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    jmax, It also depends on the price range you're looking for. Injection is always a nice feature when possible and will be effected less by altitude and air changes, but with small engines like these the carb engines just aren't effected like a carburated Chevy 350 would be. There's such a small difference between needles and jets in quad carbs that you just don't see the drastic change in performance. I've owned both and have never had any issues with my carburated quads. I also prefer carb quads due to the easy of maintenance if something should go wrong. I'm a big fan of the Polaris line and currently have a carburated Sportsman 500, Trailboss 330 and Sportsman 90 and can rebuild the carbs or unclog a jet in under and hour. You can't go wrong with either one so I'd look more at the size and price range rather than basing your purchase on carb or injection. Joe Kauffman
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    Thanks guys! My wife asked me last night what I wanted to do on my birthday...go out for breakfast? Go into town? Nope! Spent an uninterrupted day in my garage working on my latest project. My 1985 CJ7 is just about complete! Nice relaxing day tinckering around. Thanks again for the b-day wishes. Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Years. Joe Kauffman
  3. Hey guys, Are you seeing your antivirus pop up and warn you when you visit the AZO forum? The company who hosts our forum has experienced a minor hack that is effecting numerous forums which is causing your antivirus program to sense the issue when you visit. The server hosting our forums is a Linux server and a weakness in the system has allowed for some minor exploitations of some sites that will trigger your antivirus software when you visit them. Our host is working diligently to resolve the issue and we'll keep you posted as to when things are back to running smoothly again. We've been assured that no data, posts or pictures will be lost and that any (if at all) downtime will be minimal. Thanks for your patience. Joe Kauffman
  4. It's definately here to stay this time! My wife, kids and dogs have been chomping at the bit for a good snow day so we high tailed it up the mountain yesterday to enjoy a few hours of sledding & snow fun. We drove down a dirt road for about 5 miles until we found our usual play spot and 2 hours later were wondering if we'd be able to drive the 5 miles back to the pavement! The snow was coming down so hard we had almost 2 inches on the hood of my truck by the time we left. Here's a shot of my daughter showing her need for thrills going down the hill with no hands and a picture of the snow just as it started to come down again. Joe Kauffman
  5. Joe Kauffman

    Exciting Forum News!!!

    Lunk - What are you doing on the forum? I know there's a few biggies of the terrestrial and extra-terrestrial out there waiting for you!
  6. Bruce, I don't have any pictures handy but I carry mine in a few different configurations. If I'm only making a short trip from camp and back I carry mine in a gun rack mounted on the front rack of my quad. I can keep an eye on it there and it's fully assembled and ready to use when I get where I'm going. For longer trips or for exploring rides I take the lower shaft off and place them both in a large black storage box on the rear rack. I can fit up to a 16" round coil in it with plenty of room for the box and my pack w/battery. If I need larger coils I strap them down seperately with bungies on the front rack. The gun rack I have is a double gun rack which allows me to place my pick in the other holder at the same time. Hope this helps! Joe Kauffman
  7. Getting ready to stuff ourselves with good food and good times with the family. Happy Thanksgiving to all! Joe Kauffman
  8. Nice exploration gold! It sure is nice when those wild hair trips turn out that way. I know what you mean on the heat. Garrett's Coues hunt starts next weekend (9th) and I was hoping to have some cooler weather to get them up and around a bit more. We're heading down scouting tomorrow and the temps look to be around 88 in Tucson this weekend, but luckily they're supposed to drop into the mid to upper 70's by next weekend. Hopefully that will give them a bit more energy and get the bucks out from under the trees. Joe
  9. Joe Kauffman

    Gold Basin

    Johnno, How long are you planning on staying? I've been itching for some Gold Basin detecting and it's good open ground for my 10 year old son to detect. We were thinking about making a couple day trip up that way towards the end of the month. Joe
  10. Matt, It has nothing to do with being in charge. The thread had really died down before he left. We talked about it and decided that if it came back up again to lock it until he gets back. This is Chris's forum and it's up to him what I do or don't do while he's away, so it in no way was done without his permission. Joe
  11. Johnno, Whether the last 2 posts were positive or not, there was a potential for another negative post and I don't think it would be fair for that to happen without Chris here to reply if need be. I agree with you that these business decisions and dealings are none of our business, but like you said, freedom of speech is a great thing at that is why I think it was a good choice for Chris to leave the thread up instead of deleting it. But since the whole thread was started about Chris, I think it's only fair to leave it locked since he is away until the 13th of this month. And if there is nothing else to comment on, there really should be no issue in having it locked until he returns. Joe
  12. Joe Kauffman

    Playing By the RULES

    Since Chris is away for a few days I'm going to lock this thread for the time being until he's back to respond if need be. It will still be viewable, but noone will be able to post until then. Besides, we should all be out finding some gold while the weather is so nice! Especially since it's only 79 degrees in Peoria right now. Joe
  13. Joe Kauffman

    Skunk Chaser

    Paul, Nice one! Even if it's not huge, the fact that you're finding gold in new areas is huge itself. Sounds like you might be on the fringes of a nice find! Keep up the exploring; maybe there's a nice patch in the middle of all those stringer nuggets. Congrats! Joe
  14. Any gold's good gold. When they're that small you've really got to bust you butt to find them, so it's an even bigger task. Good going! I got your email earlier and will reply shortly. Thanks for sending it. Joe
  15. Joe Kauffman

    Playing By the RULES

    Matt, I understand where you're coming from. It's very obvious now that most people are unaware that these types of communications can be viewed by the administrators. Typically on a forum the term Personal Message means that it is just that; a Personal Message. But you have to understand that legally we are required to be able to access these if need be. Like I mentioned before, whether or that power is used or not I can't speak for other forum administrators. It is stated when you register (at least on this forum) in the main registration page that the administrators have the ability to do so. Here is the main registration agreement that you must agree to in order to complete the registration process: I know most people, including myself, never read these and just click OK, but it is there when you register. Joe
  16. Joe Kauffman

    Playing By the RULES

    I've spent a lot of time setting up these type of forums and can tell you without a doubt that, as lotsa luck stated, whether they are or not I don't know, but all conversations can be monitored if need be. Some have compared this to taking someone's mail out of their mail box and that is absurd. All owners of forums have the ability and more importantly the legal right to monitor and view all that goes through their site. There have been many cases in the past on other forums where court evidence was needed and demanded by local authorities from the forum owners. All PM's and email transmissions (whether they hold up in court or not) are considered evidence in these cases and must be provided, thus the reason for the administrative ability to view all communications. Another point is that it is NOT possible to delete an email or PM. Once a user types the PM/Email and hits Send Message, it's done. There is no stopping it....all the administrators can do is view the history of emails and PM's sent. They can not stop the user from receiving it. Grubstake - "Word got back to this member from someone that knows Chris and him, that Chris had read the PM and deleated it because he did not like the conversation that was taking place" this is blatantly wrong...not to mention barely understandable. Whether you have been misinformed or are just grasping at straws is beyond me. PM's cannot be deleted; and Chris would not delete them even if he could. As several other people have mentioned I'm not sure why you feel you need to be the hero. It sounds like you're more worked up about something you don't have all the facts on then the actual people who are involved. If he/they are truly upset about something, maybe they should contact Chris directly and work it out. This is just one, according to you (because I make more than $1,260/month), rich man's opinion. Am I a bit biased on this opinion? Hell yes I am. I've known Chris for 15+ years and have been through more with him than you could imagine. I've seen him with his nose to the grindstone; sweating bullets as he invested his time, money and future into a company that he hoped could someday be a decent enough income to support he and his wife. He sure as heck doesn't do this and put up with slander from people for his health...if he were worried about his health he'd give up Copenhagen, drop the company and become a hermit prospector. But he's got that work ethic that so many people in this country have lost over the years; and he no doubt gets it from his father who raised him to be the morally respectable person he is. Joe Kauffman
  17. Joe Kauffman

    My First Bush Button!

    Gus, Nice job on your first bush button! Like Bob said, once you get a crucible you can remelt it down. I've toyed around with making mini gold bars by carving the shape in the potato and they've turned out fairly nice. How large was the piece of potato you carved out? Typically we'll carve a rounded hole that a golf ball would set in nicely which gives the gold a nice resting place to run to when it melts. I kinda like the different look.....it's got more character than just a rounded little button. Joe
  18. Joe Kauffman

    Melting Gold In A Potato?

    Gus, Here's how we've done it in the past with great success: Get a potato and cut it length wise in half. Then use a spoon to carve out a dish in one half of the potato. I usually sprinkle just a bit of borax into the potato first, then place about an ounce of the fines on top of the borax. Then sprinkle a bit more borax on top of the fines. The borax will pull out the impurities and host rock leaving a clean chunk of gold. Take an acetylene torch and slowly start heating the material. I usually start 6-8 inches away and move closer as the borax starts flowing as to not blow it out of the potato. You'll end up with the torch fairly close (an inch or 2) and keep heating until all the gold is melted into a molten blob. Remove the torch and, after a few seconds, take your spoon and scoop out the blob, then drop it into a coffee can full of water. It will cool quickly and you can then use the back of the spoon to knock off the blackened borax crust on the button. There will usually be a bit of gold dust in the borax crust, so I'll often keep the blackened crusty stuff until I'm all finished making buttons and remelt that material with some fresh borax to get the remainder gold out. If your bush buttons have a blackish film on them, a drop in heated oxalic acid will clean them up nicely. Let me know if you need anymore help. I've got some pictures somewhere detailing the steps I'll try and dig up for you. Joe
  19. Joe Kauffman

    Freshly Dug Nuggets!

    If I had to take a stab at it I'd agree with Lunk and say that's the bad dog daddy 16"...which happens to be my favorite coil . Lunk - how's you winter path planning going? Shoot me an email and let me know where you'll be and when so we can plan some time here when you're out this way. Joe
  20. Joe Kauffman

    White Mountain Exploring

    Fred, I know you posted the question to Chris, but I thought I'd chime in and help. From Payson to Springerville (which is right in between Greer where Chris was staying and Alpine) you can make it in about 2 to 2.5 hours depending on the season or weather. In those areas, you're in some of the best fishing and hunting areas in the state and have a diverse population of game animals including deer, elk, turkey, antelope, big horn sheep and others....but you'll have to drive a bit to get into the gold country. You can head south from there about 3 hours and be in the Clifton area and onto Globe, or you can head back west to Payson where there are some small deposits around there. But to get to the Bradshaws you'd have to go west from Payson another hour or so to Camp Verde and pick your gold field to head to from there. Hope this helps! Joe
  21. Joe Kauffman

    White Mountain Exploring

    Paul, My parents built their dream cabin home about 13 years ago in Forest Lakes and have been there full time for the past 8 years. They also purchased a beautiful place in Young on 10 acres about 2 years ago and have been working on it since. They mainly bought the Young house because after my dad sold his business 8 years ago he's been going nuts not having any major projects so this gives him something to "fix up". I think he's just about finished and has put the word out with Austin Haught, the rancher realtor in that area, that it's for sale. Forest Lakes/Heber areas are beautiful places and just one of the places that make Az so unique. Chris, glad you guys had a good trip! That's a great place for a 3-4 day get-away if you can find a room available. We'll have to get Alyssa on to some high country trout next time you make the trip up. We could meet up with Richard in Show Low and have some fun on the lakes. See you this weekend! Joe Kauffman
  22. Bob, I got your call late Thursday night and should have taken your advice. We headed to the lake before sun-up on Friday morning and didn't get much fishing in before the weather changed for the worse. Sometimes calling it close with those summer storms can produce some real hefty catches, but this wasn't one of those storms. We were home with our tails between our legs by 8:30am. Same goes for this mornings plans....at least it was raining at 5:00am BEFORE I left this time... Joe Kauffman
  23. Mick, Alright, where's my invitation?? I'd love to sink a hook into a few of those! We're heading down to Mexico next month and will probably do an offshore fishing excursion while we're there, but being crammed on a boat with strangers isn't exactly the same. Nice catch! Our daughters look to be about the same age and mine usually catches more striper than I do when we go out. Joe Kauffman
  24. Awesome finds Gus. Some species are too nice looking to crush but the ones that are less than good looking and a blast to smash up in the dolly pot. Chris and I have spent numerous hours dollying up species from Oz in a homemade pot I put together years ago. Some of them can really surprise you on how much gold they have inside. Now just go get a potato and some borax and make yourself some nice bush buttons. Joe Kauffman
  25. My fishing plans for Sunday fell through because my son and his uncle got 1st row tickets to the Cardinals game so I was left high and dry to head out to the goldfields for a few hours of sniffing around on an old patch. This particular patch has produced nuggets from 1 grain up to 2 grams and I've always been able to squeak out a few more by slowing down and tweaking the settings on my 4000. This trip I decided to mount up the NF 10" mono coil and run the DeTacc external booster and speaker combo instead of dealing with the sweaty headphones in the heat. This gully carries gold in its' mid section for about 100+ yards but I was determined to hunt it from the bottom all the way up and see if there are any fringe nuggets left. My settings were Very Slow, audio Boost and I cranked the Gain up as high as I could to 13 before it started to warble. It was still a bit noisy, but I wanted to see if the benefits of cranking up the performance would overshadow the small amount of unstable threshold. I started at the bottom of the gully and about 15 minutes into it got a nice crisp signal that definately shouldn't have been there. It was coming from a stretch of bedrock with about 2 inches of fine sand on top that I know I detected my previous trip there with the 14" eliptical NF mono. But on that trip I had tuned down my settings for a whisper quiet, stable threshold. One boot scrape later and a gentle blowing of the exposed bedrock showed me a nice little 4 grain nugget staring up at me. I continued up the gully for another hour or so with only 3 small bits of trash and came across an area that I'd taken 40+ nuggets out of. Of the entire gully, I had detected this stretch the hardest and thought for sure it has cleaned out by now. It's a very shallow stretch of bedrock with just a light 3-4 inches of sand and small gravels and a few swings into it I had another crisp response. The next hour or so I spent digging 4 more tiny nuggets out of the bedrock and I actually left 3 behind because they were too small (and I was too hot!) to pinpoint and recover. I'll bring a 5 gallon bucket next time and pan the gravels out later. Below are the 5 dinks that shouldn't have been there. I was once again completely impressed with the ability of the 4000/NF 10" mono combo. Joe Kauffman