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    Coil plots

    Excellent information Steve. That really helps put into perspective the performance of those 2 coils as they relate to one another. I cleaned up the image and attached it to this post. Thanks for the work and information. Joe
  2. Joe Kauffman

    Back From Prospecting

    Nice haul guys! Sounds like you had a great time despite the climbing temperatures. How'd the 4500 due in that ground? Joe
  3. Joe Kauffman

    AZO tip

    Sure can. Here's the link to the permanent link and some other great tips. AZO's Detecting Tips Joe Kauffman
  4. The snake probably wouldn't have had much trouble getting him the rest of the way down if he was large enough. I've seen similar, half swallowed mice & rats during the Spring months. It's still the tail end of the mating season and there's a good chance that it may have been a male snake who had to quickly put his eating on the back burner if another male snake came upon him. They're very territorial during mating and this guy would have been an easy win for his opponent! Joe Kauffman
  5. GT, I first want to say definately don't get discouraged on the Eureka Gold. IMO it's an awesome VLF machine and I found quite a bit of gold up to 3/4 ounce with the XT18000 which was it's predecessor. You're also in a great place for a VLF. Alot of the Black Canyon gullies can be hunted with little trouble besides the occasional basalt or iron stone. I'd be surprised if you couldn't pull a few bits out of your old highbanker workings if you were getting color....especially in the Bradshaws. I'm just South of you and would be happy to meet up with you the next time I'm up that way. If you're on the East side, don't overlook the ground right around you either. Joe Kauffman
  6. Joe Kauffman

    Happy Birthday Chris G

    Happy Birthday Chris! Joe
  7. Joe Kauffman

    Question for Reno Chris

    Chris, That stuff really looks familiar. I'm curious to hear what it is as there's quite a bit up around my folks place where you and I did some exploring a couple years ago. In the spots I've seen it the old timers trenched right next to it on the downhill side. A few pieces gave off a faint, mellow signal but after crushing it apart I wrote it off to mineralization. Joe
  8. Joe Kauffman

    Cleaned Vulture Gold

    I've just finished some much needed cleanup and reorganizing of the forum so this should hopefully take care of the problems. Let me know if you guys still have trouble attaching photos to your posts. Thanks, Joe
  9. Happy Birthday Gus! Us young guys need to stick together. Joe Kauffman
  10. Way to go John! It's all downhill now. Sometimes those smaller gullies an produce better than the larger ones. Or maybe the larger one you hunted has been hunted hard already but they missed the smaller gullies in the vicinity. Either way congrats on your first 2 nugs! Joe Kauffman
  11. Quartz, No blocks here. His account is still working fine and he's free to post. If he's having trouble he can email me at azarchery@cox.net and I'll check into it. Joe Kauffman
  12. Jim, I read about this just a few minutes ago. I agree that the Bill will pass and I am actually all for it passing, just not in the terms it details as of now. Hopefully with the input they have received as of late they will take into account the publics views and make some changes for the good. I wouldn't be imposed to them outlining stronger penatlies for breaking the current laws that could result in higher fines which would help with the revenue generation they're looking for. Joe
  13. Gary, I know and am a member of several of the organizations that have sent letters of support for this bill. The problem with it is that (as with most bills) even though I support a large majority of the bill, it's the underlying issues that I have a problem with. This bill will most likely pass as it's got a tremendous amount of steam behind it with the amount of corporate backing; but I hope the issues like I mentioned are addressed before it's too late. It's not as much what is being stated in this bill, rather what's not being stated that we will loose in the end if it passes.
  14. I've read and re-read this bill several times in the past few weeks and am definately set against it. The main reason being is the non-specifics of it all. A large majority of what they are stating is already law, they just need to enforce it. So taking out the laws that are already in effect if they would be enforced leaves: more fees and monies going to G&F and more freedoms taken away. Driving on forest roads with a non-registered vehicle has always been a right as long as you are riding on roads that have a verticle number marker (non-maintained roads). You can ride on horizontal marker roads if your vehicle is licensed (just like any other vehicle). The Forest Service already has the power to close vertical marked roads where they see fit so why the need to add more power for them to close trails? Another BIG problem I have with this is the revocation of recovering downed big game animals. Most hunters that I know drive a legal road to their hunting grounds and hike in to hunt. In the past this has meant up to 12 miles one way for me. I do this knowing that if I down a large 800+ pound elk 12 miles in I can legally retrieve it with my quad. Again, there are some that abuse this right but it's up to the law enforcement to enforce the laws that are already in place. My son is now 10 and can legally hunt elk (if he's lucky enough to draw a tag ) and I want to have the ability to retrieve anything he may shoot. ATV riding is an excellent family activity and should be a right for us without having to deal with extreme laws governing these rights. I definately agree with the current laws and think there should be restrictions and specifications that every individual should have to adhere to. Not only for their safety, but for the safety of others who may cross our paths while riding.
  15. We thought it would be a great idea to throw together a quick video clip of the outing for those who couldn't make it. It may not be the full effect but at least you can get a glimpse of this years speakers! Just click on the link below. Hope you enjoy! 2008 AZO Outing Video Joe Kauffman
  16. Joe Kauffman

    2008 AZO Outing Video

    Gary, Basically here's how it works. We get a ton of spam attempted members and each time someone (or something) registers it gives them a member number. So the 9764 number attached to Brad above is how many actual registrations we've had, but we have 2,722 actual APPROVED members. Make sense? Joe
  17. Joe Kauffman

    2008 AZO Outing Video

    Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed it . Jmax, I video'd almost all of the outing but we don't have it in typed form, sorry. Joe Kauffman
  18. Joe Kauffman

    AZO outing...

    Ron, The outing was a great success and we had a great turnout. The lectures were awesome once again with Chris talking in detail about metal detecting techniques, Steve about detector operations, Lunk about gridding and patch hunting, Bob covered target sounds & signals and Reno Chris astounded us once again with his wealth of knowledge in Geology. I'm sure Chris is a tired puppy and probably didn't even get home until sometime today. He'll chime in with some more details when he gets settled in. All in all it was bigger and better than last year and are looking forward to bigger and better things for next year. Joe Kauffman
  19. Joe Kauffman

    Hunting for New Ground

    Don, Good eyes! Yes I do use your Super Shaft and find it extremely beneficial. At 6' 2", even with non metallic boots, the stock shafts were just too short to get out away from my body enough which was my main reason for buying one....but I found out there's more benefits to it than I initially thought. I didn't realize how slumped over I was with the shorter shaft which left me with a tired back by the end of the day. Being able to stand straight now helps with that as well. The interference from the metal on my body wasn't really an issue with the smaller coils (like the NF 10" round mono in the picture). But when using these small coils, the extra length enables me to get a bit more reach into and under the brush. Joe Kauffman
  20. Joe Kauffman

    Hunting for New Ground

    Chris - I had a blast as usual! I'm open for some more recon trips after the outing. There's got to be a few other creeks that carry in there. They all look too darn good not to! But next time you go upstream and clear the brush first . I checked the maps and confirmed the first creek we hunted was the one we thought. Gus - Thanks for the comment on the truck. It definately had some new custom Az pinstriping by the end of the trip. But that's what trucks are for . Scott - The Jeep was taking the day off. I've got some around town testing to do before I'm confident enough to take it that far back into no man's land. I just installed the throttle body injection on it last weekend and want to put 100 or so miles on her first so I know she won't leave me stranded. See you at the outing! Joe Kauffman
  21. Hey guys, Here's a quick map showing 89 from Yarnell down to the Stanton turnoff. The red road shows the path from the turn off, through Stanton to Decision Corner. Hope this helps. Joe Kauffman
  22. Mike, If you are still interested, the deadline for this years Elk and Antelope drawing is Feb 12th. Let me know if you want to put in and we'll get you all lined up! Joe
  23. Wes, Here's a side by side comparison of the two on the Garmin site: 76 & 60 Comparison The main differences are the amount of memory it can handle which may or may not matter depending on how many waypoints and map imports you plan on using. And the 76 will float versus the 60 will not. I actually lost one of the original Garmins years ago while fishing. Darn thing sunk like a rock so the floating feature somewhat intrigued me. I also like having the navigation and menu buttons at the top versus the bottom but it's just personal preference. You won't go wrong with either one! Joe
  24. Wes, Great choice. I've been a Garmin user for a long time and just recently moved from the Etrex Legend to the GPSMAP 76CSx. Awesome units that work extremely well with mapping software. I opted for the dash mount with power source and the external antenna for my truck as well and they work great also. Joe
  25. Joe Kauffman

    Last gold for 2007

    Congrats on the finds! I love the look of Pilbara gold. I could mix my Pilbara region stuff with the remainder of my collection and pick those pieces out no problem. I found quite a bit that some would consider ugly due to the iron stones still attached but I think it gives them a nice character look. Hope everything is alright with your wife. Congrats again on a fine year! Joe Kauffman