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  1. Hi Jim, In my opinion the GP doesn't have the threshold stability that the SD2100 has. I wouldn't turn down your volume on your headphones though. I set my threshold a little above what I set it at on the SD and keep the volume all the way. The erratic tone you hear will be interrupted by the target signal no matter how faint it is. The way I look at it is if it's enough to make a sound I will hear it. Have you compared your threshold sound with any other GP's? Joe Kauffman
  2. YES! What a great place for detecting. That ridge as an absolute blast for us. If I remember right, that was the day Steve really got onto the gold and pulled out 6 or 8 nuggets in the morning. I have an photo of this patch from atop a large mountain that I will post later tonight. How have you done in there? Joe Kauffman
  3. I found a disk from my digital camera today that was evidently lost when I unpacked from OZ and was happy to find some pictures I was looking for! This is a pic of AZO Teamleader Chris digging what I remember to be a 6-7 grammer in the Pilbara region. We all had some great luck that day! The entire length of this ridge was just peppered with nuggets! Joe Kauffman
  4. I managed to sneak out for a few hours this morning to a creek Chris, myself and several others have taken some really nice gold out of in the past couple of years. I was lucky enough to snag 3 nuggets out of the main creek and 2 out of tributaries. Largest one is 3.1 grams for a total take of 5.0 grams exactly. Even with today's gas prices I think I covered the cost of petro! Joe Kauffman
  5. Here are some great crystals I found a couple years ago while hunting an area in northern Arizona. I was hunting an old mine dump and was lucky enough to dig these up. Joe Kauffman
  6. Joe Kauffman

    Arizona's Central Goldfields

    Boy those hills sure look familiar! Those creeks in the picture have been nice to us over the years. I remember a time when Chris, Steve and I were hunting that range and I found something out of the ordinary. While hunting a hot rock loaded creek, I got a great signal in the bank. After a few swipes it was really talking to me. After I finally found it, it was a pre-civil war button off of a jacket! That was one of my more memorable finds. It's good to see that the old standby area is still producing! Joe Kauffman
  7. Has anyone been to Gold Basin lately? I haven't been able to make it there for a while, but here's a pic of my finds from the last trip. 2 species and 2 meteorites.
  8. As you have seen, we have installed a new banner to the forum. Please be patient and let it load the first time. After it has loaded and you return again, it will pop up quickly. We are working to get the "Log In" and "Register" links from the old banner placed back into the pages. You can login from the main page when you first enter the forum by entering you username and password into the box below and to the right of the blue box that reads "Arizona Outback's Prospecting Forum - Click Here!!". If not, you can always just type your name in when you post a new topic. Please bare with us while we put the finishing touches on the web's hottest and most informative prospecting forum!! Joe Kauffman
  9. Hey Jonathan, Here's a pic of the elk I took in 2000. I still have plenty of meat to grill up on your visit! Joe Kauffman
  10. Joe Kauffman

    Elk pic for Jonathan

    WOW! That's one hell of half a fish! We may grow the land animals big over here, but you grow the water goers HUGE over there! I was really wanting to do some Barrumundi fishing with Bob when we were there, but we were always to busy digging that damn yellow stuff! Plan a trip to Az anywhere from September to December and I'll take you out big game hunting in exchange for some billabong fishing next year! Joe Isn't this picture posting thing fun?!
  11. I know Chris will probably get this one, but anyone else?
  12. Hi Everyone, As you may have seen already, the AZO Forum now has the ability to accept picture posting! It is very simple to use. Below your subject box when you are posting a message, there is a "File Attachment" box with a "Browse" button next to it. To post an image, simply click on the browse button and it will open a window with your desktop displayed. Double click on the image you want to post and click "Post New Topic" and it's on its way! If anyone needs further assistance, please post any questions and we will be sure to answer them as soon as possible. Have fun and let's see those pics! P.S. This is a picture of Bob Armstrongs Ute in WA Joe Kauffman
  13. Let's hear about who thinks which detector/detector series has found the most gold nuggets to date and why they think so. <_
  14. Joe Kauffman


    Jonathan, Elk is one of the most delicious tasting wild game meats I've ever tried. In my years of hunting I've eaten everything from deer, antelope, javelina, bear, elk and even tried mountain lion once. Next time you run into old Bob Armstrong ask him about the elk steaks I made in Quartzite when he was visiting. There is a little bit of gamey taste to it as with any wild animal, which seems to go along with the vegetation they eat. Most of the elk we hunt are in the high pine trees of Arizona which gives them a good flavor. Anytime I cook for someone who is leary about eating wild game I always use alot of lemon in my marinade. This really seems to take out any wild taste while adding great flavor. If this isn't enough to make you get your backside over here to the states then I don't know what is!! Cactus
  15. Hey Ardie, How's everything down Quartzite way? I assume since you posted here that you either got your motorhome unstuck or you have satelite connection and a laptop! That sure was a muddy weekend. As far as in home training goes, I do offer a package for special people. If you can find me some Cherry Ripes then I will come down there and show you the ropes of the forum! For those of you who don't know, Cherry Ripes are a candy bar down in OZ, and man, after a couple of weeks in the bush they're sure a welcome treat to the tastebuds! I did manage to find Violet Crumbles at the local Cost Plus World Market and I cleaned out their inventory! Call me sometime. I'd really like to make it out there again. I'll supply the elk steaks if you supply the beer! Cactus
  16. Joe Kauffman


    Hey Jonathan, An elk is a North American deer of sorts. Only instead of weighing 150-200 pounds like some deer, large male bulls can weigh an excess of 900 pounds! I shot a trophy class bull elk in the year 2000 archery season and ended up with over 400 pounds of steaks, burger, and roasts. Elk meat is some of the leanest, best tasting meat you will ever sink your teeth into. I'll have to introduce you to lemon pepper elk steaks someday. Joe BTW we have Mars Bars here also! They're one of my favorites!
  17. Welcome to the new AZO Forum! Being that this is a new software we are working with it will take a bit of time to get it customized the way we want it so please bare with us! The latest feature we have is you are now able to post pictures in your posts! I know there have been alot of people out there who were very anxious for this capability. We will be making some changes to this forum so make sure you check back often! If you are unsure how to use this forum please click on the help link featured above. You can also post questions here and we will do our best to help you. Thank you for visiting and please excuse or dust! Joe Kauffman