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    New detector

    hounddog, I know Chris has field tested and used both of these units and has some in depth knowledge of them. He'll be back the 29th of this month and I'm sure he'll chime in with some advice. You can download the manuals on the AZO website and compare if that will help until he or someone else can help. Joe Kauffman
  2. Joe Kauffman

    Metal Detecting picks

    Hilander, You also might want to check out the ProPicks made by Hodan out of Prescott. Chris carries them on the AZO website: ProPick HERE Joe Kauffman
  3. Mike, Nice new toy! I had the (dis)pleasure of fishing out of one of those with my dad when I was a kid. Let's just say the Arizona high country lakes are extremely cold in November! That's the only time in my life I actually wondered what the heck I was doing trying to catch those small trout when I could have been sitting by the warm fire. Let's see some more pics when you reel in a couple lunkers! Joe Kauffman
  4. Chris, I would also vote that you look for a good, used machine. You should be able to find a used SD2100 or SD2200 in your price range. Although a 4500 is the latest and greatest in the gold detector realm, I'm still a big advocate of learning the older technology first which will give you a good ramp up & knowledge base before getting into the GP or GPX line of detectors. Understanding ground balance & threshold is much more important on machines like the SD2100 and having that knowledge will only help your abilities with the power of the GPX detectors. The GP and GPX detectors may be better machines, but that in no way means the SD detectors are junk. After all, just a few years ago they were the cream of the crop. Get the best you can afford (a used PI machine) and become confident with it. Comfort & confidence with you detector in my book is much more important than the latest & greatest technology. Joe Kauffman
  5. Joe Kauffman

    ICMJ's Cover

    Here's the magazine cover. Congrats on all your success Gus! Joe Kauffman
  6. Joe Kauffman


    WingNugget, First off, welcome to the forums! You'll read a ton of posts here related to people finding their first nugget and the story is almost always the same. The first one is the hardest to find and it almost turns on the gold switch in your mind which leads to more nuggets. Hang in there, you've got the right equipment, now you just need to get the first one under your belt. I agree with Sourdough, the NF 14" elliptical is an excellent all around coil and just the right size for people new to detecting. Excellent depth, sensitivity, ground coverage and won't kill your shoulder before those detector muscles get in shape. Joe Kauffman
  7. Hey guys, There was a spammer registered a couple years ago that wasn't caught with the new improved security systems that are in place now. Looks like the renewed their interest in spamming through this account and sent out this PM to all our members. I have removed the user from our database so you shouldn't be receiving any further spam messages from them. Sorry for the inconvenience. Joe Kauffman
  8. Thanks Chris. I made a donation a few days ago to this Red Cross fund after trying many avenues to find another way to help out directly. By donating through the above link or by calling 1800 811 700, the donation will go specifically to help those affected by the fires.
  9. Joe Kauffman

    Detector Modifications

    Bill, There's also a good write-up & some other mods here: AZO Tips Joe
  10. Joe Kauffman

    Heading south

    Good luck to you both! This is the time you've been waiting for and I can imagine it will take Betsy some time to get used to the idea of not working. She'll just have to consider detecting her new line of work...she's already good at it! It took my Dad almost 8 years to realize he was a free man after he sold his business. He's almost more busy now that he is "retired". Bring back a ton! Joe Kauffman
  11. We decided to have a small get together for the Cardinals game today which only left me a few hours this morning to head to the hills in hopes of sniffing out a few bits before having to head home. I headed to a gully that has produced a lot of small nuggets (largest I know of being 2grams), but it's getting increasingly difficult to scrape up even 1 or 2 after a few hours of detecting. I've hunted this creek with the Minelab 8" round mono, Nugget Finder 10" round mono and Nugget Finder 14" elliptical mono; and each of them have sniffed out a few bits I'd missed with the others. Whether they were just out of reach or easier to get over while being hidden at the roots of the many small brush, I thought I'd change up and swing the Nugget Finder 16" round mono today. I knew I'd give up a bit of sensitivity which would be a problem since most of the nuggets here are in the .3 to .8 gram range, but I figured there might be a few bits at depth that I may be able to pick out. I focused mainly on the deeper stretches and the small bench gravels and after 3 hours of hunting I managed to snag 6 bits for 2.4 grams. Headed home to a hot BBQ, cold drinks, friends, family and one heck of a football game. Not a bad day at all. Joe Kauffman
  12. Joe Kauffman

    Gold & Football

    Mike, They've definately showed that they have the ability, I think it's all about the mental game for them now. They can be the next Superbowl champs, if they stay as motivated as they have been in the last few games. Chris, I think there's quite a few bits left in that gully. 2 of these came from quite a bit up out of the wash which I was hoping would lead to a bunch more further up the slope but no such luck. I still think a drywasher could be a lot of fun in there. There may not be a lot of fines, but there would definately be some pickers and smaller nuggets. Joe
  13. Joe Kauffman

    Why do we do this?

    Here's a quick 2 cents at 3:30am while trying to finish rebuilding a financial server here at work that crashed yesterday evening....going on my 2nd gallon of coffee and forgetting what sleep is. I think there definately is a portion of a lot of us that enjoys the thrill of the hunt whether it be gold, relics, big game, fish or whatever. It's the excitement of the possibilities and that never-knowing feeling that we get while in the field. Another reason coming from one proud parent of two excellent kids is the time that can be spent experiencing the above excitements while bonding with the family and hoping to instill good morals and values. Family traditions of times and adventures in the outdoors searching for any number of things are some of the most important parts of many peoples heritages. Not sure if I was born with it, but I can guarantee I was taught as soon as I was old enough to comprehend and have been passing the same knowledge to my kids. Another side benefit is the lessons learned about working hard for what you want. Sometimes you get lucky, but in these pursuits the harder you work for it, the more it pays off and the better it feels when you're successful. Not to mention keeping my sanity when work becomes overwhelming! Joe Kauffman
  14. Joe Kauffman

    Rich Hill Gold

    Nice hard work nugget Ron! That reminds me of a piece I found years ago. I had been detecting most of the day and was having a great hunt with just over an ounce in my pocket including a 1/2 ounce piece, a 1/4 ounce piece and a few smaller chunks. I came across an old piece of screen that was mostly buried and obviously hadn't been disturbed for many years. A couple swipes and pulls with the pick and it was out of the way exposing a 4' or so round area that I couldn't have gotten my coil over before. I received a sweet sounding mellow signal right where the screen had been and figured a small piece of it had rusted apart down deep but decided to dig it anyways. After about 30 minutes and 16 inches later I had a beautiful 38 gram nugget in my hand. Joe Kauffman
  15. Joe Kauffman

    Gold Basin

    Harry, Excellent find! I grabbed the photo and posted it in your post for you. Joe
  16. Joe Kauffman

    Offroad Tires

    Chris, As you've seen I run the Hankook Dynapro MT's on my F-250: HANKOOK TIRES and really like them. They are a true 12 ply tire which gives you great sidewall and tread strength. I have never been a fan of Mickey Thompson tires but love the new MTZ they came out with a while back and run these on my '85 CJ: MTZ TIRES . I have ran both of these models of tires at low (15-20psi) air pressure without issues which really helps the offroad ride. Joe
  17. Joe Kauffman

    Gold from a New Spot

    Chris, Great pics! Jenn loved the one of Noodle with the headphones on....she now wants one of Doc doing the same thing. Only thing is Doc would have eaten the lizard before I could have taken a photo! The lizard in the picture is the Arizona Alligator Lizard. We used to see quite a few of those down South in the mid to higher elevations. I think I even remember seeing one or 2 around Aravaipa Canyon and have heard they are a nice tasty treat for the Coati down that way. Joe
  18. Joe Kauffman

    Nugget Raffle.

    AZ, I'd be happy to donate a nugget or 2 for the raffle if it would help with ticket sales. Let me know if I can help. Joe
  19. Joe Kauffman

    threshold tone?

    Marcel, One thought might be that on the videos they may turn up the threshold a bit for a louder audio for the camera. I have done that in the past while filming...it helps the audience hear your detector better. Joe
  20. Joe Kauffman

    live chat

    Denny, The Live Chat option is available and is a pretty slick feature. All we need to do is decide on a time when we want to hold a chat session and I'll set it up. Joe
  21. Joe Kauffman

    Back in Arizona

    Awesome pics! Glad you guys had a good time and made it back safely. The history in that portion of the world has always intrigued me and your pictures really help put into perspective just how amazing some of their construction skills were. I'd love to be able to put a coil over some of those old fields and areas surrounding the old ruins. Imagine what history is still left in that dirt just waiting to be uncovered. Joe Kauffman
  22. Kinny, A few of the Outing DVD's had some quirks in them and replacements are being made and on their way to us now. We'll make sure to get a new one out to you as soon as they arrive. Glad you enjoyed it! Joe
  23. Allen, I own the A1U and the Z1U and am using Azden dual channel XLR mics. The footage is great to begin with, plus I am using very high end capture, editing and authoring software to maintain and even enhance the footage and give it a film look. I've always been a fan of Adobe and with their recent aquisition of a couple nice software development companies I have all the tools I could ever use at my fingertips including Premier Pro, Soundbooth and Encore CS3. Joe
  24. It took a bit longer than anticipated since we hadn't originally planned on making the Outing available on DVD, but it was a lot of fun doing so. It was a bit tough to keep myself constrained and not go off the special effects deep end , but we knew we wanted it as reasonably priced as possible and are happy with the final result. Nothing but insightful knowledge from the pros. Here's a few shots of the speakers taken directly from the video footage contained on the DVD. The 2008 Prospector's Outing DVD is now available on the Arizona Outback website as well here: 2008 Prospector's Outing DVD Joe Kauffman
  25. Joe Kauffman

    Photo Posting Help !!!

    Glenn, It sounds like you might not be selecting the picture but the entire folder. When you click browse and navigate to the location of the picture make sure you click on the picture and select the Open button. Then you should see the directory location of the picture in the box next to the Browse button. It should say something line c:\documents and settings......\yourpicture.jpeg(or gif). Then click the Add This Attachment button to insert it into the post. You can also upload your pictures to a file hosting site which will give you the html code you can then paste into your post which will show the picture embedded inside the post. Joe