while we were there. No snow and mildly cold weather!
  21. Joe Kauffman

    Please tell me it isn't so?

    I don't like the look and feel of the default layout either and will be working on keeping a similar style to what we had before. Bare with me as I make the changes & adjustments. Thanks, Joe Kauffman
  22. The weather in the deserts of Az has been absolutely georgous since our last storm moved through and I couldn't resist the chance of heading out to the hills today to explore some new country I've had my eyes on. This was my second trip into the new area and I was determined to cover the rest of the gullies I didn't have time to run the first trip. Although I hadn't found any gold here previously, the area looked too good not to have at least a few bits and I'd eliminated a good portion of the creeks already. With only 5 or 6 small gullies left, I began to mythodically hunt each one hoping for that first nugget that would help to expand the area to the South where I have found many smaller nuggets in several nice sized creeks. 2 creeks into the hunt and I only had 8-10 pieces of rubbish and no gold to show...but 3 swings into the third creek landed me my smallest nugget with a detector yet. I don't have a grain scale but as you can see in the picture, it's about the size of a pin head, maybe even a bit smaller. The interference was next to nothing which enabled me to crank the gain to 15 and still have a perfect threshold hum which I'm sure helped to pick up such a small faint target. I hunted the rest of this creek without another piece of gold and only a few bullets & scrap tin pieces. The fourth gully proved to be the richest of the holding a whopping 2 nuggets in all . I changed direction and rehunted both of these creeks as well as finished out the range and now have my eyes set on the next section of hills that looks to have another 6-8 gullies worth hunting. All in all not a bonanza but a great find as the goldfield is still expanding and producing. Hopefully it will hold up and the quantities will start to pick up in the next exploration trip. Joe Kauffman
  23. Joe Kauffman

    Logging in to AOB

    I'm working on a few items that could be causing some people to have to log on everytime they visit the forum and hope to have it finished by Friday of this week. I'll keep everyone posted. Joe Kauffman
  24. Joe Kauffman

    Logging in to AOB

    Ron, I sent you a PM a few weeks ago, let me know if you didn't get it and I'll resend. Thanks, Joe Kauffman
  25. Joe Kauffman

    Mourning Visitor

    WOW! That's going to be one heck of a buck when he's done growing this year....and right out your backdoor. I'm jealous! Joe Kauffman